1. BRUSSELS (Reuters) - NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday attributed the leaks on the Nord Stream pipelines to acts of sabotage and said he had discussed the protection of critical infrastructure in NATO countries with the Danish defence minister.

  2. Russian submarines were doing war games around these (and the internet cables) over a year ago. This is 100% coming out of their playbook

  3. I don't get how Russia benefits by of sabotaging these pipelines at this time. It's all downside and no upside, especiallyy considering the pipelines were not operational anyway.

  4. They had to pay for breaking the contract. If they destroy the pipelines, they can delay/avoid it. Also, if they would get caught it is their pipelines, so no "act of war". However, US could be an option as well. Idk, who ever did it knows that it will be hard to tell. Thst is why they did it.

  5. OMG, this is going to be used as the reason for NATO to take direct action against Russia isn't it? Hope everyone is stocked up on iodine and survival food.

  6. Russia blew up what equates to their own pipeline, I don't see the problem here given it was pumping gas anyways. Now they can't earn money from it any time soon.

  7. It's outside NATO borders and belongs to Russia. So this is no grounds for an article 5 intervention. Whoever did it knew exactly what they were doing.

  8. Yes there is. Swedish and Danish seismographs picked up what can only be attributed to explosions.

  9. I’m sure you know more about the situation than the combined leadership of every NATO country.

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