1. They're likely doing it just because of upcoming wrath release, hopefully they get bored of doing this shortly after launch

  2. Exactly. Also the player target market isn't even the same. Vanilla custom players don't want to play retail or classic and won't ever. I guarantee you blizzard loses money going after servers like this. They are seriously lame for even trying. They go after socials cuz it's easy and copyright law in usa is single handedly stopping humanity from reaching its full potential. All the people who designed wow in 2004 are now gone. It's just lawyers and business majors left who don't know a good game from bad, couldn't tell you the first thing about making a game.

  3. They can't really do much about non-US related hosting company though. Social media are mostly US controlled so that's that.

  4. Blizzard has a large office in France. Of course they can take legal action in France. The lawyers working with their French office took legal action that made the Nost. team decide to close down the server. This is written clearly on the Nost. Website. The team though the host would close down the server in days, and they would be forced to go to court against Blizzard if they didn't shout it down themselves.

  5. They're just shutting down Social Medias. Servers themselves are self hosted, not as easy to shut down. Convincing YouTube to shut something down is easier than convincing the server itself to shut down.

  6. They aren’t active on SoMe, don’t advertise etc. keeping them under the radar. They’ve done it for a long time, and have lots of knowledge on how to keep their servers safe.

  7. You can't host a private server according to US law while in many other countries local law allows usually for what servers are doing. There are options against selling/profiting from third party IP but it's very situational depending on what server is doing and the country.

  8. I think it depends where the server is hosted. I think Kronos is in Czech Republic and its been going on for a while and it will, but Nostalrius was in France and got shut down pretty quickly, I think turtle is in the UK, but I'm not sure.

  9. Fuck Blizzard. They are doing this now as they know players on classic are up in arms and about to leave as the server issues now are a complete shit show. In addition many are unhappy about RDF being yeeted and auto bans etc. Just read the classic forums to see what a dumpster fire its become. Assholes.

  10. Copyright material on social media is obviously gonna get hit. I doubt the server will be taken down since it's not hosted in the US.

  11. They shut down nostalrius which was in France, I think they can shut down servers hosted in western EU.

  12. What a clickbait title really. It's not going to be taken down at any point. Just social media to scare people away... biggest servers never got shutdown by blizzard since EU is free of this. Nostarius? They shut down themselves lol

  13. Social media is/was important for many servers. Turtle and Ascension relied on it to get where they are today, not all servers functions like warmane that doesn’t need it.

  14. Sunwell YouTube and Facebook got taken down and they aren’t custom or active. Also an admin on whitemane discord got a warning.

  15. I'm sure classic+ will happen eventually. I can't wait to see what fun ideas blizz can come up with. Maybe they'll increase the damage of a raid boss by 0.2% for a week before nerfing it to 0.1% in a hotfix, wouldn't that be exciting? Ooo maybe they'll add some extra trash mobs to naxx

  16. Glad I finished my HC adventure a month ago <3 The most fun I’ve had leveling a rogue to 60 ever. I’ve been taking a break but I see a comeback soon!

  17. Blizzard should now release official news that they are trying to get down turtle wow and ascension, imagine the promotion of these servers would get:P

  18. If blizzard gave us seasons with big changes and fresh realms, private servers wouldn't need to even exist. They can make so much money off tweaking the game every 6 months.

  19. In Blizzards eyes WoW Classic was unsuccessful. In their eyes people didn’t want it, like they said. It definetly wasn’t because of mismanagement. Good ol‘ self fulfilling prophecy.

  20. Turtle is fine, so is Ascension (both have had their YouTube channels nuked). Both of their teams have assured us they won't be shutting down.

  21. Private servers are a god send for poor college students who need something to occupy their time so they don’t fall into a depression spiral I missed Cata through WoD because I was on a private server. Hope everything works out Turtle Team!!

  22. I'm not in ascension discord to confirm, but apparently ascension is getting their social media attacked (by activision probably) as well

  23. I’m certain that they are, but so far Ascension has not told the community anything about this. Not even anything about the deleted YouTube channel. If you try to find anything about it on their discord you wont even find people asking it because they delete those questions. Perhaps it is bad for business to worry consumers with bad news.

  24. I wish activision would see this niche market and sell licenses to host private servers (with conditions obviously, such as using their client requiring an active sub) or even the Minecraft route of leasing servers directly to willing hosts that’ll run them. Seems like an easy cut of profit.

  25. You do realize that people play on private server mostly because its free? If it require sub, private server scene would die lmao

  26. it was looking like nostalrius 2.0 with having so many players active, it sucks but i hope blizzard figures out there is a desire for a server like this even though their vanilla servers are pretty dead

  27. private servers existed before discord, and were populated too. This could be a rough wrench to digest through but I dont think its going to outright 'kill' anything

  28. Actually these days Discord makes you give up your cell number when you want to join a server and people aren't doing that because they look at their cell number like it's their social security number and don't want to be tracked, so I think it's kind of at the beginning of starting to die off anyways because of that.

  29. To clarify, I find it hard to believe that activision won't go for the server itself since they are taking everything else down around it. The reddit title could been different I suppose, but at this rate, I don't see how the server can withstand any activision's legal attempts at removing it.

  30. I'm happy this is happening to Turtle, worst abusive and unprofessional GM team ever. Should of deleted the server ages ago, now Blizzard is cancelling you for free.

  31. If you're asking if there's a cash shop on Turtle then yes, there is a cash shop with cosmetics.

  32. Its much easier for Activision to tell YouTube, Facebook or Discord to take down certain copyright material.

  33. Thats literally what happens one day in retail aswell. Its all just a worthless game. Play to have fun, not to possess digital achievements that are worthless out there.

  34. Except it isn't gone, Activision is just targeting social media which is hosted in the US to stymie the flow of information about these servers gaining popularity. It's gonna end up having a Streisand effect though and make these custom servers even more popular

  35. Its a warning about discord, i did not see anything that makes me worry about the safety or the future of the server. Blizzard is sending crap like that all the time.

  36. Blizzard gonna try to take turtle wow's ideas as their own and make a new "season of mastery". Come at me if I'm wrong

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