1. Let's face it, we all have that Revell 75th anniversary model of the Tiger I that no one's ever finished and only try to biild it again once every five blue moons and give up because the transmission and tracks are too infuriating to build. Truly relatable.

  2. Repair costs can be removed entirely from the game and I can't see anything bad coming from it. It will get more players on joard and keep existing players more engaged instead of fearing if they will go broke after each battle.

  3. The maus is 18K in arcade and with an average of 3 kills you only make roughly 13k per match. So you have you don’t get up-tiered or your definitely making a net negative

  4. Why is she holding a 1/35 model Königstiger? I get the joke, but also as previous comments have stated, you’re gross for using this as a meme template

  5. shes holding the konigstiger because canonically shes a massive tank nerd, and this was given as a gift by her “friends”.

  6. because of the way the game is played? not every match is good enough to replenish the sl you lost through repair costs that match.

  7. Uhhhrg After my ww2 german tanks presentation research i can clearly say the Tiger2 is awful (looks cool but was the devouerer of geman recourses)

  8. Idk why everyone is talking about the doujin but anyway fuck arcade Kt repair cost, I'm sticking with my tiger e and not touching the Kt anymore.

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