1. Bruh this thread when we are getting blown out has nothing to do with the game sometimes 💀💀💀

  2. Baseball is great, sometimes it's the most interesting thing in the world, sometimes, I'm hanging out with friends and it's background noise.

  3. That sucks, I want the Twins to beat them full strength, no excuses, may the best team win.

  4. What do you use for jerk seasoning? I’ve used Buffalo Wild Wings seasons in the past and it turned out OK.

  5. The marinade I used is from Walkerswood, I typically do the Serious Eats version but wanted to try something different. I'd say SE is a 9/10 and this stuff was 8/10 and zero work. I didn't have allspice berries but used some chunks of oak and fresh Bay leaves to add smoke. I used a Vortex and put the bay leaves both on the grate and against the outside of the ring.

  6. Good choice. Walkerswood and Grace are my go-to store-bought jerk marinades.

  7. Do it again Falvine! More pitchers, all the fucking pitchers!

  8. Urshela has the power of God AND anime on his side!

  9. Checking in to say, the O's are hot right now and the Twins are limping after a tough, long series. Still buyers at the deadline and still playoff bound. Keep your chins up.

  10. I know this isn't the time, nor the place. But if I could just say, sincerely.

  11. Since we obviously can't use "Circle Me, Bert" and our color guys rotate fairly (in)consistently, I propose this idea-

  12. I got on the jumbotron with a "Triangle Me Dick" sign circa 2010

  13. Me when I've had a few drinks and I join the Game thread.

  14. 🎵 Here we go boys, let's hit some balls, if you can hit a bunch you'll be playing next fall, in the ooooold baseball game 🎵

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