1. 4 😬 to have my quiet time and workout before the kids get up at 6. I’m out the door by 7 for the youngest one, get back by 7:15, and walk the older one to school at 7:30. I WFH and essentially have to do very little to get myself ready for work.

  2. Oh wow! That's like my husband, he gets up early and says he just needs the quiet time. I am much more give me five more minutes.

  3. Oh jeez. I get up at 7 and we’re out the door by 8:30 (just me and one three year old). He eats breakfast in the car most days, and I come home to WFH after daycare dropoff so I’m not doing much besides a shower, teeth, and throwing on clothes before we leave the house.

  4. I get up around 5 to drink my coffee in peace. Sometimes kiddo wakes at 5:30, sometimes he sleeps in and I have to get him up at 6:45 to get out the door at 7:20. Daycare is right by my work. He doesn’t eat much breakfast on any day, so I just try to get him to take a few bites of something and trust that he’ll eat more at morning snack, which at his daycare is kind of like breakfast anyway.

  5. I start my day at 4:30 because work begins at 5. I’ve already been a morning person though! This allows me a couple hours peace and quiet for client meetings before everyone else comes down the stairs. And my work day ends around 2 which is convenient for everything else I have to get done in a day!

  6. Are you on the west coast working east coast hours? My coworker used to do that and he loved it because his day ended just as his kids got off the school bus

  7. My alarm goes off at 6:30 and we are out the door by 6:50-6:55. I drop the kids off and come back home for work. Everything for the kids is picked out the night before, and they have breakfast at their babysitter’s house before getting on the bus around 7:45.

  8. Here.. alarm goes off at 7 but I snooze until 720 most mornings. Get my kids up around 730 and my son is on the bus at 8:05 and my partner takes my daughter to daycare, leaving the house around 8:15. I'm online around 8:30, often the first from my company to log in and start working. It's bliss.

  9. Yes!!! This is our exact routine. You are not alone. I try to tell myself to get up earlier but I just can not find the motivation!

  10. My kids wake up between 5:30-6:15. We have a light that changes colors for the toddler that she's not allowed to come bother me till 5:45 and we don't do downstairs till 6. Toddler leaves at 7:40, baby goes at 9. We generally have time to spare in the morning though

  11. 530/6ish depending on when toddler wakes up. I am also not a morning person. Luckily my husband is also home in the morning so we take turns watching toddler when the other is getting ready. He leaves at 730 and I leave at 8.

  12. I keep saying that too...but my bed is so comfortable, and sometimes there are morning snuggles which I savour because by the time the day ends, everyone is tired and cranky.

  13. I’m so impressed by everyone making time to exercise in the morning! I’m unfortunately not a morning person (though I’d like to be, we just stay up too late). I only have one child, 20 months, and she wakes between 6:30-7:30. My husband gets up with her and does the morning routine, and I get ready quickly and throw on sweats (WFH) for daycare drop off. Usually leave around 8 - daycare is 10 minutes away and she eats breakfast there if she arrives before 8:30. Then I get back home and make breakfast for myself and start working. Things are going to be way more hectic when we’ve got two, so I’m going to try and lay some better groundwork for our routine going forward. My husband and I eat dinner late (after LO goes to bed) and don’t get to bed until 11-12.

  14. We start our day around 5:45-6, and we (my husband or I depending on who does drop off), leave the house between 6:30-6:50. Daycare for us starts at 7 and ends at 5:15-5:30.

  15. This is so much like us. I feel like we start working when we all hit the door at 5:30 pm, and then everyone is crashing by 7:30, in full blown hysterics if they aren't asleep by 8:30. We try to relax between then and 9:30, but right now we are in the stay in bed phase, so really I might as well be in bed to at 8:30. If we don't reset the night before, everything in the morning is off.

  16. I have a baby and toddler in daycare, but I work from home and my husband handles daycare pickup and drop off. The daycare is a 5 minute drive from his office, so his total commute time including pick up and drop off is around 30 minutes each way.

