1. Maybe the weekly profession drops. But you can get those as soon as you level a profession up to 25, you don't even need to be max level for that, so you don't need to rush leveling to get those before the reset.

  2. Great move, people will enjoy more the release of new content without feeling that they have to rush to be on top

  3. Yeah, this just makes me feel better as I unfortunately am going to be busy launch week (have to help train some new people at work) so there not being any FOMO bullshit going on where if you can't be sweaty you miss out is a welcome choice.

  4. To be fair, if you plan to level anything extra, you still have to be a bit time efficient. Unless you have a group to do dungeons with that is.

  5. Part of the fun for a lot of people is that rush to be on top. These changes don't really change that (good thing) but rather just changes their strategies.

  6. This just means I have to rush to level and grind heroics to be fully geared when m0 is released vs just going directly into m0 and skipping heroics.

  7. "We know some of you will completely neglect yourselves or your family in order to achieve an unnecessary deadline. So we moved the deadline a week"

  8. This is such a 180 to their games culture in past expansion it does truly give me hope they are listening and changing for the better

  9. This is a great decision on Blizz part. Takes some of the fomo pressure off and just allows players to actually enjoy the expansion release.

  10. Great decision. I know many people planned to rush to 70 and try to every M0 on Monday but I'd much rather take my time leveling, read the quests, watch the cutscenes and discover the dragonriding glyphs on my first playthrough without feeling like I've fallen 'behind the pack'.

  11. Weird that people planned on doing that, they have done this ever since mythic dungeons were added. I'm pretty sure they've never been reset the first Tuesday unless the xpac launched on the tuesday

  12. So if you're in the US you're s till going to literally do everything in one day because it's only one basically half day buffer that they are granting...

  13. Huh, I had actually decided that finally this time I wasn't going to care about leveling and just rush straight to max level. Might not do it, but there are still some benefits to doing it, like being able to gather more easily and make some easy early gold.

  14. I don't really understand, sorry. What does this mean for me as a EU/CEST player? It releases midnight of 29th and there's like no weekly reset on Wednesday the 30th and therefore we will have no weekly quests and other stuff until after the reset in the next week or what am I missing?

  15. it just means that you will get no benefit from playing all day tuesday in order to get to 70. lets say the above post isnt true. then you couldve lvld to 70 tuesday when the launch happens. and do all 8 mythic0 dungeons, and then it would reset on wednesday and you could do all 8 mythic0 dungeons again. basically youd want to lvl fast to get in more stuff before the reset.

  16. I think what they mean is that everything listed will be available after the reset on the 30th. So we have a bit more time to do leveling so there's no pressure of missing out on stuff if it's just going to reset the next day

  17. There's still a weekly reset on Wednesday. It just means if you get to 70 before Wednesday, you can't do a bunch of Mythic 0s before weekly reset and get a head start on gearing.

  18. Premiere will be on 0:00 wednesday and reset will be 5:00. They want to dont force hardcore players to level up to 70 and do weeklies in 5 hours to be ahead of others

  19. Good thing they made this clear, because otherwise minmaxers would have had to rush to max level just in case they would get weekly stuff doubled up.

  20. This is a good thing because even if you're expected to be geared for your first raid night with your guild you've still got upward of a week to level and not miss you m0 runs

  21. They screwed up back in Legion, I think, and allowed exactly this "rush to max day 1, then do the dungeons again the next day" trick. Since then, they've been pushing the reset back. It's just good to hear an official statement that they're doing this.

  22. this is so good, in eu i had the tuesday to get 2 chars to 70 and do the first world tour of m0 :D i was ready for it but this is a relieve

  23. It's always amazing to me the different ways people approach this game. For me, I plan to savor every last drop of questing and exploring, and the thought of speed-running to 70 on Day 1 makes me sad.

  24. Pretty sure blizz has statistics on how long it takes for the majority to reach cap and don't want them to be without anything relevant to do for over a week.

  25. It's not like leveling in classic wow that it takes several hours. It usually is about 6-8 hours quite casually so I don't think you need more than a week. Especially since you can take over a week to level and do m0s at the end of the 2nd week, they are still weekly locked so it doesn't matter.

  26. I mean, surely you have seen the launch experiences for the other expansions, it's always gonna be hectic. If people want to speedrun, they're gonna fucking speedrun.

  27. Both raid and M+ will already not be out until the second reset. That should be reason enough for people to slow down.

  28. Title says some, then they proceed to list the content that is included in the lost of some. People need to learn how to read. Is also just until the first reset which is the next day. Some people doom over anything without actually knowing what they're mad at.

  29. I don’t even care about the leveling pace or whatever, I’m just glad I have more time to experience side stuff and professions instead of immediately going into M0/M+.

  30. Are we pretending that on lunch day everyone will be able to play without queue and the servers will be fine?

  31. Remember when they decided with 9.2 release that the reputation quest in Zereth Mortis would reset in the middle of the week leaving EU players on the cusp of the reset while most players in NA were already done?

  32. So people in beta and/or pre-patch - is it worth it so far? I've given up altogether, but can be persuaded if its actually worthwhile again.

  33. It's WoW. We all know what to expect by this point, if you've gotten tired of the formula it's not going to change your mind.

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