1. It works until it doesn't. There's an axiom in politics that says negative ads done by a multiple term incumbent with extremely low positive numbers will backfire if their challenger has high positives and high turnout.

  2. I would really like to know how a US senator would get rid of cash bond in Wisconsin. And I hate to break it to them Wisconsin uses signature bonds quite a lot!

  3. That type of thing is actually my biggest problem with ads this cycle nation wide. All the governors are talking about country wide issues and all the senators are talking about state specific issues.

  4. I saw an ad just today with Barnes himself saying the gop ads about him wanting to abolish ICE and defund the police are lies and then briefly explained his stance. It was great, no attacks just facts.

  5. I saw that ad today too and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Repeating attacks against you in your own ad to say they're lies feels a little like "I'm not a witch".

  6. I agree, I thought it was a fantastic response. I think it’s that kind of messaging that actually resonates with undecided voters, especially outside of the cities.

  7. Unfortunately, the other side doesn’t really care about facts. They’ll believe whatever narrative aligns with their beliefs. But, my guess is that Barnes isn’t trying to convince the other side. He’s trying to appeal to the voters in the middle, where logical people often sit. I agree I think was the right approach.

  8. That ad was a huge turn off for me. It’s a bummer that Barnes is pro-incarnation. Milwaukee is a great example of why this isn’t helpful, when half of our budget goes to the police yet crime is still high. Police don’t reduce crime. If anything they make crime worse when they take all of the money that could be used for helpful things.

  9. I can't wait for ad campaigns to get back to not attacking. Ever since trump/Clinton, that's ALL campaigns want to do. I don't care how bad you think the other side is, I want to know what you're going to do.

  10. His past public comments about such things is the reason I was concerned about him as a candidate during the midterm. I knew that these kind of ads would pop up. If these ads didn’t work they wouldn’t use them. That said I hope people see through them. I really want Ron Johnson gone.

  11. The GOP has no bar they won’t crawl under. If Godlewski won the primary they’d have run “hysterical unhinged woman” ads non-stop. Ageism, sexism and racism are just viable tools they’ll use because for them the ends justifies the means. It’s gross but it’s the reality we live in.

  12. I've said that to myself seeing the Michels ads saying that Evers has done nothing without mentioning the legislature. But, let's face it, the Venn diagram of "independent voter" is the "uniformed voter" is a circle.

  13. I hope not. Those ads are stupidly over dramatised. Besides, there are still women in this state. Women's rights and teachers first!

  14. It's interesting how .. there's a national trend (supposedly) helping Democrats: Abortion rights. Pollsters say that post-Dobbs, post-Kansas, this is a different race. Generic ballot went from +7 GOP to +2 Dems since Dobbs.

  15. That is because billionaires stepped in to fund ads. Ron Johnson arranged a tax loophole that saved two of wisconsin's billionaires 40ish million dollars. They are spending 10% of that so far to support Ron Johnson.

  16. Yep, I'm 22 and have voted any chance I get, but this election is so important, especially for lgbt+ rights and cannabis legalization that I plan to straight up tell EVERYONE I know that if they don't get out and vote for Barnes and Evers in November that I will be cutting them out of my life for refusing to even do the bear minimum to protect my human rights and ours states decency. Normally I dont care if people choose not to vote, but refusing to vote in this election is just plain irresponsible and unacceptable. Especially when the democrats are actually aligned with young voters more progressive views for once, like Barnes.

  17. One of the ads literally says “he’s with them, not us.” Also, you’ll note all the scenes of “good people” are of white people, no exceptions. Yeah, I was worried with Barnes that they’d just go full racist. Not one bit surprised.

  18. Those people should ask their pastors about Barnes. He hosted a regular zoom call with pastors across the state during the worst of COVID to keep them updated on the rule changes. My dad, a pastor and lifelong conservative, came away INCREDIBLY impressed with his leadership skills.

  19. Nothing of substance that they can pull together about Barnes. So why not stoke fear and racism. I just mute the tv and focus on other things.

  20. Yes, the racist tropes in these ads work to persuade racists. Those who are openly racist already find a black man a threat. But it works in a far more subtle way, tapping into subconscious, centuries-long fears that many who consider themselves non-racist still have.

  21. These ads aren’t intended to convince anyone of anything, they’re meant to keep the Republican voter base fired up enough that they come out and vote.

