1. Dude I am not doing this retrograde well. Idk if it’s because I’m a Virgo or not but holy hell this is a bad one. I thought I was all prepared and stuff 😅

  2. The shadows are calling, and won't be denied. Listen to those old memories that are bubbling to the surface right now. Deal with them, and you will feel lighter and more energized

  3. YES! I’ve got some bad memories from last year coming up stronger than ever the last 2 weeks. I thought time healed all wounds lol. I’ve also started working through the trauma in therapy and rebuilt my altars.

  4. I've exploded to my parents about my childhood last weekend. My mom, who's a virgo, was devastated. Communication is not our strongest skill, but we talked about is since and hopefully dealt with a great deal of it.

  5. Ah so that explains why my PMS hit me especially bad and then I got a migraine to boot. Here's to doing almost nothing for a week when there's so much things to do in order to preserve myself in a state where I'm not bed-locked with this migraine 😅

  6. I hope that is a migraine. I have had them before, and my recent bout with Covid gave me a 3 day doozy of a migraine, complete with visuals and double vision. Not fun. I hope you are feeling better soon. And yeah, bed-locked. It pounded me flat for a few days for sure. BB.

  7. My mercury placement is in Libra… I guess I’ll see how this Libra mercury retrograde will pan out. So far I’ve felt liberated and balanced. I tend to feel the effects of retrograde early on and I wasn’t doing too hot a week ago.

  8. If I were to apply a smell to it, I need to quote John C. McGinley in Stan Against Evil, "Low tide at asshole beach." I have had a few big unexpected expenses and I already earn so little, that I don't have to file taxes. My pain has been uncontrolled... My next cancer appointment is on Sept. 21st so let's see how that is going to go. I'm also a libra who turns 50 next month so hopefully, it gets better.

  9. I hired a couple of laborers to help clean up the remains of my burned down house, Insurance wasn't kept on the property while I was in Rehabilitation so I have to sell the property to try to recoup some of the losses but the laborers didn't bother to show up and now I'm having difficulty dealing with their damn manager, by the way the house didn't burn down during retrograde, that was actually a few weeks before

  10. Yeah. I am feeling the pressure as well. It really sticks, but fortunately it's just two weeks.... what's helping me is to look at those two weeks, tell myself that one week isn't that bad.. a few days isn't that bad...

  11. My mother is completely flipping out over the littlest thing and my anxiousness is spiking a bit, but I'm doing abnormally well in every other respect. (All credit for that goes to my new comfort doll, she has helped me so much through everything and I'm pretty sure that she's taking the blunt of this retrograde.)

  12. I actually joked at work that there must be a Mercury retrograde right now. Since Thursday night every possible electrical, mechanical, or technological thing that could go wrong has. Its been a nightmare to deal with. And all the week before I go on vacation for the first time in years 😂.

  13. Oh it’s bad. My kid had to go the hospital with gastroenteritis, who then told us to go to our doctors surgery, we got in a car crash on the way there. And then last night we had to take my son to the hospital again because it turns out he now has a hernia

  14. "It is said that a wise man rules over the stars, but this does not mean that he rules over the influences which come from the stars in the sky. It means that he rules over the powers which exist in his own constitution." — Paracelsus. Allegedly. Either way, time to bump up protection and transform the poison.

  15. Sorry if this is a dumb question (tarot is more my forte), but what should I expect/be aware of during this period if Mercury is in Gemini for me?

  16. I have to watch myself at all times. Ideally I’d lay in bed all day not interacting with anyone. I am not faring well with this one. Also had to buy a new fridge because our died and just all the past memories from decades ago are bubbling up. It’s awful.

  17. I have over the last week been incredibly, distractedly itchy. I am taking 2-3x the recommended amount of allergy medication and its not even touching it. It is also giving me intense and unpleasant dreams.

  18. I had Covid three weeks ago, still recovering from that. My period started the day I tested positive and I’ve been dealing with contact dermatitis as well. And my schedule for the past two weeks at work have been HORRIBLE. Im an esthetician and my books went from being slammed for 7 months (8-12 clients a day) to 1-4 clients a day. I’ve had so many no call no shows and last minute cancellations. I can’t afford to not have a full schedule, and I believe in the universe granting blessings and good karma especially when you’re patient, but the universe is really testing me.

  19. Had a tooth pulled today after unsuccessfully trying to get a root canal a few days ago. It took an unusually large amount of numbing agent to actually numb the spot, and then bc of the shape of the root it took a very long time to get the tooth out. The dentist and I were both exhausted after. Recovery has been extra rough so far, and I am being forced to go into work tomorrow when I normally work remote.

  20. I got broke up with and am now displaced. He vacated the lease on our apartment. My ex wants me to sign over my rights to our baby. How’s your mercury retrograde

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