1. haha yeah most people either think he was always crazy, or his new persona is completely fabricated and used as a coping mechanism for his sadness

  2. That's most likely the case. In the Yakuza 4 flashback, Saejima states that Majima's Kansai accent was slipping implying that Majima always had this crazy side.

  3. Huh I never noticed that was a recycled animation (not complaining I just didn’t notice it until they were out side by side like this).

  4. Lord of the Night has always been here. Just in small spurts. Especially when his tone of voice changes, you'll definitely know when 0 Majima is back

  5. I've read comments where they state that Majima became crazy after having to work a customer service job, lol. Anyone who had to deal will customers will know the pain!

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