1. I had a misprint ra from the first legendary collection with no name which I thought was pretty cool considering its anime lore, also once had one of those cool colour stamp printing cards in a pack that had the first edition symbol on it, traded it for a stardust dragon from a tin, later found out it was worth so much money, gutted

  2. Probably true. Haven't looked around much but I saw a listing on ebay for £30. Plus I never sleeved this until literally today so it's crappy grade (not sure if that matters for misprints but prolly does)

  3. DB1 name swaps were extremely common. "a lot" is relative but the average rate for DB1 name swaps is $30 each.

  4. Congratulations dude, these are awesome! I've been trying to collect a player forever to add to my binder of just every print of pyramid turtle in multiples

  5. I have an El Shaddoll fusion that is nameless. Friend who collects misprints gave it to me in thanks for helping him get into college.

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