1. Actually, China, India, Brazil and Gabon abstained from UN vote condemning Russia's annexation of Ukraine provinces, while Russia vetoed it, calling it the UN resolution to be 'illegal'.

  2. Query here. If the Russian delegate to the U.N. was unable to vote, for whatever reason (late Uber, traffic, etc) what are the protocols? Just curious.

  3. This has happened before. The UN intervention in Korea was decided because the USSR was boycotting it at the moment.

  4. 60% of weapons and parts for Indian army come from Russia. I'm sure this hasn't changed in the last 3 months.

  5. India can’t formally call this out because they had 20K+ Chinese troops on their border up until recently and there were threats of activity in the Indian Ocean as well. India has the hedge for that and China will outright threaten them more the closer and closer they get to the West.

  6. Not for very long. They cancelled a few contracts lately. and it also seems they are trying to develop their own weapon system.

  7. India - "India’s position has been clear and consistent from the very beginning of this conflict. The global order is anchored on the principles of the UN Charter, international law and respect for sovereignty and the territorial integrity of all states."

  8. That's some serious flaw in mathematics you have studied then. There are true, false and didn't answer. Didn't answer means nor true neither false

  9. Guys this don’t mean shit. India still hasn’t recognized Crimea as part of Russia and India will never recognize these new territories as part of Russia. However if you expect India to publicly bash Russia in UN, that probably won’t happen due to their reliance on Russian fertilizer and oil. They really don’t care that much about Russian weapon imports anymore, they have been purchasing more arms from France and USA in recent times and slowly diversifying away from Russia.

  10. India is still clinging to the idea that Russia is some sort of geopolitical counterweight to China. But more importantly, they’re still dependent on their arms, energy, and food for the time being.

  11. If, by your logic, this is a “who is who” demonstration, then shouldn’t we care? Why the “who cares” about who is who?

  12. We know China is a bit a geopolitical fuckwit, but yes Brazil should be being called out. However Brazil is run by a right wing nut job who likely won't be President soon so expect their stance to change very soon.

  13. It’s because the Indian Government is hypocritical. They preach international neutrality, but then denigrate any country that doesn’t side with them against Pakistan.

  14. No one likes china. And Brazil is led by bolsonaro. Tbf India is also led by a right wing leader named modi so maybe that's the reason why. Fascists sticking together

  15. Yeah if it's the right thing to do and doesn't undermine the rules based international order, which India is doing now BTW. India first, America first, or whatever else nationalistic ideologies are what got us to this Russia situation to begin with. Nationalism is a scourge. Humanism is the way forward.

  16. The West is friends with Pak and India at the same time therefore India is friends with the West and Russia at the same time! Makes sense to me!

  17. I don’t see why this would be a surprise. They’ve had an official policy of neutrality since the war began.

  18. “Neutrality”? If you don’t condemn the genocide of Ukrainian people you’re not against it. There is no gray area in this war, it’s pretty clear what’s going on.

  19. There is no such thing as neutrality, period. India enables genocide - simple as that. No one here can or will defend India without some bs whataboutism or mentioning some other country. Watch.

  20. What India should learn from this is that despite all the politicking and internal disagreements, the West puts in the money and arms when it is threatened.

  21. The US also has a relationship with Pakistan. And the US has an obligation to provide basic maintenance services to arms sold to any country unless that country is put under sanctions. Also Pakistan paid for the 450 million, it wasn't aid. Why does India think the US will not fulfil its basic obligations to a partner state because some Indians want to throw their weight around? And for what? Indians can't even condemn blatant genocide of Ukrainians, let alone do anything tangible to aid them. Indians can't even bring themselves to condemn the trampling of the UN charter and the destruction of the rules based international order that underpins the peace between states post WW2. In fact, if you read Indian newspapers it's regularly full of pro-Putin propaganda and adulation for their military. Frankly, it's disgusting.

  22. I fully agree with you on this, I hate what the world must think of "western" countries but I cannot say it is undeserved, I am a history student and honestly I completely understand the positions taken by countries like India

  23. Rubbish.... This referendum was a sham and needs to be called out as such, whether India is 'neutral' or not.

  24. There's only one reason why India has relations with Russia, Veto power at UNSC. There's no other reason for India to harbour that relation.

  25. There is no neutrality when you have a party that's clearly the abuser and another party that's trying to defend itself. When you claim neutrality you're just enabling the abuser to continue their abuse.

  26. Yes, as long as British and western pay back all the monies they looted from the colonial countries. US can attack Middle East but oh what right Putin has? NATO was supposed to be disbanded. Why the fuck does America has to spend 800 billion dollars yearly on its defense when rest of the world together don't spend that much. America can wave off its dick elsewhere. Things are fucking changing, China, Russia, & India, and rest of Asia are going to rule the world now. Time's up for West. Enough of the money you looted and made you rich. But now things are going to turn around

  27. Because of the brainwashing that happens on Reddit. Most folks don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together to do an analysis for themselves.

