1. As it's been about a full day since the F&L List dropped, the usual threads for this time of week have been stickied now. The list links will be below if you're looking for them.

  2. Why do people use names of fake cards in fanfiction? For example i was reading one right now and i liked the card chaos devil prophet but i can't find it anywhere not even in master duel, so the card has to be fake right?

  3. if my opponent attack whit Gouki the giant ogre then activates Gouki Iron Claw eff from hand whic makes Gouki the giant ogre unaffected can i still chain magic cylinder on the attack.and so you know i negated Gouki the giant ogre eff so he cant negate magic cylinder???

  4. The activation timing for "Magic Cylinder" occurs earlier than that of "Gouki Iron Claw." "Magic Cylinder" is activated during the Battle Step, when the attack is first declared, while the effect of "Gouki Iron Claw" activates during the Damage Step. You would be able to activate and resolve "Magic Cylinder" well before your opponent would have a chance to activate the effect of "Gouki Iron Claw."

  5. If I somehow successfully used Change of Heart on my opponent's Destroy Phoenix Enforcer and then used his effect, destroying himself and an opponent's card, would I get to use his effect to special summon himself to my field, or would my opponent get to special summon him back to his own field?

  6. When a DPE not under its owner's control is destroyed, it returns to the owner's graveyard, where its effect can then be triggered by its owner to revive a Destiny HERO on the next standby phase.

  7. Alright, not a ruling question or anything, but didn't want to create a thread for a simple answer (if any), but is the Fallen of Albaz story done? Or is it continued through Visas Starfrost (and later to Tearlaments and Splights)?

  8. If Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon attacks and my opponent activates ghost of a grudge, can I activate BESD's secondary effect to summon Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon and stop my attack?

  9. If Ghost of a Grudge is activated during the damage step, you cannot chain BESD's effect until after the damage step has ended.

  10. If I am able to send both cyber end dragon, and cyberdark dragon from the extra deck to my graveyard, can I then fusion summon cyberdark end dragon by using overload fusion or any other "fuse by banishing from the graveyard" effect? Thinking of trying a small dogmatika package to make sending both to the graveyard more reasonable.

  11. Power Bond is searched for by both cards in the Cyber Dragon and Cyberdark archetypes (Cyber Pharos and Cyberdark Chimera) so that's an absolute yes no matter how you look at it, gameplay or thematically.

  12. idk why this got removed since there are SEVERAL posts about collection apps but none with this specific thing i'm looking for but i guess mods just pick and choose but i was wondering:

  13. Is there a deck that i’ll be able to play through different formats? I just want to pilot one main deck that’s flexible and not necessarily have to keep switching to keep up with the meta (if it’s possible)

  14. Psi-Blocker cannot prevent the effect of cards which have already resolved. Once Dimension Barrier has been activated and resolved successfully, its effect applies for the remainder of the turn. Calling it with Psi-Blocker later will not undo the effect.

  15. Can a Parallel eXceed that was Special Summoned be used to satisfy the requirement to apply the "If this card was Link Summoned using a Level 7 or higher monster(s) as material, your opponent cannot target it with card effects, also it cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects." effect of Black Luster Soldier - Soldier of Chaos? Parallel eXceed is level 4 on the field after being Special Summoned, but it's level 8 once it goes to the graveyard after being used as Link material, and I don't know which of those numbers is the one that Soldier of Chaos checks for its effect.

  16. Haven't played in a few years, can someone explain spell speed in relation to chains and why cards like twin twisters don't negate if they are link 2 targeting the 1st link. Also what are some alternative cards that would negate?

  17. What are some packs available currently that you would recommend to an old fan looking to get back into it? Mostly looking for the nostalgia

  18. If you're just looking for nostalgia, I'd look at the Speed Duel sets. They're full of old OG Yu-Gi-Oh and GX stuff right now. Pretty fun to play casually with friends.

  19. Ultimaya Tzolkin--what is the point of this card? I'm running it in virtual world and a lot of people seem to prioritize getting it out on the field, however, I'm confused why I would want to prioritize it over something like M7 and number 75

  20. I am currently using the Ultra Pro Deck boxes to store my deck. They work good and can fit them fully sleeved, but they are for Pokemon sized cards and Yugioh cards are quite a bit smaller. Does anyone know where to find good boxes designed for the smaller cards?

  21. Altergesit Kunquery ruling Opponent has personal spoofing and kunquery in hand no monster on field I have two monsters I attack with the 1st gets negated by kunquery He says he can use spoofing on resolution and get back kunquery and negate my 2nd attack again I argue that he cant

  22. Kunquery is not a once-per-turn effect, and Spoofing can search and Altergeist of the same name as the one shuffled back. There's no issue with the actions your opponent took, it's perfectly valid play.

