1. One of my buddy's took $100k out his and his wife's bank.She had no idea he did it. Down payment money for a house. Yolo on it was either bank of America or Wells Fargo about 8to10 years ago. 2 weeks later she finds the house she wants. He had to tell her there is no more $100k dropped to about $60k. He said we can take the $40k loss or wait for it to go back up. 6 months later he cashed out at $120k For a good 2to3 years he wasn't allowed to have more $20 at a time and she made him bring back receipts for everything.

  2. Dude must have gotten a CFA trying to find a way to turn that loss around, racing against time before the wife found herself a boyfriend.

  3. I imagine most married people have joint accounts so while checking the spouses account they’re also checking their own account. Wild how people married for 20 years share things!

  4. He mentioned he started following a group called “WSB” a couple days ago. He said that apparently his first one is always free? What does that mean?

  5. He is playing 4d chess. Pretending to lose the money in the market and asking not to get divorced when he wanted the cash and divorce all along.

  6. Rule number two when married have separate accounts. That way she spends what she wants and you invest what you want after bills are split and payed.

  7. Me and my partner have a joint account that runs the house and pays all the bills. We both put about 60% of our wages in this account. The rest stays in our own accounts and we can do what we like with it. Never understood all money going into the joint account surely it's just a recipe for disaster eventually and how do you surprise your wife with a nice meal or a present with her own money.

  8. Bet she makes more money than him, probably makes it easier, mindset: I'm going to get her money, teist it up in these stocks, do a dance, wait a couple days (paperhands) then take it out and count it should be doubled. Then I would have made as much as her, now I'm the bread winner too.. Oh look a dip...

  9. Can you imagine being addicted to something that you never even got the high from? Lol this dude never got a taste of a win and kept going back 😂😂😂

  10. He bought bed bath and beyond options when it was at $20 a share, which doesn't make any sense since he says he hates the store and will never step foot in it whenever I go there.

  11. £1000 left after finding a washer and dryer at a lower price???? LMFAO what were you buying a fucking launderette?? Obviously a complete crock of shit.

  12. Wouldn’t it hurt less. In two years that 90k will barely buy you two hand jobs behind Wendy’s and a junior bacon cheeseburger

  13. I tell my daughters to build their own investments whether property or savings, then save what's left with their partners. Because when things like this occur, it's the missus that carries the can.

  14. My husband lost about $120k last year and still claims he “knows the market”. He made $400k and I made $200k, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Now that the housing market tanked, he has a regular job making $100k a year and stopped playing with options. I was mad in the beginning, but I stayed because we all make mistakes and he’s a really good person, husband and father.

  15. Jesus Christ, that poor woman. I love me my gambling squiggly lines as much as the next guy, but what an insane fuck you to your family.

  16. Yeah, seriously. And some morons on this post had the audacity to blame the poor wife for not 'standing by her man' cause he out of money now...even though it was THEIR MONEY which she contributed to as well for their retirement and daughter's university. *shakes head*

  17. To all my fellow regards out there, when you have a kid, playtime is over. For the love of god, seek real financial advice and don’t yolo your life savings at the casino.

  18. Sounds like he meant well. Ask yourself if he had become a millionaire would he have stayed with you. If not. Fuck him off

  19. Looks like if she ever wants to go to Uni she'll have to work for it or take out a loan like most girls. And I feel the wife is more disappointed in the husbands actions than anything. The husband with this large amount of money should have gone to someone who knew what the fuck was going on. It seemed like the husband has a gambling/stock problem.

  20. Divorce him Then Decide if you want to support him Emotionally for Gambling addiction. If you do not want to divorce him. I would say I will only stay with you if you get Treatment and Go with him. This is to understand why & maybe in time you will learn to forgive him.

  21. Terrible wife. It’s an addiction/ disease. How about supporting the man instead of pointing fingers? That’s not productive at all

  22. There has to be more money with her. There is always a last chance. He needs to know exactly what amount of money, withdraw it when she's gone to work, and yolo it into options.

  23. Either options, market buying penny stocks, or buying the literal peak of the market… How can anyone suck this badly? I used to suck at this, but this year, I’m actually up like $10k. How in the fuck can you be this awful at stocks? Even idiots end up making money sometimes, but 3 times in a row? Damnnnn

  24. He has an addiction. The last thing he needs is being separated from his best supporter. Get him help and be there for him along the way.

  25. Yes ma’am,he would have! It’s not his fault, though! Hear me out. Online trading is the culprit in this scenario, that’s made investing si easy. Find out which trading platform he used. Write and phone them,telling them” my husband stole this money from my daughter and me. I want to be paid back!” That’s how you get it back!

  26. Maybe your boyfriend can help pay the loan back and earn the rest of the loss back by prostituting your husband to homos.

  27. You will never be able to trust him with 💴💴💰💰💴💴💰again ! He will sneak behind the local Wendy’s dumpster to make some 💴 too scratch his itch to gamble on stocks and swallow !! He has the “ I know I can win it all back itch “ guess what he will be living in a card board box soon.

  28. 64k for Uni and retirement getting .03% Kinda late for that spine on the 3 red and slap it all in so you actually can retire or work until the government takes care of you like the rest of us middle class.

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