  17. Usually about 6:45 unless my daughter gets up before that. I get us ready and leave to drop her off at daycare and come back to the house as I WFH. Daycare is about 10/15 min away depending on traffic. I get as much packed and ready the night before. My daughter is 6 months though so there isn’t a whole lot that needs to get prepped. My husbands starts work before her daycare even opens so it’s just me and my daughter in the morning

  18. That was us last summer. It was amazing. I didn't make lunches and didn't care if anyone was dressed!

  19. Before I worked from home, it was 4:45 to get me and kiddo out the door and for me to commute to my office to get there around 7:30. My son always ate breakfast at daycare, and I didn’t eat breakfast, unless it was something I could grab and take with me in the car.

  20. LO is 6 months, no daycare (yet), and we both WFH. My alarm goes off at 6:30, I putter on my phone for about 10 minutes, then quickly eat something before getting LO up at 7 for her breakfast. I'm not looking forward to having to commute again. 😬

  21. Right now I WFH and my 5yo's kindergarten doesn't start until 9am, so my day is a little different. But thinking back to pre-Covid, our mornings looked like this:

  22. 6.30-7am with a baby in daycare and a 5yo in school. I nurse the baby, then we have breakfast, pack bags, take showers and get dressed. If there's time left older kid can play on his tablet for a while. We're out of the door between 8.15 and 8.30. School starts at 8.45 so it depends on what time we leave if we do school or daycare drop-off first.

  23. We start at 5:30 on the days they go to daycare. But sometimes we’re up earlier bc of the 4 month old. We leave by 7:15-7:20 to go to daycare though.

  24. 6am. Shower and get myself ready. Get both kids (age 4 and 1) up at 6.30am and give them breakfast. Get them dressed and out of the door at 7.15am. I get back home at 7.45am to WFH and enjoy the peace and quiet!

  25. I’m up at 530 to workout, shower and get ready. My daughter gets up at 7. We are out of the house by 715 and I’m back home to start working by 8

  26. I wake up at 5 to have quiet time 5-6. I get ready 6-6:30. Then wake the baby up to feed and we load up to leave the house for daycare at 6:55. We’re in the newborn phase and she wakes up throughout the night so these days I’ve been going to bed 8-8:30 😬

  27. 630ish. I don’t dress the kids in pjs on work nights lol I have a very spirited four year old. He’d go to daycare in pjs if I put them on him the night before. They usually get a gogurt and some type of carb (they usually steal one of my belvita crackers) because they eat breakfast at daycare at 9. But we leave for daycare at 715. Close timing but we don’t spend an hour fighting to get dressed anymore

  28. Only one kid but we've always gotten up at 7 and aim for daycare dropoff when they open at 8. Sometimes it pushes back as late as 8:30 but we're usually there by 8:15.

  29. My kids are up between 5 and 6. We try to stay in bed til 6 even if we are awake. The kids just take their time eating breakfast, playing, getting dressed, etc. I log onto work during this time. Then my husband takes them to school at 8. I feel like we have more than enough time. If we were rushed it would take 30min max to get them ready. But also, I don't have to get myself ready cause I work at home.

  30. Also not a morning person, also with two kids (2 and 4.) Both my husband and I work from home at the moment, which really helps.

  31. I didn't work from home during the pandemic, and am in an office all day. I wonder a lot about how things will look this year as everyone comes back. Even the people I have been with in the last two years, we have all gotten more casual because really what is the point? We sit on zoom all day anyways. I think the office is truly a breath away from all of us in yoga pants moving forward!!

  32. When my kids were little, i tried to get up by 4:45 to leave by 6:30, but to be honest it was a sh*tshow. Full confession, to really have felt like “hey I got this under control” as I literally would have just had to NOT sleep, like at all.

  33. Depends on what time I have to be at work since it’s not the same every day, my starting time ranges from 6:30 to 7:45. Since my one year old is still waking up throughout the night I sleep until the last possible minute usually allowing at least 20 minutes to get us both ready. I don’t wear makeup anymore and my work uniform is just a staff T-shirt. I work where he attends daycare so we’re both going to the same place every morning. Most mornings he’s awake before my alarm goes off or right after so I don’t get much time for myself.

