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  1. I think I'd be okay with it, now. Importantly, I think Max is now old enough, and Dan is now old enough, and both are mature enough, that it might work.

  2. There’s apparently a new one coming out. Not sure if it’s just a graphics update of the original or a brand new story, but a trailer was shown back in 2020.

  3. The trailer made it look like a new storyline. A drone flying through a middle eastern looking city with a skyscraper jutting out of it with some kind of broken containment fields inside...

  4. Teams who end in Land and speak English cannot be relegated from League A

  5. Fun fact: the world's oldest professional team in any code of football is Melbourne FC, who play Aussie Rules.

  6. I don't want to worry our UK friends, but Prince Harry to my knowledge is living in the US. We can press his claim.

  7. Russians were literally like those waves of zombies in world war Z climbing over each other while they get torn apart by machine guns

  8. In America you could make a book about the president getting ass fucked and collapsing the nation as we know it. And it would probably sell out and have a few memes about it, not prison time

  9. Ngl it's kinda weird when there are two sports teams with the same name (Boston Celtics and Celtic FC), but you hate one and respect the other. Are there any similar naming coincidences in sports?

  10. And still he was not that faster than Lando in the race.

  11. Awesome but why does Anakin have a seat?!

  12. You’re not wrong, US is exactly like that. The mentality we are taught is that everyone should be just like Americans or they’re stupid.

  13. Gee they are PISSED at Zorko I am dying to know what he said/did

  14. Apparently zorko said something about pettys family which hit a nerve. They did say he potentially didn't realise what he'd said hit a little too close to home for petty though...

  15. Yeah coz a dog this fluffy would do well in the jungles of Burma ya jackass

  16. This Cadbury ad where a Gorilla plays "In the air tonight" and there's absolutely no mention of chocolate.

  17. I love both your user names, and the fact that you can both play again :)

  18. It’s not a mistake; it’s a negotiation tactic designed (1) to force him to show his hand and/or (2) to interfere with any negotiations he has with other teams.

  19. Except he wouldve held the upper hand in negotiations with them by saying "you've already announced it, here are my demands, otherwise you're gonna look real stupid"

  20. Yeah, that one made no sense to me, either.

  21. Scrolled too far for space Dandy. Hilarious episodes, but also beautiful episodes.

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