1. I read a news story a few days ago about this, apparently Canada, the US, Finland and Norway have already committed to providing winter gear.

  2. Canada will answer Gondor's call for aid! Muster the Mounties! Assemble the winter wear at Dunharrow. You have two days. On the third, we ride for Ukraine... And Tim Hortons.

  3. I swear to God if canada doesn't step up and do the ONE thing we are capable of I'm going to be so pissed I might just vote conservative as a fuck you to our country.

  4. I had a norwegian military surplus winter jacket in my teens. Waterproof and warm enough to sleep in without a tent.

  5. Well NATO took a nazi as their chief of staff, they sure learned a lot with him and all the others they welcomed after wwii

  6. George Costanza walks into a Russian bunker and breaks all the vodka bottles with his ridiculous winter coat. Happy Festivus, War is over!

  7. They didn't even have them back in February, Russians were caught stealing Ukrainian cold weather gear off the bodies and prisoners of Ukrainian soldiers.

  8. This is why they waited to invade until it got a bit warmer. They wanted the ground to be cold enough to not be mushy for the tanks but not so cold that they would freeze to death.

  9. I was just thinking about this the other day. Send winter clothes now so the supply chain gets there before winter sets in. I’m pretty sure Russia’s supply lines won’t have it all to their soldiers, and we already know the difference it can help make.

  10. Go to any Army/Navy Surplus store in the US and you'll find 10 thousand pairs of winter boots. I might have to start a non profit just to collect them all and ship it out.

  11. I wonder if us civilians can help with warm clothes for Ukrainian civilians. There are probably going to be a lot of cold and homeless Ukrainians who didn't get a chance to prepare for winter and are picking up the pieces of their lives.

  12. It doesn't get biting cold where they're fighting. Winter low temperatures for Southern Ukraine are around 18f/-7c. Highs are around 30f/-1c.

  13. Sending items of any kind is almost always a terrible idea. If you organized a massive canned food drive, it would cost more in labor to sort through the piles and pack them for transport, than it would to just buy a truckload of canned goods from a factory. And clothing, while easier to handle, has the additional problem of sizing. It's the same problem Goodwill has, processing many small batches is really time intensive. Much more efficient to collect money and then buy a TEU worth of stuff, that's how you get cheap shipping.

  14. I’d guess something simple like quality wool socks would be very much appreciated. Surely there’s a company out there that would sell bulk at a good discount for the publicity.

  15. We (governments and civilians) already sent winter clothes among other humanitarian help since February. Uniforms are more difficult to come by, hence this NATO call. Edit: If you want to send humanitarian help to Ukraine,

  16. Ukraine might need extra drone batteries during winter. Drone batteries probably have a shorter lifespan in subzero temperatures.

  17. Drones with thermal cameras will be huge advantage. Soldiers making fires behind front lines to stay warm will be sitting ducks.

  18. I think high temps are more likely to permanently degrade the battery capacity. But cold essentially reduces the voltage produced by the reactions within the battery, reducing the total energy per charge. Don't think the permanent consequences are as severe as those from high temps, but the impact while in use can be massive.

  19. Insulated/heated battery components are the answer to that falloff. Most modern EVs have some form of onboard battery heater for winter conditions. Expect a 10-15% falloff at -30F due to the power used by the heater.

  20. In theory because of open terrain and being on the attack, Ukraine would be at a disadvantage. But after looking at how russians are supplied currently with gear, would not surprise me if hundreds if not more suffer permanent damage from the winter cold and in some cases, death. Because at the end, although not in every situation are those (more so in the legion parts) supplied with everything needed, you can be damn sure that they will be vastly more better equipped.

  21. I disagree, when you're defending your homeland you have the advantage of being closer to your supplies, you're much more familiar with the geography and weather, and it's much easier to hold your position (again, because your supplies are much closer to you). On the other hand, if the invaders' supplies get disrupted in any way (and considering the current situation that Russia is facing that's not even their biggest problem, their supplies are ass regardless) they will get in huge trouble much faster, and they'll be forced to either retreat or stall, both of which would be terrible. In the worst case scenario, thousands of russian soldiers may end up freezing or starving to death because of these logistical problems.

  22. It's amazing. One of the few things that were a positive suprise, easy to move in and just the right amount of warm.

  23. This is great. I was just talking to a coworker about the winter there and how they needed something like this.


  25. Shit man, I have a ton of “off the books” Army winter gear. I’ll send that shit in a heartbeat if I can figure out where to send it.

  26. Honestly if my money could go towards these people i’d throw em something. Now imagine if everyone on here threw them 5$. We could probably all give ukraine a good hand. Anyone know where a link for such thing may be ?

