1. Seems they concluded that the best way to celebrate the end of WW2 was not to reboot it in their streets.

  2. Riiight? I'm so tired of having this Zelsky guy in my ear constantly pushing his political agenda. It's like, you're already president MORAN!! Maybe try to enjoy it instead!?

  3. wtf are you guys on about with it being bad that the russian and ukrainian flag is being banned on a WORLD WAR II commemoration. this shit has nothing to do with what's happening today and for us germans this world war II commemoration is a really big fucking deal. please reddit, use your brain for a few times a day

  4. oh really? I'm from Finland. This is like a re-enactment of the Winter war and Continuation war when russia came across our border and tried to invade us.

  5. You use your brain. Of COURSE it has to do with what's happening today. Why the Russian and Ukrainian flags specifically? Didn't Russia contribute a lot to WW2? Why lower their flag on the year when Russia is invading Ukraine?

  6. I think the idea was not to punish, but not have it take attention from the event, as it was about WW2, but looks like that did the opposite.

  7. The world knows that Russia is the villian. Its not about shaming anyone. Its about taking the time to honour the veterans of greatest conflict the world has ever known without it being hijacked by current world events or political agendas. I think they have earned that. We can get back to shitting on Russia afterwards.

  8. Russia has a history of false flag operations and the intelligence agencies are warning that Russian operatives might incite violence under Ukranian flags.

  9. How dare we to try to give a "home" to as many refugees as possible in Berlin , have demonstrations and hundred of different organised communatys who try to help but stil dare to not let people use such commemoration at a ww2 momorial for todays politics in our city ...what a shame

  10. So many people who have realy no idea what this city has gone through and why we take our momorials kinda serious. Berlin knows what war means you know. Like we had a few wich gone through our town. And the last one left a big fucking scar in our middle in so many different ways. And only because many people just dont care or know about history others do, especialy when the last of that time are stil around

  11. Yes, of course. But closer to a funeral than a celebration. The day Germany surrendered is largely seen as the day of liberation now, but it was a liberation from an evil we created on our own. The point is to commemorate the horrors of that war.

  12. A lot of Germans (over a million) were forcibly conscripted to the Wehrmacht during the war, most of them faced the same choice which the Russian soldiers faced: shoot ahead or be shot from behind.

  13. The commemoration sites don't for allow political symbolism. It's like this every year. Ukrainian flags of course aren't prohibited in public. The headline is misleading and intentionally divisive.

  14. Another big sigh for Germany, who makes incremental steps forward, then does stuff like this. Sometimes you have to wonder if the people in charge in Berlin understand which country is the aggressor.

  15. Well, the logic of it frankly makes sense... It's a remembrance day for a crucial event for modern Germany. I think they just want the theme of the day to not be overridden by the Russian aggression. There must be a time and a place for everything, and the WW2 commemoration in Germany is quite clearly the place for remembering only that event, particularly for Germany.

  16. I mean, I think I get it. Its a WWII remembrance ceremony, they want it to be about that, and not people from both sides making it about current events.

  17. We just had ANZAC day in Australia and NZ. This is a massive day for our countries to commemorate our losses in World War 1. It solidified us as independent nations and our brotherhood.

  18. What's your point? It is one thing to stand in solidarity, and another to have something that affects everybody become the point for potential escalation. The way they handled this is a great way, because it won't lead to unwanted attacks or similar.

  19. Lots of misinformation out here. I know I'm late to the party, but my friend I cannot let this be unsaid seeing how disappointed you are: The headline is misleading.

  20. By that logic there should be soviet flag and neather russian or ukranian ones.....or well their soviet republic versions....

  21. To avoid Russian operatives inciting violence under a Ukranian flag, as they have done in the past (e.g. with euromaidan).

  22. Hey I know I'm a day late for the conversation, just trying to get this out there: The Ukrainian flag wasn't banned, the headline is simply very misleading.

  23. What parade? It's essentially a funeral. The main event is laying down flower ornaments at the memorials for the people that died.

  24. Sometimes I wonder how many former East German douchefucks are currently involved in German politics still, given how they've pretty much sucked Moscow off since reunification

  25. Putting equal sign between flag of ruthless aggressor Russia and fighter for freedom Ukraine is tone deaf on part of Germany. It encourages Russia and I am wondering - why? Russian oil, gas, bribes or all together?

  26. "never again" means never again on german soil. germany wont/cant prevent all genocides. the ban is to literally not start shitshows on a commemoration about a completely different event. the ban is for 2 days and only on 15 places so please, calm down there reddit warrior

  27. I don't agree it's fine waving a Russian flags there as they were starting the second WW together with the Germany m .

  28. German here: decision shows helplesness or cowardice or both. They think they can avoid riots but all they do is positively sanction Russia´ s BIG day.

  29. Or just saying that what they did in the past isn't associated to the current doing of Russian.

  30. Headline is misleading. Ukrainian flags aren't banned, only prohibited at the sites of official commemoration together with literally any other political or military symbolism, exceptions apply only for WWII vets. I can't find an English source for this, so here in German:

  31. What about just not having a commemoration that has to remind everyone of all the lives lost in one of the darkest times of modern history.

  32. this is exactly the point of this. to always remember the dark times. the russians just said after the war in the eastern side of germany to "just ignore it". look where the most nazis are today in germany (Saxony). if you don't remember your past, you are doomed to repeat it.

  33. They should ban the Russian and Ukrainian flags. But the Soviet flag should be allowed as the soviets had a big influence on the outcome of the war.

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