1. I see people jumping the gates regularly during my commute. Never seen any metro employee react (probably not their purview to engage unless they’re transit cops I guess)

  2. They actually can’t. DC city council stripped them of that authority for “racial Justice” reasons. Meanwhile the rest of us at my station feel like fools because we’re paying for Metro.

  3. Mostly see adults jumping the gates and its most common at rush hour when the stations are full. Friday afternoon that gate alarm is just constantly going off and I figure it encourages more people to do it because they hear it loud and clear and know there are no consequences.

  4. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to feel sympathy when they wasted $70 million on new fare gates that will now have to be replaced again.

  5. “We’ll make them sleek, stainless steel with Apple Pay and Google Wallet compatibility…and just as easy to hop over as the old ones!!” —metro exec probably

  6. I want to know how it's being determined that fare evasion is rising. My understanding is that WMATA doesn't actually measure fare evasion, instead just studying the rate of fare evasion on "comparable systems" and assuming they have comparable rates of fare evasion.

  7. I've sat/leaned on the swing gate (prior to the installation of the alarmed ones) waiting for my midnight shift contractors working in the station.

  8. Not exaggerating when I say I don't think I've ever actually seen someone pay the fare at my normal starting point on the green line.

  9. As broke as I am and I pay the fares I don't want to hear people's excuses. If you got money for designer clothes and shoes then you got money for transportation

  10. Most can pay. DC has a $16.20 minimum wage and fares have stayed below $3 on average. It’s not just kids jumping gates.

  11. It’s is one of the most expensive public transit systems on the planet in one of the most expensive cities in the world. $16/hr is shit when you have to travel to jobs and are paying by distance. Y’all are really out of touch douches.

  12. Iota more expensive than driving a car…I go 7 stops and it costs me roughly 10 dollars per day, 180 per month just to go 20 miles per day with two fixed stops. I don’t evade but I can’t really afford this

  13. I'm seeing grown ass men wearing business attire jump the turn styles in downtown DC now, this shit is nuts. I can't even blame them because maybe I'm the sucker to keep paying for their commute.

  14. I see adults and teenagers jumping the fare gates all the time. Make the gates higher so it's nearly impossible to leap over. Problem solved. 😏🙄

  15. Never understood the equity argument when talking about decriminalizing fare evasion. How is it equitable that some people have to pay and some don't?

  16. The equity problem is that the $2 fare evasion was leading to cops roughing people up and pressing tons of wack charges against poor people whereas rich people get off on DUIs. The equity issue is that police have finite resources and seem to only target low income people with those resources

  17. How is it equitable that skipping a $2 fare lands you in jail but you can rack up as many parking and speeding tickets as you want without any punishment?

  18. As the article stated, I think a huge part of the financial issues from fare evasion are overblown because kids in the District ride for free anyways...their fares have essentially been paid for by DCPS and now the kids are being cool/showing off for their friends and jumping the gates instead of tapping their school ID.

  19. It’s not just kids jumping the gate. There are plenty of adults skipping the fare too.

  20. Also, my understanding is that WMATA doesn't actually measure fare evasion, instead just studying the rate of fare evasion on "comparable systems" and assuming they have comparable rates of fare evasion.

  21. Ask yourself who is using the kids card if the kid isn’t? They sell them or a parent takes them.

  22. wmata is embarrassing but the 25m estimate seems awfully low given often times less than half the people I see pay their fares (certain stations only like 10pct do)

  23. DC is basically giving them $374 million over five years by giving out $100 a month subsidies to riders. They need to STFU about needing more unaccountable money and start running more buses and trains.

  24. Plus this doesn’t mean they will get all 374 mil. My understanding is what is not used will go back to the district, not saved in Metro’s accounts. So if someone doesn’t/hardly uses their subsidy money, Metro doesn’t get it.

  25. I think your point would still stand if the actual figures were available for comparison, but I ride 6x a week and I see a fare jumper on at least 75% of my metro exits. So on its own it is not insignificant.

  26. Great work Charles Allen and the Council of DC. "Metro does not have the authority to adjudicate civil infractions under D.C. law"

  27. Paul weidefeld was such an incompetent CEO and now the current CEO is having to unfuck all of his bad decisions.

  28. I took the metro two weeks ago M-F for the first time in years for work (DC to Crystal City). Every day and every station I saw a fare evasion, some stations I passed through had multiple fare evaders.

  29. considering how fucked metro is at providing reliable transit, and has been for the past few decades, I fully support all fare evaders

  30. I just got on the metro at Columbia Heights for the first time in a long time and I’d estimate that 30% of people just pushed their way through the gates. It’s absolutely bonkers.

  31. I get on at CH each day around school time. While there is definitely always a number of folks who jump the gates, I would estimate it’s less than 20%. It’s a problem that should be addressed but it’s not the 90% you would think reading here.

  32. One would think that the Metro Center stabbing would have prompted them to reconsider their current fare gate system. It's absurd that they weren't found immediately, and they had to rely on the old school camera and line up tactics to figure out who it was.

  33. I mean if they care so much then they should try to enforce it. The amount of times you could walk by and go through the emergency gate that STAFF left open is unreal.

