1. Interesting. So if someone chooses to sit (not that they would want to because... tradition), they can't because the person behind them is standing on their seat.

  2. I think you mean “how many of our laws are bc of 9/11” and that’s racist on you for associating all Muslims with 9/11. And that’s bc we are a national founded on Christianity.

  3. How do you not see it? I've had several classes unrelated to politics where left wing politics made their way into the lesson itself. Never had that with right wing politics. I've watched numerous people fail out and end up saddled with substantila debt. I've seen numerous people graduate and not use their degree at all. I've seen people succeed in the trades. I've seen people succeed in white collar work with no degree.

  4. I don't blow through stop signs - I do the normal thing, where as I approach the stop sign, I slow down, look to see if anyone is coming, and if they are, I wait my turn but then go, usually without ever coming to a complete stop.

  5. If you don't reach the line by the time the light turns green, you don't have to stop. Everyone knows that. The law is written in an imprecise way that assumes that you can't keep moving at a slow speed.

  6. Well I guess we'll agree to disagree. I'm pretty sure that regular ol' citizens from College Station could bring a table and set it up in academic plaza and hand out flyers

  7. People forget that without Columbus - the Hispanic community would not be a unified entity - shared faith and language

  8. Yeah not apart of the group of folks who went on to pioneer the new world in North America (meaning the west, not geographically ALL of North America for the guy arguing me down about Greenland, which is not apart of the US) which is who I’m talking about. Why do you guys keep bringing up people other than who we are talking about, Christopher Columbus? I know why.

  9. Why are you discounting the fact that Vikings landed in the Americas 492 years before Columbus?

  10. Yeah, it's unfortunate that A&M started its biggest period of growth at a time when architecture got fugly.

  11. Campus had even less trees then , too much concrete not enough trees , I don’t understand . Most colleges have great landscape . Does anyone know why TAMU has so much concrete ?

  12. Given the fact I am clearly surrounded, as above by some real thinkers here dont you think its a bit specific to the conversation to be copypasta? Or no?

  13. Well then.....for the record some dont need it. Just kinda wing it when they post.

  14. Well then congrats on inventing a new copypasta. They all have to start somewhere, right?

  15. No because if it was a blind corner I wouldn’t be an idiot and run a stop sign that I can’t see down each intersecting path. Too many people are obsessed with the rules and don’t see that YES sometime you CAN be completely aware of your surroundings and break a rule without any additional risk. Use your brain people. Yes rules are good and keep people safe. But blindly following them is stupid and not any safer.

  16. It’s equally safe if you can easily see in all directions

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