1. Anybody else noticing that when using a yellow gear, it gives you blue 2 out of 3 times. Then using blue it’ll give yellow 2 out of 3. And only match up 2 if you’re lucky? It’s not even worth it to use gears. Pretty sure they rigged the RNG.

  2. Is it even possible to complete Heroic, I’ve used all my ads every day. Used gears and I’m only on 700K probably won’t even get Solo Sikoa. How is anyone doing this without a minimum 15k credits?

  3. clearly you did something wrong... im at 1.4 billion rn.... used all my ads too... but i dont spend any credits or use any gears... just make sure you hit 8-10 mil every game.... if not just force quit the game...

  4. I’m at 860 million using ads and maxing all my bouts every day. Idk if it’s possible without credits honestly

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