1. You have some data on that? This sounds false, especially looking at the attendance rates of recent events.

  2. Most people are actually players and collectors. There's just been a couple of years where thanks to things like stimulus checks and reduced travel expenses, nostalgic people have been looking for things from their childhood to buy, so there's been a temporary rise in people buying for nostalgia purposes. It'll drop back down again, if it hasn't already.

  3. In my local card shop more people buy pokemon than yugioh sets, but there are more than double yugioh than pokemon players. So I think we're doing fine :)

  4. You got older. Your exposure to players that treat cards as investment vehicles has gone up while your exposure to players with an emphasis on gameplay is going down.

  5. I don't think it's just my personal experience. Look at the way trading cards trend on social media. The most popular influencers are all about collecting.

  6. I think this is more true for something like Pokémon but I've heard of very few people just collecting yugioh and not actually playing

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