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  • By - JM761

  1. What’s the tracking force of that ion turntable? If you play that album often, you might be wrecking it, just a heads up.

  2. Zoom in close and see there’s no counter-weight. That and knowing most if not all Ions sport those red ceramic carts, that record is in for a bad time.

  3. I don't claim to have the best intuition about this stuff since I'm not in the industry but I mean... feels like the bubble's about to burst right?

  4. They haven't shipped yet. Ship date is June 24. You'll have more luck after then.

  5. People do have theirs in hand, myself included. Two of the variants are already out in the wild, with the other shipping the 24th, like you said.

  6. Lol I take it your new to vinyl? That's just how it is.

  7. I can't believe I missed this buy. Now to look for it double the price online somewhere.

  8. I highly discourage you from doing this. Sure it's your wallet and you get to do what you want, but not only are you gonna be out a good chunk of change from some colorful plastic, you're also contributing to the precedent of high prices in the reselling market. Imo, the only thing worse than a scalper is someone buying from them.

  9. How’s the fit and build quality? I’ve been thinking about picking one up

  10. Is the bubble finally popping? Have we started the fire?

  11. There’s loads of gatekeeping in this sub. It’s ridiculous.

  12. What does any of what he said have to do with gatekeeping? I swear yall heard that word a year ago and now won’t shut up about it

  13. Great band and I hope they continue to release material now that they’ve reunited. Nice to see fellow fans on this sub too.

  14. Man’s jealous he’s never felt the warmth of a woman

  15. Is this supposed to be the blue edition of the album? Cause I already ordered one of the regular ones from Procrastinate :(

  16. Yes the variant that was only released /500 over a decade ago exclusively on Triple Crown's webstore is back on sale on a different vendor's site for $17.

  17. My parents don’t support my hobby because they don’t care for music or vinyl that much so I steal from them to buy records. They don’t come into my room anyways so I can display them on my wall to my heart’s content. I also added the 7 inches I own!! (I love them very much, especially the kraftwerk cover and the magnetic fields) I’ve heard stories from old people (in their 40s/50s) that they used to buy singles from their local record shops and take them home, all giddy with excitement for their favorite artist’s new single. I think my generation lost that aspect of new music so I cherish my 7 inches very much.

  18. Yes. Anything sub-$200 is gonna get you cheap scrap. If you’re serious about hopping into the hobby, look at some of the offerings from U-Turn and Fluance. They have good, entry-level tables at reasonable prices - you’ll just have to save up a bit more.

  19. Good price. I just paid $26 on Newbury the other day.

  20. Newbury overprices their stuff way too often than not and I feel like hardly anyone talks about it. Yeah their variant exclusives can look nice, but most times you can usually find cheaper copies of the same album elsewhere.

  21. Check out :chasing victory-I call this abandonment Or if you want to check out the funniest knock off etid ever, give Fight Paris a shot!

  22. Man, Chasing Victory is one I haven't heard in a long time. I remember seeing those guys play in a local community college gymnasium back in '05. ICTA is a solid record.

  23. Why would you think they wouldn't? Here's the thing. Put them in outer sleeves and ring wear won't happen. It's been suggested that that storing the records outside the sleeve also helps. That's complete nonsense. Putting the record inside the sleeves doesn't cause ring wear. Rubbing two pieces of cardstock against each other does. The is a lot of friction and the ink wear off. The outer sleeve actually doesn't prevent ring wear, it still happens. The difference is that the outer sleeve will get the ring wear instead of the jacket. I've been sleeving my records since the early '90s. That's over 30 years. None of these record have any ring wear. None. Not a single one. And I keep the records where they belong, inside the jacket.

  24. Came here to post basically all this. The notion that keeping the the record outside the sleeve to prevent ring wear is a relatively new trend mostly pushed on other social media sites, and is totally ludicrous. New collectors have been taking it as gospel as well. If anything, doing so will leave you with even less storage space up on the shelf.

  25. Love me some Fall of Troy lore, thanks for doing this!

  26. With the amount of interference you're running for them, you ought to be pissed to be doing it for free.

  27. What's funny is that this guy used to be editor-in-chief for Game Informer Magazine back in the day, and so by the measure, shouldn't he be his own worst critic? Shouldn't he be pushing his studio to put out the best product they can? This is all really sad to see.

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