  23. So long as you have a Fusion monster which lists "Fallen of Albaz" as material in your Extra (of which there are plenty), then yes, you can use Fusion Deployment for that purpose.

  24. How does number 107: Galaxy Eyes Taychion Dragons effect work? You enter the battle phase and he skill drains the field and then is it every time any card resolves so does that mean like graveyard effects and the like? It’s just worded strangely

  25. When you enter the Battle Phase, during the Battle Phase's start step (essentially just a time where either player can use Quick effects or cards which say they activate at the start of the battle phase before attacks are declared), you can choose to detach and use the effect.

  26. Hi friends of reddit, I have today a tournament in my local store but I was unlucky and 1 aluber and 2 branded in red that I have brought on cardmarket hadn't arrived in time sooooooo what can I do? I play a despia branded darklord and I don't know what cards to use to fill the gaps. I was thinking to use springans kitty and branded bond but I am not sure. Some advices?

  27. Hey small question: In old Yugioh at some point we’re you able to use polymerization to fusion summon using monsters from hand, field And Graveyard?

  28. How was it Special Summoned? If it wasn't either Xyz Summoned, or Special Summoned through a method that's treated as an Xyz Summon, then you wouldn't be able to activate that effect, as it wasn't properly Special Summoned.

  29. It had XYZ material when it was destroyed and there is nothing blocking the gy like macro cosmos ! But when it's gone it's gone.

  30. What are cards which have art where it's an ominous dark figure with glowing eyes? I'm talking things like Maxx "C" , Il Blud; that kind of stuff. I like collecting them cause I like their art.

  31. Can you tribute your level 1 floowandereeze monsters when under the effect of lancea ( so they go to the graveyard instead of banished by their effect) or does their effect stop you from using them as a tribute that turn

  32. Yes, you can do that. While cards can't be banished, the relevant Floowandereeze monsters would just go where they would normally go in such a situation if not for their effect. So for example, Tributing them for a Tribute Summon while cards can't be banished would send them to the Graveyard by default.

  33. My opponent controls baronne de fleur and chixiao. I use dark hole and my opponent negates with baronne. I activate change of heart and take their baronne. Can I use her negate?

  34. Baronne's negate is once while it is face-up on the field. If it uses its negate then changes control, that negate is still expended, and you cannot use the negate.

  35. Yu gi oh legacy of the duelist Can't beat Dextra to unlock Kite's booster pack Any suggestions ? The story deck is garbage except for the combo utopia+negate attack+double attack but I don't even reach that point because she keeps summoning garbage and spamming trap and magic cards

  36. Destiny HERO - Plasma states that he can't be normal summoned or set, and must be special summoned from the hand by tributing 3 monsters. But he doesn't state "cannot be special summoned by other ways", does this mean I can use alternate means to special summon him, like using fusion deployment with Destiny End Dragoon in my extra deck?

  37. “Cannot be Special Summoned by other ways” is not used anymore. So more recently-updated card don’t say it, and won’t from now on.

  38. If an opponent Summons "Lubellion the Searing Dragon" and I chain "Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries" to banish "Mirrorjade" from their extra deck, can they shuffle back the Mirrorjade (+ Albaz) to Fusion Summon the Mirrorjade they returned?

  39. No. When you Fusion Summon, you first choose the Fusion Monster in your Extra Deck that you will Fusion Summon, then choose the appropriate materials; since "Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon" isn't currently in their Extra Deck, they can't choose it as the monster they Fusion Summon.

  40. Quick question about glow up bloom Does his effect activate right when he’s sent to the grave or can you activate it anytime you want as long as he’s in the grave ?

  41. I bought the VW deck listed in the budget deck list to start playing at locals. If I decide to invest more into VW later down the line, which cards should I prioritize?

  42. If my opponent special summons a monster using a spell card like fusion destiny while i control swordsoul sinister souvereign - qixing longyuan , can i first activate his effect to banish a spell card as Chain link 2, and after the successful summon of the monster in a new chain his other effect to banish a monster, or can i just banish monsters that special summon itself with their own effect?

  43. Qixing Longyuan can use both of his effects in the scenario you provided. His effect to banish special summoned monsters does not require them to be summoned via an effect which does not start a chain, it's simply activated in the response window to the summon.

  44. So I've recently downloaded the Master Duel app for android and while I was putting together a HERO deck, I realised that if you just search the word 'hero' it shows every card that has the name 'hero' in it.

  45. If I special summon Winged Dragon of Ra via Sphere Mode do I have to send Ra to the graveyard at the end of the turn? Because it doesnt say I have to send Ra to graveyard as Ra normally cant be special summoned in the first place. Sphere mode of course can though.

  46. Ra does not have the same End Phase send to the GY effect that Slifer and Obelisk do, which is probably why you're confused. Ra stays on the field when special summoned unless the card you use to do so says otherwise.

