1. Hm, it does feel like the abruptness of people has increased, but yes Zurich has been a very busy city for a long time, especially in december

  2. It’s the season. Pre-Xmas madness has set in. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. Come back mid January. It’s gonna be empty

  3. It is always in November! I noticed this a few years ago and confirmed yearly since. Nobody is away in Novembre. Literally no ones has vacations in Nov. November is the best months to book holidays - prices are lowest and hotels are empty.

  4. Compared to when I was a kid Zürich has become a lot more populated. I was a kid a few decades ago lol. Everywhere I go in Zürich I feel rushed nowadays. I never visit the center if I don't have to anymore.

  5. I don’t think so; shows how other cultures behave and how they need to adjust to the local culture. It’s a sociological comment and it doesn’t have to do with racism or anything your views might imagine. Grow up

  6. well the city is growing much faster than its infrastructure (train, roads, etc.). it will be much worse soon. 10 years ago it was much more chilled

  7. Zürich is still a quiet city. There hardly any night life. The population is small and disparsed. Most people walking in Zürich are just visiting.

  8. 😂 Zurich is the most dead city in the world! What do you compare it to? London? NYC? Milan? Or some village in the mountains. I haven’t seen an Asian in days!!! In NYC I has thousands of Asians just in my neighborhood. Imagine if you had black dudes robing and pissing everywhere! 😂

  9. Sadly it is going down hill. Far too many people, sky-high living costs and generally rude and loser of people everywhere. A symptom of the social liberal policies.

  10. Welcome to the village! What Dörfli are you from? Did you also take a picture of the “Asian guy” as it must be the first time you ever saw one in the wild right?!

  11. was the asian guy hetero or homosexual? I think it would be important to describe his sexual preference as well to give more context to this crucial information related to the main topic..this could then be an example "Lately, I was stuck in traffic and even a homosexual swedish guy was honking, which surpeised me..." or "When I was doing my clothes, there was even a transgender italian getting angry that I don t respect the washing plan, that s usually just a thing that the boring hetero swiss do"...just makes it sound more sophisticated and with more thought put in it...

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