1. There used to be a lot of hemp farmers. Lots of things were made from hemp. Maybe that's where the design came from, and it was still a fairly common crop.

  2. Hey y’all art historian here! Sometimes artists will take liberties with botanic designs because they couldn’t have the specimen in front of them. Wanted to mention just so y’all don’t pull your hair out

  3. It is actually very likely that they are cannabis leaves. Depending on how old it is, hemp was one of the most widespread crops in the americas around 100 or so years ago

  4. Also in Europe it has been very popular for a very long time, my fathers village grew and processed hemp for all their cloth and rope. He said how the fishes used to swim upside down when it was being soaked in the river (he said they were ok, they didn't die or anything and would go back to normal after)

  5. Hemp was only prevalent in America only because it was used as cordage to bind together things made from cotton. Stitching in bags and whatnot. This looks exactly like Cliniquefoil (I know i spelled it wrong who cares) the bloom especially, I saw one in the field 2 days ago and was doing some research it was pretty neat.

  6. either sativa with a random generic flower (similar to strawberry flowers, or those in the buttercup family) or sulfur cinquefoil. the leaves of that plant look like weed leaves and the flowers are kind of similar

  7. My guess, based on the fact that these are probably an engravers botanically inaccurate approximation of plants, is that maybe this is meant to be Japanese maple leaves and cherry blossoms. Without knowing more about who and where the wedding was, my very uneducated guess is that this might be a piece of not particularly enchanting Japonisme.

  8. It’s definitely cannabis. Its been around for a while. Reminds me of a quote. “Every generation believes they discovered the blowjob.”

  9. It’s a cinquefoil. A species in the rose family. It really doesn’t look like weed if you google image search it

  10. They look like strawberry flowers. But those are definitely not strawberry leaves. Maybe the artist was using creative license?

  11. This reminds me of when we went on holiday and my mum bought a t shirt with three leaves in orange, green and black and I (a 14 year old) had to point out they were cannabis. She just thought they were neat.

  12. Artists often aren’t depicting any particular actual flower, sometimes they just make stuff up or combine features from multiple plants. It’s possible that’s the case here.

  13. Wild potentilla - potentilla simplex. The flowers are yellow and the plant spreads by long running stems. Has deep roots that are really hard to get out of my lawn

  14. Right? It is very lovely regardless of flower and leaf type. Do you know any backstory cuz I am bitter jealous and nosey too😅

  15. hibiscus coccineus i am with you on team hibiscus for surely the plate would have flower and leaf from one plant? maybe?

  16. I looked up “leaves that look like cannabis” and found the kenaf hibiscus plant. However the flowers are different and the leaf count varies from 3-7 lobes. Not sure this helps, but thought is was interesting

  17. The flowers have a bit of a look of "buttercups" which is very vague because many things all around the world are called that. Simple five petal flowers aren't uncommon at all, and maybe it's some kind of flax?

  18. Those are definitely pot leaves, and some flower. Doesn't necessarily have to be the same plant.

  19. Cleome and lupins can be suspicious when young. But its probably Hemp foliage with some lil flowers. Its a very pretty plant.

  20. That ain’t hemp. It is very much hemps cousin cannabis. How do I know? Because hemp next to flattened poppy flowers makes no sense. Cannabis next to poppy flowers makes all the sense and the other flower is a flattened opium poppy.

  21. I'm surprised no one has suggested a cleome leaf. They used to be very popular flowers. I'd say that or cinquefoil.

  22. I have never used Cannabis, but I’m old enough to have seen lots of it, and depictions of it. And if that’s not marijuana, it is putting up a good imitation of it.

  23. I would say it’s a poppy flower, the smaller flowers by the base looks like a young poppy flower before the leaves flatten out and spread. Would make a little more sense to have cannabis and poppy together but I could be wrong.

  24. Yes! Everyone look at the flower on the plate. Certain varieties of hibiscus (coccineus) have marijuana-like leaves

  25. That is def pot.. Specifically sativa plant. Sativa plants have 9 leaves and indicas have 7. The less widely know plant is the Ruderalis which has 5.

  26. Yes there is but i'm not sure how to attach it??? (i know absolutely nothing about posting on reddit & i cant figure out how to attach or add updates? halp? )

  27. Funny, I looked at this not long ago. Whilst watching Veronica on Netflix l, I noticed a blanket that had the same kinda cannabis looking leaf. Maybe search for Spanish flowery?

  28. The design may not have been meant to display any particular plant/flowers. It seems the designer may have decided that flowers that "looked like that" between leaves that "looked like that" would look good together growing on a patch of grass. And there you have it! If you look closely, the flower stems don't have any leaves growing on them; the leaves are growing from the grass/dirt.

  29. It could be Cleome. The leaves look like marijuana and the blooms of some varieties look like the example. Haven't seen anyone suggest this yet but it was my first thought.

  30. Depends on how old the piece is. The drug war in the US is only around 100 years old, and before that Hemp was a major cash crop in the states. Other places have longer histories with the plant. Cannabis is also a flowering plant. Those nugs people smoke, flowers. My votes cannabis.

  31. Looks like a plant that grows at my house in the summer we call it ragweed but pretty sure that's not the real name lol grows yellow flowers and the leaves look exactly the same. So not helpful at all lol

  32. OP is pretty ignorant to mock the use of cannabis. Lol. Before people used cannabis as medicine and medical lobby couldn’t wrangle in its use, it was widely used for many purposes.

  33. It could also be a Japanese maple leaf (they grow in the US too). I wouldn't assume the flowers are necessarily related to the leaves.

  34. In the 1920's the Japonica flower 🌸 was all the rage in tableware. There seems to have been, as others suggested, artistic license here with Japonica flowers and Japanese maple leaves combined in the design.

  35. In the 1920's the Japonica flower was all the rage in tableware. There seems to have been, as others suggested, artistic license here with Japonica flowers and Japanese maple leaves combined in the design.

  36. I'd guess that's a type of maple leaf if it's not cannabis. I hope that this is the answer that changes things although I am really late to the post. 😂 Edit: here's a 🔗 to get you started..

  37. I always thought the leaves of the Japanese Maple tree looked similar to marijuana- maybe that’s it…?

  38. Not sure if anyone told you but cannabis has been a known medicine for thousands of years. Millions have embraced this plant so yes, most likely it’s an homage to this amazing plant.

  39. Looks like a bit maple leaf and like the flowers of a maple tree. Some trees produce flowers kinda like these but like the historian said artist used to take liberties with their art

  40. There is a plant that has those exact leaves and it’s a weed/wild flower and how do I know this because I ended up growing one of them last year but it didn’t have the odour of a marijuana plant and so when I didn’t start producing anything and it was growing outside I decided to use one of those Apps where you can just take the picture and then they will tell you what it is… they can get really big!

  41. Definitely looks like hemp to me. Note the thin leaves with jagged edges. Could just be something nonspecific though since people didn’t always have great references back then

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