  27. Include some fun little messages inside the pockets for the soldiers to find on the field! Have local kids draw little crayon sunflowers and throw a bunch of those in there too

  28. As nice as that sounds, billions of dollars are being spent. Rich people somewhere are reaping huge profits. Ukraine isn't in a dire position nor will it be soon to have free labor for military equipment. Charitable donations to the humanitarian crisis is more important. Winter is going to be hard for a lot of Ukrainians living where infrastructure has been damaged or under threat of damage from the war.

  29. My favorite pair of boots is an army surplus pair of Arctic paratrooper boots from the Canadian Army. They cost a lot, but it's physically impossible for your feet to get cold. The bigger problem is the amount of sweat that accumulates in the boot. Get it done trudeau.

  30. If the Russian aggressors get defeated during the Ukrainian winter, we will all laugh our asses off. Napoleon, Hitler, then Putin, learn the lesson of fucking with whom y'all should not fuck with. Support Ukrain, support liberty.

  31. I have some winter OCP gear that I was issued before I deployed to Djibouti (not kidding). It goes without saying but I never wore it. I’m down to donate it to the Ukrainian Army, it’s only 1 pair but I’m willing to do my part. Who should I get in contact with?

  32. I'm a grocery clerk so I have no idea what it takes to wage war, but I think we've reached the point of the aid contribution effort to justify the saying, "in for a penny, in for a pound." So get it done and then we'll figure it out.

  33. I’m thinking next might be a bake sale? /s. Yes. Of the billions being sent, I think we can afford to send uniforms, also.

  34. Wouldn’t it be rich that Russia loses the way Germany did by miscalculation and not having the right supplies for winter for their troops

  35. Does anyone know if civilians can donate military colored (Camo-brown-green-tan-white) jackets to Ukrainian forces? I think many people would donate

  36. No ones invading Russia. That would turn the victims into the aggressors and support would be lost pretty damn quick.

  37. This is the defining thing that will make Ukraine win. Russia is supplied like shit as we know, I don't think they have that much decent clothes around. This is a call upon Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, ...

  38. I get the feeling Russia is about to meet its maker this winter. Going to see a lot of drunk fuck ups frozen in their tanks aren't we?

  39. Does anyone know if there are any jacket drives or donations that can be earmarked for this cause? Would love to help here

  40. If you had to increase the size of your military from 100k-200k to about 900k in half a year I doubt you'd be able to transition to that size without any issues.

  41. Is winter uniforms a thing? When I was in the Swedish army back in 2003-2004 we didn’t have winter uniforms, we just had this thin white fabric that we put over the normal uniform. We had winter boots though. Spent 21 days in -30C and it worked out just fine.

  42. Russian morale is already super low, it’s gonna get really bad when they freeze all winter and the Ukrainians can keep up the pressure despite the cold

  43. Let's hope this winter finishes off the invading Russian terrorists in Ukraine so the war will end. They arrive ill prepared, many having to steal basic supplies (and even shoes).

  44. The Nordic countries have the most amazing winter warfare uniforms so I hope they supply them plus I know Germany and Austria also manufacture and keep in stock winter extreme cold weather military uniforms so come on and help?

  45. Only way to rationalize billions of spending during some of the worst financial times in history….. and you liberal save the world fuckers eat it up

  46. Those billions came in the form of ammunitions and artilleries such as himars and 777. If you asked where it goes, it goes to russia's soldiers, one bullet at a time.

  47. The billions we already 'sent' was used to pay American workers in American factories to build American weapons.

  48. They are currently turning the war around over there. Against fucking Russia. A good chunk of this will indirectly find it’s way into the pockets of US Defence industry workers.

  49. What's the alternative? Direct combat? Capitulate and allow Russia that is acting like a terrorist state engage in a destruction of another nation? 2014 is what happens when you just let another country invade and take over land. Now the same is happening but on a larger scale. Fool me once.. as they say. NATO has the moral imperative to act and check such aggression. Countries that think they can engage in direct conquest like it's the 19th century need to be shown that this will not stand. This goes beyond just Ukraine. China is sitting there itching to do the same to Taiwan. They need to be deterred by example. Ukraine with the help of other Western nations must prevail at all costs.

  50. Those billions are not in cash. It’s in the form of weapons, ammunition, food, water, medical equipment and supplies. They’re not getting pallets of cash.

  51. Can we send extras so they can walk around the front lines going "Oh man, I can't wait to go change into my afternoon winter outfit" large enough for the enemy to hear?

  52. Look at support given to Ukraine. The US is so much far ahead of these European countries that should actually be worried about Russia

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