1. According to Kazuki Takahashi, the reason for Zorc's somewhat outrageous design was his hospitalization during the writing of Millennium World.

  2. They tried to make something like Z-Arc, but instead they ended up with this. Atleast they got it in the 2nd try. Imagine Z-Arc also having this XD

  3. Honestly, it wouldn't even look that weird if they gave it some arms, he'd be more like some kind of centaur/chimera thing.

  4. I always find it funny and annoying that the Proxy community in Magic is very open about discussing methods to try and make the game more accessible with Proxies.

  5. A special summon monster whose summon cannot be negated or have an effect chained to it. Unaffected by effects, and cannot be destroyed by battle. Also, during battle, negates the effect of the monster it is battling.

  6. Honestly I love the dragon dick. Hit the YGO card artists up with sedatives because I want more dragon dicks in YGO.

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