1. I was with you until I saw the mint. That probably turned "generic, but edible crushed seasoning" into "vomit-inducing cacophony of foul tastes" with just a dash.

  2. We're like a week into pride month and I'm already considering undergoing conversion therapy just so I can finally be free from being associated with people like this.

  3. This man is a pro at cucking himself at every opportunity. He's incredibly hot, incredibly charming, but he can't be true to his own feelings even if Claude's life depended on it.

  4. Honestly, skip hand lotion and go straight for something rich in oil like body butter or a barrier based on Paraffin wax.

  5. Man, this guy is my literal type... But this video just killed all interest and then some. My balls feel like they're shriveled up from second hand embarrassment

  6. This is more of a study/test to replicate a standard blender cel/toon-shaded water in UltraFractal than an actual piece. I'm not entirely proud of it, as I've had to work around a lot of frankly janky limitations in how UltraFractal handles Voroni tiles. With how the Voroni OCA and mapping works, I was unable to get a graduated line, so I had to resort to having to use the jitter mapping to fake a smooth transition, and I was also unable to get more rounded, organic patterns.

  7. It does thin your skin considerably, but it isn't permanent. It'll revert back to your old bounce in a month or so after stopping.

  8. I really like your minimalist fractal artworks! :)

  9. Thank you! I really don't like overcrowding the canvas, so I'm glad it pays off!!

  10. That's actually not an aura coating, it's super-saturated dye.

  11. Leave it to Minecraft players to find new, excruciating ways to play the game.

  12. The Twink versus Bara war continues on. I'm on team Leonin.

  13. It is so much cuter! But the scented part is what draws me in sadly. Only thing similar I can find is a Build-a-bear and adding a scent for an additional fee

  14. A seam ripper and some thread might become your best friends, then. It's super easy to pluck up the back seam in a plush to put something nice smelling inside and sew up.

  15. "The balances on your accounts are too high compared to loan amounts". Man, the American credit system would absolutely loathe me. I have zero loans and a decent savings account.

  16. its carbonation packs to turn your still water into sparkling without having to buy a CO2 cannister and you can add it to your soda making machine

  17. Love both of your posts! If you generate these as SVG, I bet they'd make fantastic plotter pieces.

  18. Thank you! That sadly isn't possible, though. Fractals are a little too beefy to be exported like that.

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