1. Is the Goldeneye remake actually happening? I thought they made the entire game for the Xbox 360 but never released it due to unresolvable licensing issues.

  2. A few months ago a data mine of someone at Rare Xbox account has achievements for the game. Like in a modern achievement graphic (not like the 360 setup just being an emblem). I’m hoping. I myself am thinking they did the project anyway just so if the owners of Bond (Amazon bought MGM, who owns Bond) give the green light for it. It’s going to be intriguing to see what happens.

  3. Nothing official but there’s too much smoke for there not to be some sort of fire. TrueAchievements picked up a set of achievements for the game at the start of the year, some of which have been unlocked by a very small number of people.

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Everwild get basically scrapped and restarted like maybe a year ago? Seems like what we've actually seen may have nothing to do with this game when and if it actually comes out.

  5. It's crazy (awesome) to see where they are now, compared to when they were crowdfunding for the first POE, and they were so close to going under.

  6. Fortunately for them pentament and Grounded will release this year and pentament won't require much post release support. I also think they have been working on grounded for a long time now and once it's out the door the post release support might be just one big update and bug fixing so some of those guys can help with avowed or outer worlds 2 which ever needs the most backup.

  7. They are. Thinking about quantity and quality I think they are one of the most successful of the modern Microsoft acquisitions. Some of these companies have released nothing or very little since being scooped up.

  8. credits are for @_xboxnews account on Twitter, but yeah it looks pretty good, very exciting times for Xbox!

  9. infinite... what a proper name for this halo game.... that's the amount of development time it's needing.....

  10. The Reddit comedians are gonna be coming out with another UI joke or something lmao. Top quality comments

  11. I wish I could erase Psychonauts from my memory so that I could play them for the first time again.

  12. Out of that whole list I’m most excited for Senua’s Saga. The first one was so damn good and so underrated. I’m sad it took me so long to play it.

  13. They announced their intention to buy Activision in January, hopefully it will finish on mid-2023

  14. As others have noted, it was announced in January. Nearly $70B, cash sale. The shareholders recently voted in favor of the sale, I think the last step is regulatory approval, and nobody seems to think that will be an issue.

  15. I’m so excited for State of Decay 3. Never played much of the first one but I have 400 hours in 2 so far. It’s a great game to just relax and play once you get used to the mechanics.

  16. Yes. They have to honor the 1-year exclusivity agreement with Sony, then it comes to Xbox (probably Game Pass).

  17. Yes, 343 Industries is the dev studio that made Halo Infinite and is continuing post-launch support of the game for the forseeable future. What of it?

  18. Fallout 76 for Beth as well. I know it bombed at launch, but I picked it up a few months ago and there have been a ton of QoL improvements.

  19. Senua, Fable, SoD3 and Starfield are my most anticipated games of the Generation so far, so it's a good roster for me. Plus, I've never played a bad Forza game, so that's a nice bonus! It might have been a slow start this Gen, but I'm getting excited for what's coming..

  20. Still holding out for a Killer Instinct sequel that captures what the 2013 entry did but improved. It truly was lightning in a bottle even with the troubled development.

  21. Dude I can’t wait for an actual Motorsport. Horizons great and all but it would benefit from a little time off

  22. No, not at all :) Everyone can enjoy any kind of game they like, and Minecraft is enjoyed by lots of people. Don't let other people tell you what you can and can't enjoy, and vice versa :)

  23. If Everwild get the same SoT vibe/treatment, but without the pvp/grief (and forced crossplay with cheaters) it will be a amazing coop/online (or single player) game.

  24. Sea of Thieves no longer has forced cross play. I can tell it's been a very long time since you've played 😂

  25. 343i is working on "Halo: The Endless". Even though its unclear if its a new game or story dlc, with the current state of Infinite its quite obvious only a skeleton crew is actually still working on the game.

  26. Really? They announced they were discontinuing support already? Fuck, that’s sad, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game.

  27. Heavy bangers coming through the pipeline.... and the most incredible part.... they are ALL coming to game pass.

  28. it's just amazing, it's still unbelievable that we will be able to play the new Bethesda games at day one, and that without mentioning the new Blizzard games too!