  34. I’m a night shift 911 dispatcher so my day starts at 2pm on workdays (I get home at 8am from my 12 hour shift and my parents take my son to daycare those days) and on my weekends I wake up at 0630 and go back to bed around 8 and sleep until 2pm. My schedule is fucked 😂

  35. I have one toddler and I’m pregnant, due in June. We have to be out of the house at 8:30. I’m up at 6:15, toddler wakes up around 7 (we intentionally pushed his bedtime later so he’d sleep later in the morning…). Husband leaves for work around 6:30 so it’s just me in the mornings.

  36. That's a busy morning. In my house, I am big on breakfast, so I take the time to make my kids a hot breakfast every morning and they eat it at the island while I finish my tea and pack up or clean up. It's our one big together moment of the day. That makes me start to wonder what everyone else eats for breakfast in the morning.

  37. We start between 530 and 630, out the door st 915. I'm a morning person so I usually don't have an issue. If you're not though, is there anything you can prep the night before? Like lunches, pick out clothes, backpacks, etc? I love when that stuff is done the night before but I'm so tired, I almost always leave it for the morning haha.

  38. We prep a lot the night before, and really have the timing of the morning down with a bit of wiggle room, it accounts for my grogginess lol. I dream of being the person who gets up earlier and gets a work out in before people wake up, and can usually make it a week before I get exhausted and go back to sleeping.

  39. 0515 to exercise and get myself ready by 0630. Then either the 3yo is up or I do half an hour of work til she is then get her up by 7 to leave at 0745. Back to start work at 0815. We wake my husband up at 0730 and he just about manages to drag himself to his desk for 9 and showers at lunch lol. I cannot understand how he, or anyone, can work, even from home, before being showered and dressed!

  40. We all get up at 7, get the kids ready, and get them breakfast. Then I get thier lunches and snacks done for the day. They are out the door with dad at 8. I work from home so I don't have to get ready really

  41. I wake up at 6 to be out by 8:30 with 2 kids (1 and 5). I think figuring out what needs to be done and doing as much as possible the night before helps. We often pack lunches and wash bottles and lay out clothes the night before.

  42. It was more an idle curiosity question. I am always interested in how other people handle the same problems as we do. Our mornings are structured, and allow for the days when one of us get behind.

  43. 5am and we're out the house by 6am. This includes myself, boyfriend, 2 year old and 3 month old. I take care of bottles, while my boyfriend feeds the horses and then we both get 1 kid ready. We drive to the city to drop off the kids, then I drop him off and head to work. I'm at work around 7:15am. Thank god I work from home 2 days a week.

  44. When my first two were younger it was closer to 6. Now it is 6:30. I shower at night and my hair is typically just clipped back or in a bun and I use very minimal makeup so I don’t need a bunch of time. I try to have most things ready at night but that leaves me time to finish things up before getting the 7 and 6 year old old up just before 7 am. They immediately get ready and then head down stairs for breakfast. Once they are eating I get the 2 year old. Some days he woke up already and others I wake him up. He comes down to eat and I get him changed/dresses. We are out the door between 7:40-7:50. When I had to be in the office I was usually late and worked over lunch to make it up. Now I get home with a few minutes to spare before starting work. I do 99.9% of mornings on my own with the kids due to my husbands schedule. I constantly toy around with the idea of getting up 30-45 minutes earlier for some exercise but because my sleep isn’t always consistent I do that at lunch. To make this work the kids often eat things like pancakes, waffles or Rice Krispies for breakfast. They all get a chance to eat again at school and daycare but they wake up hangry so I need to have simple/quick things for them. I’m also trying to get the older 2 to take ownership of some offer things like packing lunch snd snacks.

  45. 5-5:30ish lately. We have an 18 month old and 3 week old. I WFH and am self employed, so no real leave for me. My husband has a hybrid schedule, works from the office three days a week and from home two days.

  46. 6:15 to get out of the house by 6:55. I dress them and they eat in the car. I have their clothes staged for the week so I just grab the days stack and go. Gonna have to start getting up at 5:45 when the eldest starts kindergarten and has to take the bus.

