1. Is this factored on a per hour basis or are employers encouraged to work their people to the bone since the minimum pay is relatively fixed?

  2. Yeah, per month is a cumbersome way of measuring. Months differ in length. People miss workdays. Or work extra. So prorating a sick day deduction in February costs you more than one in an October. And year to year, an October sick day deduction fluctuates as some begin on Monday, and some begin on Saturday, thus affecting how many work days are in a month.

  3. It's hardly enough to live on in Nairobi. I live 30 mins outside Nairobi and I pay about $174 per month rent for a two bedroom apartment (it's barely in a suburb, it's more of a village/town). My basic needs set me back $244 monthly. I'm one of the lucky ones because I work from home.

  4. This isn't true. $500 is well above the median wage and a decent salary to earn in any city in Kenya. Numbeo is a poor source of stats. Most of those figures were likely provided by expats.

  5. I'd argue that cost of living is ridiculously inaccurate. In much of the developing world fast food chains like McDs are seen as special treats almost and local food tends to be much cheaper

  6. It's sh. 13,554 which isn't much to live on in Nairobi but people make do with less, that's just the sad fact. A single room or a studio apartment for rent goes for sh. 3,000 ($26) to sh. 10,000 ($86) depending on the location.

  7. 12% is meaningless considering how low it was before. While this is a step in the right direction its still very far off. As close family friends loving near kenya said “this will make it so that the very very poor are just very poor.”

  8. He's doing this as a way to combat inflation or at least the effects of inflation that are gripping the whole planet

  9. Stretching $17 for 6 days is very doable with staples like peanut butter & jelly, or peanut butter balls (peanut butter, dehydrated milk, powdered sugar = ~$15 for about 2 weeks of food).

  10. Even with America's ridiculous minimum wage of $7.50 an hour you're still earning more in two days than a Kenyan on the new and improved minimum wage will earn in a month.

  11. Meanwhile in the good ol US of A the GOP consistently shoots down any effort to raise the minimum wage even by a couple percentage points.

  12. Socially, no. In terms of labour rights, yes and no. Yes, because the right to unionize (among other Labour rights) is enshrined in the constitution. No, because many people are earning below minimum wage and not even aware of their rights or that they are being ripped off.

  13. 117 dollars per month. If you work 40h a week that’s about 0.73$ per hour. Know that the cost of stuff is a lot lower as well.

  14. Too bad the vast majority of the population gets paid under the table and will not get any increase.

  15. The economy of Indonesia and Kenya are way to different to impose the same minimum wage. It would cost less to live in rural areas as compared to urban on the same island of Indonesia.

  16. American minimum wage in many areas is $15/hour. Is knowing that irritating, or do you just assume that minimum wage is equally shitty everywhere because America just has a higher cost of living?

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