1. "Chinese President Xi Jinping indicated Friday his country does not plan to send weapons to Russia in support of its brutal campaign in Ukraine, aligning with public and private demands from the Biden administration in recent days that Beijing not further fan the violence."

  2. China transports weapons close to the border with Russia, and Russia crosses over and picks them up.

  3. World conflicts between powerful nations will soon no longer be fought with open violence, Russia's Putin will be made an example of, and power governments will know how not to proceed. There will still be conflicts, but they will be different to how they have been. Disinformation, viruses, economic outmaneuvering. War is bad for business, no way China will start acting tough like Russia just did…well, at least I hope so 😅

  4. Nope this is playing right into China's hand the worst this goes for Putin, the more China can bleed em dry. Russia took advantage of China after the Mao revolution, now the shoe is on the other foot!

  5. It was what US & China had until Trump destroy it. Just imaging what kind of madness Russia will do if Trump are still in power now.

  6. Chinas biggest trade partner is the US. Why would China, who cares about China first, fuck that up for Russia whose economy is below Texas, Italy, and California?

  7. Because you're on Reddit, a place where anyone can be an expert in geopolitics. It's the similar to how I got my Doctor of Medicine from Facebook University.

  8. My understanding is that if Russia's invasion of Ukraine is successful, then the odds of China claiming Taiwan get that much better.

  9. Because Russia is their second leading source of oil and growing, in China is the largest importer of oil in the world, they would absolutely love to have a Russian client state totally dependent on them and operating as their own personal gas station. Secondarily they would love to have the example of a European democracy being taken over by an autocracy

  10. the reason China are holding back supporting the west because they are worried if Russia has fallen, US will turn its back come after China. US isnt exactly have any shiny good track record of keeping their words.

  11. I did not know that phrase came from russia.. intersting. Ironic it's known mostly in the west regarding the soviets.

  12. Frankly, in the first place, Chinese is being caught off guard. Their Russian intelligence [email protected]#ks. They didn’t think Putin will invade and thought that the West won’t be united. Totally misread the situation. They shouldn’t have trust Russia in the first place.

  13. This is some massive US self-congratulatory PR move lol. Hey guys looked I convinced China to not do something that they were never going, based on unfounded accusations I made in the first place.

  14. It's literally what they've been saying since the beginning. They will not involve themselves militarily. But well done Biden for... something.

  15. I often wonder what the world would be like if Gore had won the contested election in 2000. The US was on track to pay off the national debt, we had a leading candidate whose #1 (personal) priority was the environment, and he had no personal ties to Iraq and Saddam on 9/11.

  16. On top of someone who obviously knows how to hold office, he's surrounded by people who also know how to do their job. Rather than a who's who of arselickers and sycophants.

  17. Seriously. There are plenty of valid criticisms that one can use against Biden but he is absolutely crushing it in the foreign relations department. He is playing this whole situation perfectly imo. I can't imagine what a shit show Trump would be right now.

  18. Absolutely. I think whole Europe was cheering for him. Somehow it makes me feel much safer knowing that US is on EU side ❤️

  19. My mom showed me a pic of a bumper sticker today saying "Don't blame me, I voted for Trump!" and she giggled like it was the best burn. I was like, blame for what? She's so in her Fox News hole that I can't have a conversation with her anymore.

  20. I don’t even want to fathom what could be happening right now under Trump. Maybe nothing much since they’re such great pals, but just really don’t need more chaotic forces right now

  21. Thank the gods the coup attempt on 6th Jan was such a fiasco. I live in Norway but I knew from online chatter that something big was up and said on about the 4th or 5th to my wife that the 6th was going down in the history books. Still can't believe fires weren't lit in there.

  22. Not trying to be contentious but the shift really is only in the western media. As someone who live in China and been following closely on both Chinese and western media, the report has been remarkably consistent. We’ve had Ukrainian civilian casualties report since the beginning, condemning Russia (as well as NATO).

