1. I kinda always wonder why Pegasus did not print more Blue-Eyes, either to get more money, or to spite Kaiba.

  2. Even in the event that an FTK deck would be good, it wouldn't be Exodia. Good FTK decks tend to involve less dead cards, like Magical Explosion.

  3. If card limits went up to 4, I think deck sizes would have to go to 50 as the minimum and your ED goes up to 16 maybe.

  4. This isn't a very interesting thought experiment. Decks run more cards that enable their combo(s). Thus, overall, they're more consistent. That's almost certainly the only meaningful change that occurs, and it's a boring one.

  5. Future Card Buddyfight and Cardfight Vanguard too have a few cards that let you break the maximum copies limit letting you make some interesting decks that involve spamming a bunch of copies of 1 monster to the field and getting benefits for having more of them.

  6. Not only that but also the fact thier games are slower due to resource caps so higher consistency will not lead to FTKs/OTKs often if at all

  7. You could run a deck of 10 unique cards. At that point, you'd probably guarantee that every duel ended on turn 2 or 3 because at the meta level, both players would probably be almost certain to have their endgame board in their first turn.

  8. Would look a lot more like a 60 card deck at that point. It would be a terrible change nothing needs 4 copies in a 40 card deck that’s ridiculous..

  9. Well it would raise the chance to draw the cards you need by a lot and lower the chance to not by alot. If you can run all your best cards at 4 it also means most decks wouldn’t need to run other draw cards or deck filler in some cases.

  10. 4 of every gadget and 4 double summons, 4 kagetokage, 4 goblindbergh, and 4 firewall dragons just so that people don’t think I’m there to make friends

  11. I reckon they'd have to up the max hand size and let for mulligans, otherwise consistency would shit itself (even with the higher numbers of the cards you'd want to draw) as bricks would occur more often within the five card hand.

  12. Having an extra copy of any starter would be a nice consistency boost for every deck, plus having 4 copies of some hand traps like Veiler/Imperm or even the HOPT hand traps would make any deck that can run a lot of hand traps have a better time.

  13. You actually dont want to run more copies of handtraps as it'll overall kill your consistency with brickier hands

  14. I feel like games would grind longer because people would have a lot of board breakers in their deck with one or two true combo routes/win conditions

  15. At first we would have a bunch of FTKs running around, then a bunch of broken cards would get abused. The price of cards would go up as people require more meta cards to play meaning less copies are going to be around in the market.

  16. Play magic. Consistency is too good for a 40 card deck. Feel would need to be 60 card minimum. Playing a draft style format where you can play any number of cards like in magic draft seeing 4 cards in a 40 card deck is wild af

  17. Honestly, it wouldn’t change much. It might make some decks more consistent in what cards you draw but because people are so adamant at cutting the deck size to 40 cards anyways, having 4 copies of multiple cards would ironically end up taking too much space and not leaving enough room for combo pieces. Like for some decks, I can totally see 4 copies working in their favor but most decks wouldn’t change all that much.

  18. It would definitely increase consistently. Imagine 4 Aluber and 4 Branded Opening, it drastically increases your chance of opening your 1 card starter.

  19. I actually came to say that while this would make some Meta decks stronger, it would also give sind causal decks way more if a power spike because a lot of those decks require some very key cards to get a good combo going. Cyber dragons get more core and emergency, fire fists is one of my friends favorites and it definitely gets way more consistency, legacy decks like dark magician and blue eyes, and way more than what I've mentioned get just enough of a spike to maybe not take a tournament, but to feel worth playing if you just love that archetype.

  20. The reality: Alliester and handtraps.dek(and other "no think, you no play" decks) would likely become a much more real, infuriating commonality. And the difference in power between tiered decks and casual decks would be even more severely widened

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