1. Fellow Melburnian Ape here. Great to see a sweet AF stack of Melbourne Mint kg bullions!

  2. Nah. Hard to go past the Cats this year. As long as Silver is the winner, who cares who wins the flag. 😝

  3. Facts mate where do you buy yours?

  4. Cheers could ya tell me a little about it

  5. Full set of gold armour strange

  6. My bad I thought their was a certain way to kill them so the burial thing blows up cheers.

  7. I have an average at best laptop and it runs this game at max settings at 120 FPS. The game is not graphically intensive at all. Don’t buy a high end machine just to play this.

  8. I think I will want to get a good one in case I want to play games such as rust aswell?

  9. Do you have a budget in mind? This is a good starting point imo

  10. Happy to spend the money for a good laptop.

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