  23. It's not in their interest to help them militarily in any way. A broke and defeated Russia is the best outcome for them. They can basically stay "neutral" then be the "good guy" when it's over and help Russia out with loans and bulk purchases of resources for Penny's on the dollar

  24. The best outcome for them would have been a quick and decisive occupation of Ukraine alongside an accepted state by the rest of the world, since it would legitimize their eventual claim to Taiwan when they make their move. Still a good runner-up prize nonetheless.

  25. Correct. They can. But they know they need a world in order to do that so xi will now call putin and signal wrap it up. This is the most powerful call of this conflict. The 2 super powers have decided enough is enough. So some one will go tell putin and that is xi.

  26. A broke Russia means swaths of Siberia become Chinese vassal states. Putin isn't the only one with imperialist ideations.

  27. Biden probably listens to his Joint Chiefs, whereas Trump eventually barred them from intelligence meetings and replaced them with his loyalists

  28. Biden have experience being in politic for years, especially being Vice President. I thought he would’ve been like Obama, but he’s doing far way better without the charisma Obama has.

  29. It would've gone either two ways. Trump would have done nothing to aid Ukraine and just let Putin do and take whatever he wants. Or it would've ended up in WWIII and nuclear holocaust.

  30. It's almost like having experience and a cabinet with relevant qualifications helps governance and foreign policy?

  31. He's focused on doing the right thing, not the popular thing. He is doing an amazing job, quietly, while keeping the US out of the propaganda war Putin so desperately want to wage with America.

  32. The man is honest about his gaffes and stuttering leading to it. He doesn't double down like orange man that tried to extort Zelinskyy

  33. I'm glad that's the result of the call and it'd be great if China keep their word. I saw Biden on that call though and I have to say he doesn't look too well. I want him to finish his term but it's looking more and more like he probably wouldn't. I understand Americans' need to get rid of Trump but why do they keep putting senior citizens as presidential candidates?

  34. The bar is clearly low if we’re going to be saying fantastic. That being said, happy we don’t have trump. Voting for trump in 2024 would take being a complete shit-for-brains and that’s kind of obvious at this point.

  35. It would be disaster for Biden if he ever put Americans troops in direct combat with Russian given most Americans are against getting involved in this war.

  36. There’s no fucking way China inserts themselves directly as an ally of Russia in this failed war. There’s no upside.

  37. China is smart. They have their own issues to sort out. They saw all of the West is united in this regard. All of their business comes from the West. They don't want to go against them and give them a reason to move away from China even more than now. Their stock market recently had the biggest drop since 2008, so they don't want to spook them at this point too.

  38. I don't know why China would even want to. What's the up side? A weak Russia is good for China. Whereas giving them support harms Chinese relations with the West, both diplomatic and economic, and is a slightly destabilising indication for cross-Strait relations.

  39. They aren't going to join our sanction party either, if we're willing to accept their official public statements against sanctions/economic war...

  40. Why get sucked into this conflict unnecessary? There is no need to further escalate the tension that is already sooooo high!

  41. China and America are rivals, cool. China does some despicable shit (as does America). Though Xi is a dictator, he seems like a reasonable dude. He, like America, wants stability. Russia is a destabilizing force. I wouldn’t be surprised if China got the fuck out of that.

  42. I saw this on a comment somewhere else: China is basically a calm and collected mob boss who sticks to himself and doesn't really bother anyone unless it affects him or his business, he can be shady, but he does stick by clearly a defined M.O., we know what he stands for, how to handle him, and where he draws the red line.

  43. tbf, i think we were on a knife's edge of having a civil war/coup here; we wouldn't have made it this far.

  44. China is winning by doing absolutely nothing. They gain status by not helping a rogue regime. Meanwhile they simultaneously eliminate a significant regional competitor by encouraging that same regime just weeks before. Hard to imagine a better outcome for China with so little effort.

  45. I can well imagine China not wanting to back Russia's play. Mostly because Russia's play has gone so unbelievably wrong. Even if Russia gets some sort of concession from Ukraine and a quick end to the war this has been disastrous. They will be a pariah for years now.

  46. I know it’s just a photo of the actual meeting between the two, but they look like they’re having a somewhat cordial discussion.