  22. It irritates the crap out of me today. Got an advertisement that said that FRJ was going to lower our taxes and give us more money from less spending and Mandela Barnes will only give me a bill. If FRJ was going to do that then WHY DIDN’T HE DO IT ALREADY. HE IS IN THE OFFICE HE IS RUNNING FOR. IF HE CAN DO IT AFTER GETTING ELECTED THEN HE CAN DO IT NOW. FRJ

  23. It’s both funny and infuriating when I see the one starting “Mandela Barnes would eliminate cash bail!”

  24. “This is what Mandela Barnes will allow in our beautiful state” shows videos of Wisconsin under Ron Johnson

  25. I love how Ron Johnson plays the race card like Trump did. Trump painted the illegal Mexican immigrants as the worst of the worst - played on the fear of white people. Johnson is using the same tactic and using frail old white ladies in his commercials to look "very scared" of a black guy taking over. Shameful!

  26. They already think crime has risen. Ever since the riots in Kenosha which everyone in Kenosha got to experience now thinks Kenosha is the next Compton. Which is funny because experiencing the full front of the riots living not far from it, it wasn't that bad. No damage to anybody's house, a business or 2 burned down but most of the damage was done to government buildings. But as soon as we see numbers in the millions, we think 9/11 happened in our backyard...

  27. I heard one that outlined all the things that Barnes wanted like the GND and defunding the police and I was like "well those sound great, what's Ron's counter?". The ad went in to simply say "Ron will work hard to keep your taxes low and you safe!"..... So literally no policy highlights and the man has been in office for 2 terms? How can anyone support this piece of shit?

  28. All the anti Mandela Barnes ads make me want to vote for him more. They make him seem way cooler than he actually is 😎

  29. Yes, they will believe it. Those are also very religious people who take thing on faith and face value. They will believe that it's not possible to lie in those ads.

  30. Yeah they 100% do. Dems are bad because of communism/socialism (the death of the Soviet union was the real death of US education I argue). It's never stopped working because there is subtext to that.

  31. I’ve been at the point for a while now that I just mute the TV when the ads come on. I just wish people would get more information on politics than what they hear in the attack ads. I don’t ever see it happening, but I’d love to see campaign cycles significantly reduced in the future and inundate us with less BS.

  32. Propaganda is an effective tool. My 11 year old son saw a Pro Johnson flyer on our kitchen table and boldly announced he didn't like Mandela Barnes.

  33. I just saw one with a white family (visibly Christian) complain about how white people are repressed in Wisconsin. They also complained about how their kids are forced to watch transgender education videos.

  34. I can't get over the one with the "old" lady looking shocked and horrified. Cracks me up every time. But it saddens me to think that it probably works.

  35. Democrats need to hammer home the frj is going to kill social security and Medicare. He doesn't care... he's made his millions. How "regular" income people can vote for frj is plainly stupid.

  36. It's super easy to dog whistle when the candidate is black. I've seen several ads which essentially say to racists "do you want a BLACK person elected to office?"

  37. In the before times I don’t think people in WI would have fallen for these as a one off. But while visiting my dad up north it felt like almost every commercial break had one of these trash ads. And not just on fox. On all the channels available. It is a constant drumbeat of lies that ever so often my dad starts falling for along the lines of, “I heard…” Or, “Someone told me that…” We talk and he realizes he is repeating bullshit from those ads without getting mad but holy crap. Unless someone is talking to each individual the state of the art propaganda is doing it’s evil work. Look at all the ads with some variation of we (gop) are fighting evil Dem inflation when not only have they all voted against everything meant to address it, they were happy about it when they thought they’d get a win.

  38. I think people in larger population centers in the state may not be familiar enough with the rural and semi suburban areas in rural Wisconsin to know that this is extremely effective.

  39. DM me, drive north a little over an hour assuming you are in Madison or Milwaukee, and I will introduce you to the people who eat it up,

  40. Yea. From the outside looking in, they absolutely believe it will work and it does. White oriole in Wisconsin are afraid of Black people. The local news used to play on repeat, inner city gang violence so all the outlying areas believe that they have to prevent that from coming to tiny town Wisconsin. Racism is strong and alive in Wisconsin. The best way to see it is to gtfo.

  41. A prime motivator for conservatives is fear. It doesn't have to be real or rational, you just need to provoke a fear response. That is exactly what ads like this are trying to do. It doesn't need to make sense or be in any way true, it just has to cause a sense of fear.

  42. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. Ron Johnson was supposed to be an incumbent in a Republican year and Mandela Barnes was suppose to be a political nobody.

  43. It might actually work for hateful Republicans since Wisconsin has a large racist population. It makes me angry to be living among so many ignorant people.

  44. Did you see the ad with the graffiti in the background? I laughed so hard at that one. I can just imagine conservatives clutching their pearls freaking out lol.

