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  1. That sounded heavy. I hope she’s alright, and I hope after the video ended he got what was coming to him for that.

  2. Lois Long is the most ‘New York’ sounding name I’ve ever heard

  3. I just throw together whatever seems fem enough lol

  4. I hope you know taking less than a minute to post a picture you probably didn’t make with a 8 word title isn’t gonna change anything

  5. They should ask you to confirm purchases on trader items. Ur fault for buying any of these weapons tho, they’re kinda mid. Mix of dev incompetence and skill issue

  6. It’s honestly not good at all. He looks nothing like the real Shaggy and I wish they hadn’t retconned his design here

  7. Might ask my counselors if they wanna be involved cuz I definitely could write something outta that

  8. The bone looks kinda fakey but otherwise this is pretty good!

  9. As someone who’s proficient with tech, I’m loving those fillers. Real good stuff and it’s super clean the way you do it. Almost felt like I was listening to Colaps when the second drop came

  10. Your brother? Hell nah. Not only did he break the bro code by dating your ex, but he brought her over to hang out knowing that’d involve her being around you for the majority of the time

  11. Sick stuff my man. You should work on putting fillers on other places, ur always doing them on the 4th

  12. Thanks, man. I do need to work on timing but I’ll definitely check my filters

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