  47. I think China feels it’s more beneficial to maintain a constructive relationship with the west than to ruin it by supporting Putin

  48. I suggest you go to the Chinese website and read their version of what was discussed. I can tell you that China cares way more about Taiwan than what is going in Ukrain. As always truth is somewhere in between and depends on the interpretation :).

  49. The ONLY POSSIBLE reason for China to send weapons to Russia would be to test its new weapon systems in a real combat scenario.

  50. Can someone explain it to me why Russia would need more weapons? Is the data on globalfirepower.com utter garbage?

  51. Imagine Chinese bulding their economic empire for so many years just to fuck everything up helping putin. Dont see that going to happened

  52. This is hilarious. Nobody blames those countries who sent weapons to Ukraine. War is wrong and any party who earn the money by selling weapon to the fighting countries is even worse! How did this war happen? Who is getting benefits from this war?

  53. I hope this is true because Putin also indicated that Russia won't invade Ukraine so I have a hard time trusting promises from dictators.

  54. Well, xi is not putin. I can't stress enough how the reddit geopolitical experts has no idea of xi and people trying to paint him as a dumb fuck by linking him to winnie but in actual fact he is not some rash impulsive dictator.

  55. Xi is not Putin. Putin is just a criminal thug, Xi is actually extremely smart and adept - willing to play the long game. The Chinese don't want to rule through military might, they'd rather do it by economic means.

  56. we send weapons to country A = good, you send weapons to country B = bad. guess it all depends on what side you're on huh

  57. This whole story is odd to me. Russia is the world's second largest weapons manufacturer (US is first with 3x more).

  58. This article contains a log of we believe, we think he intends and in my opinion I feel that .... but no actual statement. There is nothing in this that says outright that China will not support and arm Russia. Please do point out a portion of this that states China or Xi said such things?

  59. I don't believe them but imagine being Putin & screwing up so dang bad that everyone walks away from you. Guess he's getting his USSR after all.

  60. To avoid this being a proxy war; USA vs. China, the outcome should be the US and her surrogates and China both stay OUT of the fray!

  61. Russia put China in a very precarious situation. If it devolved into a full-out war with China on one side and the US on the other then the US might use it as an excuse to absolve themselves of all debt to China.

  62. It is in China's interest for Russia to completely collapse. It'll be much cheaper to buy the country when it's a total mess.

  63. Am I supposed to believe this? After all, Putin denied and said he would never invade Ukraine. Not that they are the same but I would take it with a grain of salt.

  64. Usa is the biggest importer of chinese economy, so it would be a very bad move to scratch russia’s back, usa’s mortal enemy, and then pretend to be good worming buddies with the usa. Also then making china lose face and reputation to the world. Not so smart move.

  65. Well he is a politician. He could just leave millions of dollars of "war tools" laying by the border unmanned and russia could possibly stumble upon it and confiscate them so they dont fall into the wrong hands. Ez

  66. "President Xi, I'd like to invite you to join in with the free world and join with the United States in opposing this Russian fascism. And before you make a decision, I'd like to present you with the finest Californian honey, 3 full jars for you to consume now or at your leisure."

  67. Good to hear, but I never though China was going to send Russia weapons. They will do as much business with them as they can on other things though. China plays both sides so they have a chance at coming out ahead. Morals have not and will not ever be part of the formula.

  68. It's fortunate that a person who can make complete sensible sentences and can hold conversations like an adult is an American president, for real. I don't even want to imagine the other case scenario.

  69. I doubt we will. I'm not saying it's impossible but it's unlikely. He motivates Democrats to go out and vote like no other candidate ever has.

  70. Why? Their state media isn't backing Russia, and china stands to gain from Putin self destructing. It makes perfect sense from their part to just stay out of this.

  71. China and Russia's friendship really only goes so far, because China knows good and well that supporting Russia in Ukraine isn't in their best interest, and China is out for China first and foremost. It's not much more complicated than that.

  72. China be looking at that sanction regime and thinking "Ya know, maybe its better if we're not on America's bad side."

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