  28. American, British and other European redditors being so angry here that they've begun calling out my country Bharat as an international boogeyman? I consider that a great sign!

  29. I think it's just kept around in case we need it for an alien invasion. But otherwise nothing. Brussels has more soft power than it.

  30. 10 for the resolution, 1 against (russia) and 4 abstentions (I think it was china, india, Brazil, gabon). I listened in on it but checked with source to verify what countries abstained from voting one way or the other

  31. Seems like you need a history lesson. What you're describing had already happened in 1971. The West showed their true colours.

  32. The UN is a den of snakes. Not sure why anyone would expect anything else from a place where the Saudis were put on the Women's Rights council...

  33. Not simple as that. It's more about keeping Russia away from China-Pak alliance and Russia also helps India at the UNSC when the US and friends don't.

  34. It’s so funny to read comments on what India should be doing from people who have no idea about the policies and geopolitical situation of India.

  35. It isn't cowardice. India has no reason to condemn Russia. Unlike west India isn't Russia's enemy but opposite. India and Russia are partners.

  36. Why does India always gets an excuse of "they have a long relationship, it would threaten their economy"? Germany's economy is tanking, yet if Germany bought Gas from Russia everyone would loose their shit.

  37. A decade of social media anti west Russian bots posting relentlessly to an Indian audience have paid off. The world needs to seriously wake up to Russia and the right messing up the world through social media propaganda

  38. The so called Russian bots have not targeted Indian audience and most Indians didn't even have access to the internet until 5 years ago. The Soviet relationship + propaganda with India is paying off now.

  39. If you think that most of the world needs "Russian bots" to hate the west, you must have slept through all of your history classes.

  40. The Delhi High Court just criminalized marital rape, which is a really big f*cking deal. I'll give them a pass on this empty gesture.

  41. India slide more to the side of Russia.. An abstain on such an important issue is a vote against the resolution.

  42. Stomping your feet like a petulant child because other people aren’t ostracizing the kid you want to bully is great foreign policy and really projects power!

  43. American European, crying, they think everything is right according to them, half of the world doesn't even exist for them.

  44. Brazil is one Presidential election away from rejoining the world of the Rule of Law and reason (I think).

  45. In the world of the Rule of Law and reason, the United States was giving military aid Pakistan for decades when it carried out a campaign of terrorism against India. In the world of the Rule of Law and reason, the saintly western countries blocked TRIPS waivers during a once in a century pandemic, leading to vaccine apartheid and deaths in the third world, just to line the pockets of western pharma companies. In the world of the Rule of Law and reason, the United States walked away from Afghanistan

  46. If all these countries refusing to condemn putins invasion of Ukraine just stepped up and did the right thing we could probably end this war a whole lot quicker. They are essentially aiding and abetting a war criminal and prolonging global suffering due to this war Russia started

  47. As an Indian, Im ashamed of our cowardice to stand up against what is blatantly wrong. Maybe our cowardice is the reason the Mulims ruled us for 800 years and the British for 200 years.

  48. You seriously do not understand geopolitics. We are heavily dependent on Russia for our military. Their veto is very useful for us. Voting against russia does more damage than good. Geopolitics is not done by morality. This isn't cowardice it's smartness.

  49. India and China’s indifference to genocide is shameful, as their protests may actually sway Russia. They apparently care little for human life or internationally recognized borders. That is a fundamental failure to learn the lessons of the 20th century.

  50. While I don't support the abstention on the Ukraine issue, it's amusing to see the statement on internationally recognised borders when the US continues to support Pakistan while funds campaigns of terror against India.

  51. A close relationship with the West is India's goal but you can't defeat geography. No matter how much deeper India-West ties grow, at the end India needs to be prepared to fight a two front war without any support.

  52. Kashmir is a different issue altogether. It wasn’t annexed by either countries (India/Pakistan) but was raised up as an issue when the British forgot/messed up drawing borders around the place before leaving in 1947

  53. India is the only country to give refuge to Jewish people persecuted by Christians and Muslims for the last 2000 years. So go suck a bag of dicks.

  54. India is addicted to that cheap sweet crude. When China comes back to redraw the border they will want International condemnation and we will whisper "No" (Paraphrasing Rorschach)

  55. Russia's puppet? Modi had openly said in a meeting with Putin that this is not time for war. India abstains almost any resolution regarding US/Russia. It isn't something new.

  56. What is next ah? Pakistan orchestrates a vote in Kashmir for Kashmir independence to Pakistan, pointing to Russia as an precedence, and India will still not vote on the issue and suck their own dick?

  57. Russia has India by its balls. It's embarrassing an Indian to watch India's spineless attitude in this conflict. They are pretending it's for their energy security and neutrality etc. But in reality if India spook Russia with their words or action, and if Russia decides to stop giving them arms parts, India is screwed.

  58. This does not mean what you think it means. They abstained, meaning they did not vote AGAINST it. This means that despite as you say them being one of Putlins BITCHES, they still do not disagree with the resolution.

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