1. They try to shift away from Yugioh being an Anime I guess. The storytelling actually made its way into Master Duel - in Solo Mode you can learn about a large variety of archetypes and their connections.

  2. The fact that its like maybe two slideshows worth of info and its in terrible broken translated english makes that kinda not useful though. You endnuo going to tourube anyway because they wont tell you the inspirations, or even have decks that accurately represent the archtypes. Youd think every deck sucks based on what Konami has you use in solo mode

  3. I feel the same, what made Yugioh so unique back them is that you had a lot of options to enjoy the character's, in rpg, strategy game, even mokubas game from the manga it was pretty awesome and I honestly missed those games that went beyond the card game. I think it would be a great way to revitalize the character's.

  4. I'm not quite sure how they would make money like that? Having new cards introduced digitally would be hype yeah but why would people even bother buying physical cards at that point?

  5. The thing about the anime is that it promoted the cards and also showed off plays. They advertised how a deck played while Master Duel does the same but gets to the point faster and makes you do the lifting. The anime fluff doesn't have to be 1:1 with an anime, just that it gets an interesting story across in the short moments before and after the duel. Even then they're the ones dueling, trying these cards and knowing they're a good purchase instead of speculating on anime effects. There are so many things you can do right with a videogame, but Konami insists on using the TV show stories.

  6. I mean, sure, they could do it. But imo, they shouldn't. What makes the anime fun is scripted duels, where you get to see stupid shit that could never happen in the real game but works when you can control which cards a character gets. You also get those duels animated in an anime, not just as cards.

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