  47. My friend Plays Shaddolls So My friends El Shaddoll Apkallone is in the graveyard i activate my monsters eff he chains el shaddoll schism to special summon El Shaddoll Apkallone from the graveyard can he then negate my monster eff?????

  48. No. Once a Chain starts resolving, both players have to let the entire Chain resolve before any new cards or effects can be activated. After "El Shaddoll Schism" resolves, your opponent doesn't get a chance to activate the effect of "El Shaddoll Apkallone" before your monster's effect resolves.

  49. My {{Performapal Gentrude}} is destroyed and sent to my Extra Deck. I use its effect to place {{Performapal Monkeyboard}} in my pendulum zone. Am I allowed to activate Monkeyboard’s effect that turn?

  50. So, i just bought a deckbox which fits a total of 100 cards, but there's a lot of unused space in it because the deck i store in it does not have an extra deck (domain monarchs), is it worth it to double sleeve the deck to fill that unused space up? And if yes, should i look for inner sleeves or over sleeves?

  51. You could easily double sleeve and still have space. I recommend dragon shield small inner with dragon shield clear matte outer

  52. Can true draco apocalypse destroy face down true draco cards (like a set true king’s return that was set this turn) for its effect?

  53. No dark ruler wont negate ip's effect. Cuz dark ruler only negates monsters currently on field and ip's effect just says that its protects them,it doesnt say: the monster summoned gains this effect:...

  54. Anybody know where I can order good quality Yu-Gi-Oh size custom sleeves? I specifically need ones where the inside of the sleeve (under the plastic) mirrors the art on the back of the sleeve. This is mainly so that the sleeve edge visible under the card matches the back.

  55. So I understand that you’re not supposed to side deck until after your first game within a match/round and your deck must go back to the original deck list after the round. However I can’t find anything about whether or not you can alter your side deck, not main deck, in between rounds.

  56. If your Deck does not match your Deck List while the tournament is ongoing, and said Deck List is legal, you must change your Deck to match the Deck List, and you will be given a DE Major.

  57. So i remember Reading that in this year's mega tins they will include some new alt art monsters,do we know any of those other than Dragoon ? Really hoping for an alt art aluber Also i am assuming it will go up to DAMA as far as set go right?

  58. If a knightmare gryphon is summoned while no other monsters are on the field, will it’s continuous effect prevent it’s trigger effect from activating?

  59. With deer note coming out of dimension force a pure punk deck is starting to look very interesting to me. The problem with this is I am absolutely horrible at making decks, especially with the giant list of cards to choose from and my background in cardgames being cardfight vanguard, strictly. What's a good way to learn how to build a deck around this archetype without net decking ( I've tried I can't find a single deck that's up to date with this ban list)

  60. Looking for an answer, why does Destiny Hero Dynatag go through on Dinomorphias with traps in grave to negate effect damage?

  61. Let me rephrase, Playing online with Dinomorphias, against my buddy playing heroes. I was down to 250 LP and attacked him with Rexterm, he activated Dynatag, but I had Domain in grave but could not use it.

  62. Many decks need a specific type to function. for example, swordsouls use wyrm monsters for all their synchros. It also shuts down monarchs and true-draco

  63. I'm nostalgic for Yu-Gi-Oh right now, so I decided to start playing some games on Dueling Nexus, but I'm having trouble going up against the bot because it uses cards like synchro and pendulum, none of which I know because I stopped following the game by the time GX started. Of the AI decks I can go up against, are there any that just use the original cards?

  64. should i, with the new banlist, buy right now the dpe combo?, a lot people are selling dpe combo at the price of just dpe, should i buy it now, or its the price gonna keep walking down just like malicious bane?

  65. The price will probably go down, there's also tins coming in september which has a high chance of reprints.

  66. I wanted to make an Earthbound Immortal deck that uses the Sun Dragon Inti and the Moon Dragon Quilla as tributes. As I will use the Earthbound Geoglyph to use the synchros as tributes and of course due to their effects I will be able to recycle the two dragons allowing any opportunity that an Earthbound Immortal is destroyed.

  67. Note that you cannot special summon Extra Deck monsters, Ritual monsters and other "must first be Special Summoned by" monsters from locations of public knowledge if you have not correctly Summoned them before. This is a fundamental game rule so even a card effect that says "ignoring its summoning conditions" would not be able to special summon the aforementioned cards if they have not been properly Summoned before.

  68. Yes. You're not allowed to activate an effect that won't do anything when it resolves, so you can't activate the effect of "PSY-Framegear Gamma" unless you can Special Summon both it and "PSY-Frame Driver."

  69. It's been the key piece in a number of combo decks for the past few years, right from it's release in Infernoble and Synchro Eldlich to the most recent format as part of Tenyi Synchro pile decks. Its effect to summon 3 tokens triggers Deskbot 001 and enables extension into powerful endboards. Konami has just decided that its time has come and no longer want to allow it to enable these decks.