  34. There was a young kid that walked behind me when I scanned my card and he was apprehended aggressively at the Rosslyn metro. I was shook

  35. I saw a couple young guys do this yesterday and I thought about saying something but honestly, fuck it. Not my job to get mad about WMATA losing $2.

  36. Not worth saying something, even wmata employees don't say anything because there are crazy people out there

  37. The sense I get from talking with younger folks who live in the city is that it’s essentially free, since no employee will ever intervene. I’ve hopped the gates myself, it’s too easy. Not endorsing it, but metro really does hand the opportunity to skip fare on a silver platter. It’s way harder to skip in New York and people still do it.

  38. Your statement doesn't make much sense. How is one person who is not a cop going to stop people from jumping? Remember that sometimes they are by themselves closing up these stations late at night. You never know who might carry a grudge.

  39. Everyone at my stop jumps the fare for both the metro and the bus. It seems like a totally normal thing. It’s very noticeable. I liked this quote from the article.

  40. This would be a great subject for a documentary film. Just have a camera crew at several stations and interview fare evading people, paying people, and metro employees. Would be interested in hearing more about why everyone acts in the way they do. I admit I get frustrated when I pay but most others are practicing for Olympic hurdles.

  41. Not all fare jumpers are ‘would-be’ paying customers. Sometimes people just ride the trains around to goof off around the city; if they were made to pay, they’d just walk around goofing off.

  42. The idea of it is the gates fault is dumb. Go to London and tell me how many people hop the similarly low gates.

  43. The fare gates in the Tube are not low. The come up to most peoples chests and we’re designed that way to prevent fare evasion.

  44. The easiest way to stop it is to stop charging fares and let everyone in. Treat rail like roads, the more people that use it the more efficient it becomes on a per-user basis.

  45. I'm not saying it's right, but if you poll people, the number one reason for evasion is going to be that the fairs are too high and that people don't have enough money. It makes sense that people are doing this logically.

  46. Best is the same guy who pushed for making gate jumps non-arrest is now pushing for $100/mo fare card for every DC resident - ask him how he intends to pay for it 🙄🙄🙄

  47. They would be much better served trying to get the money from the city, who keeps cutting their budget, rather than trying to “get” people with no money to pay a fare

  48. Whatever your stance on fare evasion, the city's not the problem with metro funding. WMATA is run by a board of DC, MD, VA, and the feds, and doesn't have a dedicated funding source.

  49. DC has been pushing to increase metro’s budget for years. It’s MD and VA at the state level who refuse to do it and capped its growth.

  50. Stopping fare evasion will cost more than the evasion ‘costs.’ Remember that even if fare enforcement were perfect, anyone who jumps the fare gate because they can’t afford the fare simply will not ride — they won’t magically have the money to pay once you spend $1m to install a new fare gate.

  51. People in this thread are saying DC recently updated the turnstiles. They should have used the full-body ones if that was the case. It seems more effective.

  52. Just make it free and increase the number of trains. We have to fight climate change and this is an easy way to do it.

  53. Make metro free, tax cars to pay for it, voila Edit: the smug people downvoting this are what’s wrong with this city and country

  54. they already know public transit will always be operated at some loss so why not just focus all the resources into better maintenance & running more frequent trains & buses

  55. The good majority of people who skip the fair don’t have to pay it anyway, it’s like 85% kids and bowser implemented the KRF program (

  56. Maybe metro riders should pay the same as DC road users. I mean, so many drivers use the roads while not paying the fare. Roads and transit are all part of the same system, no?

  57. No way dc spends anything near what it spends on roads as it does on metro (who also uses said roads btw) plus drivers pay heavy gas taxes, registration, parking, heavy parking taxes etc etc

  58. Sometimes you have to break something to make it better. I’ve been recommending everyone who’s physically able to avoid paying the fare until WMATA / DC Transit Police / City council fixes this for everyone.

  59. Fucking just subsidize it already. Pubic transport should just be free paid for by the district, VA, and Maryland.

  60. You’ve clearly never ridden then. Every single time I’ve been in a metro station in DC the past 6 months I’ve witnessed people jump the turnstyle or walk through thenHC gate on the side. The station manager couldn’t be bothered.

  61. Overpriced ass metro. Steal from em. Who cares? I’d rather regular people get where they need to go than pretend metro would do good with the additional revenue. It’s all a lie

  62. The people who actually pay the fares are suffering because metro doesn't have enough money to fix their issues.

  63. I literally saw someone look at Metro employee in the eyes and then jumped the turnstiles in Pentagon City and said something to the metro employee. Hey said “I’m not a police officer.”

  64. Has anyone asked a cop or attendant if metro is free? The skipping often happens right in front of them. It’s not even some taddle-tale or “virtue signalling” (ugh). Regardless of all that it is just all very weird. It happens when the metro staff are right there!

  65. Wait til they go retina scan or Chinese social credit system on us. They claim catching fare evaders is disportionately tilted toward racism. Well, tell me who you see jumping gates...every instance I've seen ...

  66. The station managers could give a shit. They’re paid either way. They just stare at them and do nothing. When it starts affecting the staff salaries, then someone will do something.

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