1. Yeah actually that helps, imagine slaving away flipping burgers at McDonald's and the CEO is next to you also desperately flipping burgers trying to survive rush hour.

  2. Well at least it'll be good for Ukrainian moral. I do wonder, does a sniper get like an award or extra money if they kill a general or is it just bragging rights?

  3. Yeah considering it hasn’t even been 48 hours since news was breaking about another one of their generals getting killed, I can only imagine these new generals just can’t WAIT to be on the front.

  4. All those WWII era jokes about being sent to the Russian front as some sort of punishment are somehow funnier when it's the Russians being sent to the Russian front.

  5. Oh, man, that'd be so awful for Ukraine and their Western allies. How could they ever recover if Putin left his bunker and visited his troops on the front? They'd be so demoralized from their opponent's fearless president's presence, they'd probably surrender right there on the spot.

  6. If Putin went to the front lines the conscripts would probably rip his limbs off and eat them. Most of his soldiers on the front line despise him rn.

  7. The official Russian news agency (propaganda but still) addressed the topic of Putin visiting the front lines and wounded soldiers in the hospital. It said there were currently no plans for this, but that it would probably happen in due time.

  8. Totally agree, though I wonder what the difference is between now and the annexation of Crimea. Is it just the Ukrainian leadership?

  9. Isn't that how it happened in Vietnam, too? And, in half, what happened with the Troubles? Both places where the people had nowhere to go and, because of that, nothing to lose?

  10. When I was in Desert Sheild rotting in the Saudi deserts waiting for Desert Storm to start, they (the USO) sent out comedians Bob Hope and Steve Martin to fly around via helicopter to visit the different units to try and boost morale. I heard that in the Vietnam conflict, they sent Playboy bunnies to put on stage shows for the troops to help with morale. I wonder why the Russian leadership think that getting visited (and probably berated) by top brass because things aren't running smoothly will somehow help morale.

  11. Well. The Russian troops have been breaking orders and stealing phones. Calling home (using Ukrainian telecoms…proving they are morons). But that means they can also read about what is going on there. Their moral can not be any good at all. Imagine hearing about all the military gear on its way in. The number of losses on their side, that even little Ukrainian kids are helping to make napalm Molotov’s to light up their lives. Heck. Even news that seems like a joke at first that people are bragging about some Canadian guy who just casually walks in to join the fight because someone asked him to. Then when they look up who “Wali” is. I would love to see their faces.

  12. Lmao this right here. Lower level soldiers will never do everything exactly by the book. Last thing they need for morale boost is some bitter old General who fantasizes about the Cold War telling them to do everything by the book and berate them for everything else.

  13. When I was in Iraq, the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were scheduled to visit us. Then everything got cancelled because of a giant sandstorm, and the PX even ran out of soap and shampoo. Worst week ever. It felt especially bad because I got picked to escort them around camp because I was "least likely to rape them." I still can't figure out if that was a compliment or an insult.

  14. Or the other way around, whoever tries to organize a coup is getting rid of loyalists by making sure they are sent to the frontlines and then leaking their locations.

  15. That's exactly my thought. Putin is arresting his military staff left and right, it's quite possible he's using this opportunity to remove anyone he suspects not to be an obedient bootlicker. Or just as well he suspects a coup.

  16. Send the problematic generals closer to his own armies? It's likely that general will use that army to turn back.

  17. this is literally a common strategy move in crusader kings II/III. Make people who hate you your general and send them off somewhere.

  18. Probably,and these guys are not that useful anyways,the only thing the Russian army is succeeding tactically right now is shelling cities and murdering unarmed civilians,so they can spare a general or two

  19. No, the privates/low level infantry feel like they are out there taking all the risk while the people making the orders do so through radios hiding in bunkers where it’s safe.

  20. Nah, they're probably supposed to stand behind the soldiers and shoot everyone that doesn't move fast enough.

  21. Also because they can’t communicate on their Radio Shack walkie-talkies if they’re more than 20 feet away from their soldiers.

  22. It's a twisted irony that Putin has corrupted the Russian government so much as a defacto dictatorship of him and a handful of robber baron Oligarchs, that he has so perfectly diminished Russian military competence.

  23. During the soviet era there was perhaps less corruption, and that’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of corruption, just now there are phenomenal levels of corruption. There was just less opportunity and incentive for corruption since soviet generals and leaders couldn’t have the same level of conspicuous corruption. Plus less brain drain during the soviet years because a lot of professionals and people who cares couldn’t leave. Also a lot of people did believe in the cause of the USSR and helping fellow Russians. Many people also believe in Putin’s cause but other than nationalism it’s not clear what that is.