  70. Wait, does getting shuffled into the deck not count as leaving the field? I was playing MD's fusion fes, a guy used De-Fusion on my Megaton Golem and I couldn't summon an Ultimate

  71. returning to a private knowledge location (deck, extra deck, or facedown banished) will not allow you to activate a leave the field effect if the card that has the effect is the one going to a private location.

  72. Does anyone have any idea when the cards from the 25th anniversary Ultimate Kaiba set are coming to the TCG? As well as some other recently released previously anime-only cards?

  73. Can you use set card for special summoning (fusion/synchro/link/ xyz). For instance if I’m playing against sword soul and I use book of moon on their turn on one of their monsters; can they use it as material even though it’s now face down.

  74. You can use a Set monster you control as Fusion Material (and, in that case, you are allowed to make use of the information printed on that monster).

  75. If I use swordsoul blackout and target my own swordsoul supreme souvereign chenying and 2 of my opponents cards and then use chengyings effect to protect itself and banish a card instead, do my opponents cards still get destroyed?

  76. Yes. It was most likely made different from the other 2 for 2’s (that tribute for cost) precisely for this combo

  77. Can anyone recommend me a boss monster deck ? Sick of playing extra deck and would like to have a boss monster that can carry me as soon as it's out . I like Dino with ultimate but you also run links with over raptor

  78. If you're talking about in paper and can manage what cards are banished when, Metaphys has multiple high level monsters you can call "bosses" Tyrant Dragon good for doing damage to small stuff but Daedalus can just banish your opponent's entire field

  79. Question3: If I attack with a "Masked Dragon" and he is destroyed by battle, when I get the 1500ATK dragon monster from the deck to the field, can I immediatly attack with it or is my battle phase over?

  80. Chimera and Lost are responding to the "when you fusion summon a fusion monster" so your opponent can't activate their lampsies or dropsies in that chain, same as they couldn't activate a Torrential Tribute or Trap Hole

  81. Question2: If I have 1 or no cards in my hand and I use the "Hand Destruction" card, can I draw 2 cards?

  82. No, you and your opponent need to have at least 2 cards in the hand. If you and/or your opponent don't have at least 2, you can't activate hand destruction

  83. Question1: If I use 2 "Reckless Greeds" in a row, do the 2 draw phase skips stack, i.e. 4 draw phases without drawing, or do I take 4 cards and skip only 2 draw phases?

  84. Probably not, its a meta card that will probably devalue if it stops being relevant. That being said, if its centered and has no scratches/defects at all, you can try . Just know that grand creators and forward, konami's quality and centering of cards have been awful, I'd be impressed if something gets a 10.

  85. Stardust cards are all over the place. It will be easier and cheaper to buy each card as singles. If you are still set on packs, Dawn of Majesty has a bunch of the newer support cards. Quasar is only in Legendary Collection 5D’s and nowhere else.

  86. Any other good places to buy cards in the Philippines? I don’t want to use Amazon, or TCGPlayer here because of costs. I already know about Courtside, but what about Lazada/Shopee, who is a reputable seller there? Thanks!

  87. I remember there being an old, generic synchro monster that you were able to summon with only tuner monsters, similar to {{X-Saber Gottoms}}, but I can't remember its name.

  88. Anybody knows if EDOpro has a subreddit? I cant post anything on their discord cuz "channel level verification too high" or something like that (Which happened randomly cuz i used to write there without any issue)

  89. I don’t believe they do, no. The channel things seems like a Discord bug. Google suggests updating the app as they apparently fixed it, but I don’t know myself.

  90. What would be a deck you could build for a maximum of like 200€ to somewhat compete? I just came back to the game and have no idea what deck would fit that budget and also does perform at least somewhat decently.

  91. I would say branded/despia. Three structure decks, some mixture of allubers/branded openings/branded in red and whatever extra deck and engines you could afford.

  92. Can someone explain why so many people are running halq/auroradon/deskbot in swordsoul? What kind of combos can you pull off with them?

  93. Is there a chance more of the despia/branded spells and fusions will be reprinted/put into tins? Been trying to get a deck going but getting 3 of branded opening and getting some of the fusions is way too expensive. Is there budget options to some of the 20+ dollar cards? edit: Man I wish I got into yugioh a few months ago and bought all these singles for 3 bucks each... this is so disappointing to be priced out of the game

  94. The Branded/Despia cards from Burst of Destiny and Dawn of Majesty that didn't get reprinted in Ghosts from the Past are most likely due to be reprinted in the Megatins in September. Anything before then is unlikely at best.

  95. Is there a place I can ask for deck building help? I’m trying to remake my first deck I ever built (Tri-Melffy)

  96. You have discords for almost every archtype. If you join the melfy discord they'll probably be glad to help

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