1. I have heard stories of people swallowing wasps and getting quite a shock. Would be good for flies too. Maybe cheaper than the bar investing in pest control.

  2. One of our local brewers/pub has these. You keep the cutout so that when you tour the brewery you can trade them in for free samples at the end of the tour. When you run out the samples are done. Some people were getting over served before this system. Maybe this is it?

  3. Could be put around the neck of a bottle when serving a beer for the customer to take with them to their table so they’ve got a coaster.

  4. Maybe you set it on top of the glass so you don't get beer in your mustache when drinking it? I've seen metal "mustache guards" before.

  5. Ever have a can where the tab is really tight? This would be a decent tool for getting under the tab. If I were a woman with long fingernails, as most beer drinkers are, this would prevent broken nails. You could probably just do the same thing with the edge of the coaster without needing a cutout. Personally, I would use a house or car key.

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