  24. I fully agree except one thing - no, Soviet era army was no different than this. As a matter of fact, it was exactly the same thing. Close to where I live, there are several old soviet-era military bases that you can visit and get a tour and see how they worked / what was happening there and so on.

  25. Not sure how seeing a General would make me feel better about shelling civilians and the prospect of being hunted as a war criminal until the end of my life.

  26. Word is that conscripts don't know what the fuck to do after the general dies, so they just run around like headless chickens. Considering they're going on for weeks with no food or water, shit easily went to survival hard mode the first week for the russian pigs

  27. If that 14,000 number is correct that is almost 1/10th the initial invasion force. The Russians are literally getting decimated.

  28. When in battlefield, one of the easiest way to get rid of hated commanding officers is to call attention and salute them.

  29. It does lift moral that the top people are there and not in another country. But when a sniper paint the walls with his brains, then the mortal really takes a dive “the person who should have had the most protection is dead…. What chance do I have?”

  30. This no CB war is really doing a job on Russia's war exhaustion. Zelensky's defensive edict in Kiev is really bogging them down.

  31. Everyone focuses on them cause they drop good loot. In latest update they made them spawn closer to the battle front and improved their loot table.

  32. Lets hope those generals soon realize that's it's a lot easier and a lot more fruitful to take their troops and take over Moscow rather then Kyiv and Ukraine.

  33. ...I guess that's why Putin's rumoured to be somewhere in Russian Central Asia. The rumoured place seemed to be at a river side, so not a proper "Eagle's Nest" though.

  34. Some experts say, that the best way to win is to give soldiers and generals a way out. Offer them some money and a save way out to a country far away.

  35. ...and this is why Russia is losing so many highly ranked officers: they have to lead from the front to get any traction with the troops, and that's where they die.

  36. Lied to by your superiors, no food, no fuel, unusable equipment, 10k+ dead inc a number of generals... Why the low morale?

  37. I am as against russia as you can be, but this whole piece is total hearsay clickbait/sharebait. Our standards are super low for journalism when we want to read about the bad guy getting owned

  38. What are the generals supposed to do? Are they going to do a little dance for them or maybe hand out free handjobs?

  39. Of course, these young soldiers have been forced to attack and destroy their brothers. Why would they be happy about this? That is why Putin is seeking mercenaries from Syria and elsewhere as they have no connection with Ukraine.

  40. “This was supposed to be a month of training. I don’t want to work here anymore and neither does anybody I talk to” “Would several members of the C-Suite coming here turn that frown upside down mister?” “The friends I got hired with are dead. There’s no food. The people I shoot scream at me in my own language as they die. Are they bringing a patch for that?” “….no. That will continue”

  41. If sending the general to the front line improves morale, imagine how much Morale will improve if Putin himself went.

  42. Haven't a rather large number of Russian generals been killed on the front line already? I'm sure that's a great way to improve troop morale, with the leaders that ordered them to the front line in a useless war getting splattered in front of them.

  43. While still a huge blow, bear in mind that Russian generals are a rank lower than Western generals, so this isn’t quite as devastating a blow as losing the top echelon of the US military in Afghanistan, say.

  44. Nothing cheers up an army more than seeing all your brilliant generals getting killed by farmers that first picked up a gun 3 weeks ago

  45. So I've been trying to wrap my head around wtf Putin is actually doing and am now going to suggest that the main impetus behind the attack was his desire to clean house (top military & security personnel)...but that's pretty damn grimy, even for him.

  46. I think he’s getting annoyed that his generals haven’t accomplished their mission yet so he is intentionally weeding them out by sending them to their deaths.

  47. “We know what happened to American morale in Vietnam, so we’re being proactive and having the Ukrainians frag your COs on your behalf to save on grenades. You’re welcome.” — Putin

  48. How's that working out for them ? Seeing your commanding officer fly 70000 feet into the air and detach all his limbs must be doing wonders for morale

  49. Well I get why. They’re fighting a fight they don’t want to fight. I feel like I’d be like if US troops were sent to Canada to fight. We’re different countries but we’re not that different.

  50. Nothing would improve moral more than Putin himself visiting all the troops on the front line. Make sure he is wearing the hunting orange so no one accidentally shoots him.

  51. What if... And I'm not totally sure if I'm joking with this or not, all the generals used this as a chance to flee/escape Russia and seek asylum because they're afraid that if they stay at this point their lives are at risk?

  52. After Putin arrested that one general, I said the other generals better wise up real fast. I guess they haven't.

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