  47. We are up around 6:45 on weekdays to do a drop off at daycare at 8. I am also not a morning person. I couldn’t make myself get up much earlier. I have tried. It doesn’t work. Sometimes we drop off closer to 8:15, but usually not too much later than that.

  48. I get up at 5:45 and work from 6-7. Dad and kid get up at 7 and are usually out the door by 7:45. I only have one kid, and I cook him eggs/fruit/toast which is usually on the table by 7:10, then I steam/iron his clothes and get dressed and ready while he is busy eating. Lunches are made and bags packed the night before.

  49. Oh boy. 1 child, 1yo. My husband is up at 7:15 when she wakes up. Out the door around 8. He gives her a bottle in the morning and lets daycare do breakfast. I prep everything, including dinner for that day, the night before.

  50. I get up at 6:30, get myself dressed, wash face, etc. I get my son from his crib at about 6:45 - he’s almost always already awake. Change him, get him dressed. He drinks his milk while I read him a couple books. Then we go downstairs and make and eat breakfast. He’s ready to leave with my husband for daycare at 7:30. I clean the kitchen, finish getting myself ready and have a cup of coffee and start working (from home) by 8:15.

  51. 630 with one three year old, to be out the door by 750. I sometimes work in the office and have to be there by 830. I get up, have my breakfast and quickly get myself ready brush teeth, bathroom routine etc. my husband gets up 645 does his bathroom routine then wakes up kiddo. one of us will get her breakfast, and then he does the dog routine of feeding and bathroom for them, I get her dressed and ready for the day, he plays with her for 10 minutes while I finish up my get ready routine including checking her bags, then we wrestle her into the car. my daycare is only 5 minutes away from my house and they provide food, so I'm really lucky. if we weren't close and had to pack food probably have to start the routine at minimum 20/30 minutes earlier

  52. This morning it was 4:30 because my toddler had a nightmare. Most mornings I'm up at 6, she's up at 7 and we're out the door at 7:45 for daycare.

  53. I get up at 6:15 to be at work at 7. SO gets up at the same time, gets ready himself then wakes toddler up at 6:50 for daycare drop off at 7:15. All food is provided at school so we try to get him there before 7:30 for brekkies.

  54. I'm up by 6am most days. If my 3yo is up too by then, I'll get him ready first and set him up with a quick breakfast so I can get ready in (somewhat) peace. Sometimes he sleeps in but the latest he's up is 7am so we can be out the door by 7:30am and he'll have breakfast in the car on the go.

  55. I’m up at 5:30. I shower, feed my pets, and eat breakfast. Then my kid usually wakes around 6:15-6:30. I’m out of the house by 7. My husband is up at 4:30 and out by 5 so I don’t have backup, unfortunately.

  56. Yikes, I get up at 6:30 (or as early as 6 if kids woke up early. I refuse to "start the day" with them before 6. They can lay quietly in bed. ) we have to be out door by 7:40 for school. 18 mos and 3 yrs old. Baths happen at night. Morning is change diapers, get dressed, have a snack, then putting on leaving the house gear. They get a full breakfast at daycare.

  57. I wake up at 6am to exercise. The baby wakes up at 7am. I work in an office and husband works from home, so he usually takes her for the morning while I get ready and the goal is to be out of the door at 8am.

  58. Start our day at 6:30, out the door at 7:30. 2 kids - 2 and 3.5. Limiting television and having a set routine is what helps... kids eat breakfast, brush teeth/potty, get dressed, shoes, gone. We also use lots of timers to help.

  59. We shower and bathe at night so we are up at 7, out the door around 730, to drop my son off at 745ish and hopefully home by 8 to start WFH. All we do is get dressed and brush our teeth, he eats at preschool but I dread the days when he’s in real school and I have to feed him breakfast first because he’s a sloooooow eater

  60. Two kids here as well. One in daycare (2) and one in school(5). Husband is not a morning person and I am so I get up when the kids do anywhere between 5:30 and 6:30am. I get them breakfast, make oldests lunch, get the youngest dressed , me dressed and ready, and the oldest cleaned up( husband dresses him and gets him and his stuff together before he gets the bus to school.) toddler and I need to be in the car at 7:45 for me to do drop Off and make it to work in time. So we can be up and out the door in an hour or so usually but I shower at night, have an only 15 minute get ready routine, and have everything laid out the night before. The evening prep is the only way I can make it work in the morning.