  29. Sometimes I wonder why I love Xbox so much, when I see such an uninspiring list of first party games on the horizon. I'm truly not excited by any of these games, maybe GoldenEye remake, but I feel like this should be out already, I swear if it doesn't launch this year I'll shut my Series X down for 3 months and play nothing but my Switch and PS5 😂. I'm intrigued by a few games, but there first party games just feel so meh compared to Sony's. I really hope they don't fuck up the Indiana Jones game by making it first person. I'm hoping after this slate of underwhelming games come out they show us they're working on more 3rd person action games like Quantum Break

  30. I'm a long time Xbox gamer and I know what you mean. Looking at big lineups now seems somehow less exciting than back in the day. But I'm really loving Game Pass and discovering lots of titles I didn't even know existed.

  31. If you’re really into third person action adventure games, maybe the Xbox first party games just aren’t for you. Their first party studios have never really done things like that besides Ninja Theory.

  32. I guess the biggest reasons to have an Xbox is because you don't want or can't have a PC and you rather give your money to the company that let you play what you like, with who you like and where you like instead of the one that doesn't really care about retrocompatibility, stalled crossplay for years and still goes hard on a shitty old tactic like exclusives.

  33. Saying that 343 is "working" on infinite really stretches the acceptable definition of the word "working"

  34. Please, PLEASE!! Come out finished. I hope none of these games get treated the same way halo infinite did

  35. Halo needs to be given to a new developer. I actually liked alot of stuff in halo 4, but after infinite Ive sort of lost hope for the series.

  36. Amazing. You managed to show your complete ignorance on how television production and game developmemt works in a single comment.

  37. I can't help but hope the unannounced Coalition game is a rebooted Brute Force. Completely unsubstantiated rumor, but I think it would be the perfect franchise for that studio and the game would fit well with the multiplayer-oriented nature of Microsoft. Throw in some EDF-esque Loot Weapon mechanics and it would be perfect.

  38. I would love a big budget, large scale Shadowrun game. Not like the fps we got back in 07 but something open world that includes the things that Cyberpunk couldn't do. I want a GTA Online RPG game that includes the matrix, fixers, magic, corporate espionage, backstabbing dragons, and Renraku Arcology pissing the world down the drain. Since Microsoft owns the rights, they need to use the IP and stop wasting it.

  39. Well, by the time the next TES game rolls out I’m sure Xbox x consoles will be available here. (Have not seen one in stores ever.)

  40. No it was just a timed exclusive, it was made by one of the Bethesda / Zenimax studios before they got bought by Xbox, and they had to honour the existing timed exclusivity agreement.

  41. If you search employment websites like “Indeed” for example and search for video game companies you can usually find what projects are in the works.

  42. Fix series x so we can leave system in standby mode and not have our external hard drives coming on and off every 2 min please thanks 🙏

  43. Worlds Edge is also working on AoE 2 and 3 definitive editions (maybe even AoE 1). They release major dlc a few times a year, including new civs, units, maps, modes etc.

  44. World’s Edge’s unannounced title uses the cover picture from Age of Mythology, so possible remaster akin to the Age of Empires 1/2 remasters

  45. I love seeing Elder Scrolls VI by Besthesda, but I might be equally excited for the next Fallout, because 76 doesn't really count.

  46. Some excellent looking games coming our way, xbox game pass truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

  47. It would be more complete if there was realease date for each one. And we would realise that we are not getting a lot ....

  48. Might as well add Fallout 5 to BGS since Todd Howard confirmed it to be the game that is releasing after TES 6. Just don't know if FO5 is gonna release before the world itself actually ends xd

  49. Why is 343 still working on the Masterchief Collection. It's already been ported for Series X/S. What're they adding to it?

  50. Hmm. Not all that great is it, only good ones are, maybe fable, tho without peter im not sure will be the same, obsidian keep an eye on, starfield, played ghostwire tokyo wich was shit, deathloop and arkane i absolutely love, not looking forward to shitty redfall multiplayer garbage, thats about it, starfield mainly. Rest dont compare with sonys world wide studio all tho theyre far too woke for my liking. Getting worse and worse.

  51. I can't believe they've ignored the elder scrolls franchise for so long. Hopefully after star field flops they'll pour everything they have until elder scrolls 6 and make it an actually decent game.

  52. Hopefully 2022 is the year everything comes together. Still don't feel like a meh Halo Infinite, a great Forza Horizon 5 (key word being 5), Returnal and Ghostwire only on Playstation, and a multi-platform Psychonauts 2 has been enough for the upcoming 2 year anniversary of XSX.

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