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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. 43 as well. Played GTAIII and Vice City when they came out. Most fun I’ve probably ever had playing. Took a break from games for over 10 years. Had kids etc. came back to gaming during COVID. Had fun since. Started with Warzone. Got burnt out, bought GTA on sale. Having great fun still. Try to find like minded adults for your friends list. Lots of dad gamers around these days.

  2. Love that shape! Didn't really know about the Toronado (I'm from Europe) until I saw Jay Leno had one, it was like wow!

  3. Sold him for KDB who I suspect will score more points in the near future. Then we'll reassess when it's WC time

  4. Oh god I have so many... 2 chests full and I stopped collecting like 100 in-game days ago

  5. Yall dont horde every single resource?

  6. Most, but Dandelions and Bukeperries can gtfo, I never pick them up.

  7. Who says the bookies are right all the time

  8. Loving our team right now both for FPL but also as genuine top4 contenders for the first time in a while. !thanks for a great post too

  9. What, really? I've already updated apps through the Play Store

  10. Love these posts! Please continue doing them

  11. The kid fell from the chair while strapped

  12. Yeah that works, although your email address is already a high risk area given people can request password reminders be sent there.

  13. I took a screenshot of the codes and it's backed up in my Google Photos. Available from any computer/phone

  14. Also, if you see anything that is bugged or have any suggestions/requests then just send me a message or comment here :) I was thinking of adding team vs. team comparison, but not sure if it's actually useful or if anyone would actually be interested in that?

  15. Well it sure is pleaching to the eye

  16. Oh that's a nice look. Imma steal that if you don't mind

  17. I actually think this is cute. What's wrong with me.

  18. Jeans like these were all the rage when I was in Brazil back in 2006. Every jeans store had at least two types in the window. Looks kinda cool tbh

  19. Husker at hvis jeg var på selveste artic en kveld og hadde noen øl, så kunne man sjekke bank kontoen etrerpå og se at man hadde betalt til johnsen elektro.

  20. Club Arctic! Jeg var DJ der under FGT. Good times

  21. Kompiser fra batteriet mitt blei banka opp av britiske spesialsoldater der :-P (trur det var arctic...)

  22. The original God of War. Beating Ares and the clones on the hardest difficulty must have taken me at least 80 tries, it's the hardest thing I've ever done in a video game

  23. that red one you can get behind an abandoned building

  24. Way up north on the middle island 👌

  25. Hard to say anything for sure here, so will just mention a couple of points or possibilities:

  26. Also, doctors are the health professionals, how about just trust their judgement and not try to force a treatment that you want?

  27. Follow up poll: Which brand has the best coffee and which is most available?

  28. I'm only in it for the hot cocoa, I don't even like coffee 🤷🏼‍♂️

  29. The game code checks if you are under water. Seems legit.

  30. I mean... Below an upside down bath tub is still technically under water

  31. No worries, glad to bring him back to life :) I will get the !fplbot commands back up and running tomorrow as well if people are still interested in that!

  32. You're fucked, just give up and delete your team

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