  61. I wake up earlier but I don’t let my kid get up until 6. Then we hang out until 7 when we wake my husband up and everyone gets ready to head out. They usually leave around 7:45 (husband drops off kid at preschool) and I leave afterwards.

  62. For me 5:45 but kids 6:00 out the house by 6:35, drop off at daycare around 7ish. My husband takes them since their daycare is on his way. I go workout once they are out the door and clock in at 7.

  63. I am up at 5-5:15. Have a little coffee and put on the news. I start my hair and makeup routine (I always shower at night as it would take an hour just to dry my hair). Once I’m pretty well put together I start rousting the toddler. She gets up and has some milk and fruit while watching a little tv. I pack our lunch bags and take them to the car. By this time she’s had a few mins to wake up and I can start to get her dressed and hair done. Then I get myself dressed and we’re out the door by 6:20. Daycare drop off is at 6:30 and I’m at work by 6:40 (so lucky my boss lets me come in 10 mins late as daycare doesn’t open until 6:30).

  64. I have 3 boys under 7yo. I'm a SAHWM and we homeschool, so we just get up with the sun year round. Right now it's 630ish, in the summer it's more like 5/530ish.

  65. 8-830 AM which sounds ridiculous but hear me out. LO doesn’t go to sleep until 10-1030 (or later!!) and she’s home with dad while I wfh. Once I go back to the office (who knows when) something is going to have to give bc my commute would be an hour+.

  66. Husband and I are up by 5:30, eat breakfast and work a bit or exercise before waking toddler up at 7:30. Out the door by 8:15 to get to daycare by 8:30, office by 8:45.

  67. We wake at 6. My husband takes one kid to daycare at 6:40 and I take the other to kindergarten at 7:30. He works at the office, but daycare is on-site. I work from home.

  68. 6:30 to be out of the house by 7:25-7:30. Once my alarm goes off, I'm a go, go, go type of person. I do everything the night before to save time too (shower, set out kid outfits, pack lunches, etc.). My kids frequently eat in the car on the way to daycare and school.

  69. My kids aren’t in daycare, but there are 3. We live 20 minutes from their school. I prepare everything at night. Lunches, backpacks, we shower at night, and get their stuff ready to load and go in the AM. I wake up between 5 and 5:30. But mostly because I like my alone time in the morning. I get their eggs, bagel whatever they are eating ready and start knocking on their doors around 6:30. They get up, get dressed, eat and then brush hair and teeth. They usually get like 20 minutes to relax, read or watch tv and then at 7:30 we hit the road. So pretty much the same time line as you. Try preparing at night to see if that makes mornings more smooth?

  70. 6a! Every day. Shower and get myself ready,,Warm up milk for my infant, make breakfast for me and my toddler, hand the baby off to my nanny at 7, wake my toddler up and brush his teeth, help him with breakfast and out the door with him for school/ work by 7:45.

  71. 6:30, leave the house at 7:45 to drop off at daycare at 8. But I only have one kid, and she's 4 months, so it doesn't take long to get her ready in the morning.

  72. I get up around 7:30 when my baby usually does. Husband does daycare dropoff and I'm working by 9 and done by 4:30-4:45. I'm a bit more productive with WFH and as long as my work is getting done hours don't matter. But, there are days I have 7 am meetings.

  73. We get up around 7 with the goal of having the kid out the door around 7:30. Then come home and shower/drink coffee before starting our workdays. They feed him breakfast. We try to pick him up right at 5 so we can have quality family time in the evenings.

  74. I wake up at 5 to be out the door by 6:30am with a 5 year old who is in school. I wouldn’t say I am a morning person but I’m also not a morning person so that may help/not help, not sure lol.

