1. The Judeo-Christian God, Yahweh, is an immortal being, who didn't "come from" anywhere, He just is. He created time for our benefit, not His.

  2. That’s just what it told people, can’t believe we bought it

  3. I was going to ask if you posted questions like that to have a conversation, or to troll and mock. Thanks, you've answered my question.

  4. The question wasn’t a troll, but I couldn’t help myself but to take a jap at Christians it’s not that deep 🤷‍♀️

  5. I really hope he's going to focus on music now rather than getting into more drama, dude's off his meds.

  6. This comment gave me “shut up and dribble” vibes

  7. It’s a trick question because it really isn’t wrong to teach kids about the idea of gender identity. That there is more than just male and female.

  8. Yes, this shouldn't even be a question. Maybe your business has some assets that are generating revenue, or you have a car that you need to get to work. What about your phone that has all of your contacts, maybe your payment methods, etc. Our property is important to us and in many cases are critical to survival.

  9. Honestly I fucked up question. What I meant to ask if they should protect private property, which is different from personal property

  10. Weigh the entire thing. And divide by 18. That leaves you with 1g of shrooms per whatever the total divided by 18 is.

  11. Oh yeah sorry I forgot to mention, but what if it’s already missing some? Not a lot but I did get a scoop stolen (long story)

  12. A lot of factors can play into hppd. Frequency and intensity of use, stress levels, and sleep quality. If this is a one time event, it's unlikely you will get it. The closest I've ever done it together was exactly 7 days apart. Tripped on a Monday, then again the following Monday, but this was a one time thing and I've never done it that frequently since. I've never had hppd, and it's probably different for everyone, but I imagine you'll be fine by what you are describing. My assumption is weekly use for several months will cause hppd, but I'm no expert.

  13. Huh okay I wasn’t awake of those other things playing a apart. Thanks tho, that made me feel better

  14. Have you tired unplugging and then plugging them back in?

  15. Dude was sad you didn’t go off and die… damn bro I hope you’re good. Fuck em

  16. Sorry lol I didn’t see that typo I meant doses. I appreciate your tips tho. Closed eye visuals are definitely my thing so thanks, scared of that come up tho

  17. Somewhere around 5 in the morning for a few hours, maybe not at all.

  18. I find that state of mind so uncomfortable, thanks for the heads up I think I’ll just wait

  19. Varies from person to person, trip to trip. Say your trip lasts 12-14 hours, you will still need a few hours to sleep if your unlucky, so 6am if not later. Some people can sleep right after though, even during sometimes.

  20. My friend fell asleep during and I got so scared, I didn’t think it was possible. I mean we weren’t near the peak anymore by any means but we were still tripping really hard. Thanks tho, I usually take it in the early morning for this reason, but I got the craving randomly and I do have a lot of weed so I’m going back and fourth lol

  21. Arguably no, unless the the existing power structures were to also change their majority/minority in the same way.

  22. Hypothetically let’s say they did change that majority. How do think they’d get back at us?

  23. White as a racial categorisation is fluid and essentially just means “the majority”. What do you mean when you refer to white people? Are the Irish white? Italians?

  24. But is it true art if you can’t even connect to the human experience?

  25. No mere performer could ever reach MF DOOM levels of art tho

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