  45. To be honest, I’m just tired of seeing red or blue. And with the amount of BS surrounding the main parties, I’m surprised independent parties aren’t on the rise.

  46. 100%. I wrote Ron Johnson an email and said If you don’t quit with the non stop commercials I’m voting for Mandela. So annoying.

  47. They still fully believe every democrat is in on the Q conspiracy. Tucker is a good propagandist. Any deprogramming time you spend with a relative will be mute the next day when they watch Tucker so they don’t miss what their friends are seeing. Events like praise in the park with free car show and food trucks sponsored by turning point USA are popping up to directly indoctrinate teenage boys and preach the church/political connection. De regulation and power for the rich is the goal. Listen to the behind the bastards on Charles Koch. His investments are paying off. Find people who don’t vote. They need the most convincing.

  48. I used to travel for work and have been to many of the microscopic, rural communities of Wisconsin and YES, there are people this deluded and crazy.

  49. Lol yes. They believe it. It's almost unbelievable how incredibly stupid many people in the midwest are. It's like they're cut off from the rest of society on purpose. When I first moved here as a kid I literally thought everyone was....well....a very not-nice word. I no longer think that, but I do think that they are purposely uneducated and ignorant. People here are dumb simply because they can be and it's easier than being educated. Imo. Just my person opinion.

  50. Until we close the loophole that give superpacs limitless spending power the GOP will just throw money at it to gain the edge they need to make up for the fact they are not the majority in this country. I'd love it if we could do away with political contributions altogether and let every candidate have an equal pool of money to use from a fund established specifically for that, but as long as the ultra-wealthy and corporations can buy the laws that most benefit them it will never happen, so a Catch-22 unfortunately

  51. From what i’ve seen, Barnes has run all positive ads talking about himself and his agenda, while johnson has run 75% negative ads (black-and-white with ominous messaging). Personally, I hope Barnes unloads in the last 2weeks with hard-hitting ads about how seditionists and putin-lovers who spread conspiracy theories shouldn’t be in the US senate.

  52. Fear and hate are the top 2 plays of rebuplican candidates. They realize how scared, insecure and inexperienced most of their voters are about “the other”. Whether that’s POC, immigrants, foreign countries, educated people, environmentalists… they’ve got an incredibly deep bag of boogie men ready to go every single voting cycle. It works like a charm on the ignorant and there are a ton of ignorant folks in Wisconsin. I used to live there and couldn’t believe how gullible the small town people were. It’s hard to believe “Mandela will defund the police” ad placed right after the packer game or during the local news is the only thing it takes to gain a ton of new support for republicans. It reaches so many nursing homes, lonely folks in the boonies and other folks who have no intention of ever leaving Wisconsin or knowing any POC. How we fight this I have no idea but it’s a sad state of affairs.

  53. Over the past 40+ years our great State whos' motto is Forward has suffered what appears terminal cultural change resulting from Catlick Church pedophilia then X-cian immigration from the Bible Belt.

  54. Unfortunately, there are too many stupid people out there who will swallow this because it's emotionally and racially charged and these people don't think with their brains. These people think with their biases and fears.

  55. I cackled at an ad that was like " Barnes will get rid of bail and allow criminals back on the street" because like how do jailed criminals get out of jail if they can't get out on bail ? 🤣

  56. Barnes has said that he thinks students should not be arrested for misdemeanors and felonies. Idk what else that would mean to him, but no, people should always be arrested for crimes. That would be a ridiculous stance. It's the same ol' "it's going to ruin his future" crap. Yes, it is, and he chose that.

  57. I asked my mother(rest her soul) in 2016 who she was all voting for and why. Her responses were strictly off of ‘facts’ she heard on commercials. I politely explained to her that non of those ‘facts’ are true and she could have really cared less. I left it at that.

  58. I see that ad 20 times a day and wish he hadn’t added the “if Washington was too afraid — so be it” line. It comes off (to me) that even he isn’t sure he’ll win. I’m voting for him regardless of that, as it’s just a commercial.

  59. Over 1 million new weapons were put on WIS streets after our Republican legislature passed open carry during Scooters admin, 2011-2018, but the increase in murder rates are the black guys fault.

  60. Never heard of that and pretty much everyone I know in Stevens Point/Portage area are very multiracial friendly. Although most of my friends are agnostic, atheist, or just spiritual. 🤷‍♂️

  61. Those ads are absolutely ridiculous. They remind of those corny infomercials with the black and white "horror" scene of plastic containers falling out of the cabinet with the "ohhhh noooo!"

  62. All of you need to remember the Riots in WI. Goodness, these neighbors were never restored. There are still a whole lot of people who haven’t forgotten. White & Black

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