  75. We wake up around 7am, out the door for daycare by 7:35 (if husband is dropping off) or 8:00 (if I am dropping off). Daycare is about 15 min away and husband starts work at 8, I start at 8:30.

  76. 7-7:15, out by 8:15 ish. I drop the kids at school then come back to work from home. My kids are in grades 1 & 3 and need a lot of reminding to move their butts.

  77. 6:57 am is when my alarm goes off. I go wake up my daughter and her dad and I tag team getting her fed and ready for school.

  78. I shower at night and blow dry my hair before bed but don’t style it or anything. I wake up at 5 and spend the hour until 6 doing everything to get myself ready (hair, makeup, etc) except for getting dressed. My kids are 9 months and 20 months. They both get woken up at 6-6:10, get milk, older one gets her teeth brushed and hair done, then we all get dressed. I wait until the last minute on outfits cause the littlest still spits up on occasion, so why risk it? We’re out the door by 6:50.

  79. I get up at 6-630 and am out the door by 715-745. I really need to be out the door by 7, but I am lazy and cannot get my ass out of bed. I am really lucky that my job doesnt have a set start time and daycare start time is a range.

  80. I get up around 6:30am and eat my breakfast and pack the kids lunches. Then I wake them up around 7am and we all get dressed and ready for our day. We are usually out the door around 7:30-7:40am. My kids are 5 and 3.

  81. 6:42 is when my alarm would go off, but someone is typically up before then. I leave the house around 7:20-7:25 to take my child to school. I’m back by 7:45ish to finish getting ready for work and leave again around 8:15-8:30.

  82. Oh wow...I get up at 6:30 and my son (almost 3) gets up around 7. We're out the door by 7:30. Husband leaves for work before I wake up so I'm on my own in the morning. I WFH so don't have as much to do, but I do makeup and hair every day anyway.

  83. My work starts later than others as I run an after school type of program that partners with schools during the day. I typically get up between 6:30-7 to shower, pack lunches, clean up any dishes from the night before, get ready for work, get my son up, etc. His school actually starts at 9:15 and he needs to be at the bus stop by 8:45. When he gets on the bus, I run back to the house to finish getting ready, make coffee for me to drink at the office, and let the dogs out one more time before leaving for work. I also don't get home till around 6:30 at night after picking my son up from his grandmother's house. Right now my husband is on disability from work but goes back next week so some of this may have to be tweaked with him going back to work but also WFH. I'm the director of my center so I try to be there between 9:30/10 am and will sometimes have to be on zoom meetings in my car or before I leave the house.

  84. I’m up at 5 with one infant and I’m out the door by 6:30 for work. My SO does morning drop off and I do pick up at 3:30. Mind you I run around like crazy in the morning but I do a lot of night prep too. I prep my lunch and the daycare bags the night before. Then morning is just finished packing bottles and all that and eating.

  85. omg I wake up when my kids wake up. We get up around 8:45/9 and leave by 9:30. My 3 year old is fully done up, my 6 month old gets a diaper change and wears a sleeper. I throw my hair in a bun, put on leggings and call it a day. My son eats a perfect bar for breakfast, so it’s quick.

  86. We only have one kid (21m) and my husband and I both WFH in tech so really different for us. But I normally get up at 7:30. I shower the night before so I just pull on clothes and brush my teeth, get the kid up and fed. She either had preschool that we need to leave at 8:45 for or goes to a grandparent’s house. My workday normally starts about 9:30 (though everyone I work with is across the country so I do t have meetings until like 11:30 at the earliest).

  87. 5:50 am to get my toddler ready and out the door so I can be at work at 7:20. I leave before my other kids even wake up for school but my husband deals with them.

  88. 7:15. We keep mornings for the bare minimum (eating, get dressed, brush teeth, shoes/masks/jackets). We are close to both kids schools and I work remotely. Drop off is about 30 minutes for both kids, so I am back at my desk at 8:30.

  89. Up at 6am leave house by 8.. depends what I need to do then make sure I am ready for work at 1 leave again at 130 work till 10 pm. Go to bed around 12 start all over again 😖

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