1. Act like an old person and say your grandson is telling you about it, trying to convince you into investing your life saving, and is using language you don’t understand. Try to throw in inverse Cramer at some point and you are confused as to why monkeys are involved in space travel and you thought they stopped doing that “back in your day.”

  2. Why don’t we call him more often? The memes alone and meltdowns would be gold. The amount of people in this sub could easily get through

  3. You should act/adjust your voice to sound old. “My dear lovely grandson told me about this opportunity, anyways I put his inheritance in it, should I put more?”

  4. Tell them Dave Ramsey said it was a great investment decision to invest your life savings into it.

  5. This guy infamously tells the public to help his banker buddies a decade ago during the biggest financial crisis since the depression and then jokes about it on the anniversary of his outright abuse of his public influence.

  6. Yeah I thought this guy was banned years ago. Really like how he’s giving CEOs tips on how to run their company when he’s just an actor in front of some charts.

  7. 3 tweets, 3x the squueze we hitting 60 tomorrow 🚀🚀🚀🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚀👩‍🚀🚀🚀

  8. Sue Gove won't do anything without board approval, and I doubt she gives a shit about this guy. BTW she bought 50k shares around $4.50 like 2 months ago. She's about to double her net worth maybe quadruple, and if it goes like GME she will be worth tens of millions easily. I'm just saying.

  9. What is that Cramer crying about, so they angry because some retards make some money? What a douche bag, they can manipulate and short some company to bankruptcy and when the table turn they cry and talk shit. He can go line up behind a Wendy and submit his job application.

  10. So ironic that he's complaining about "market manipulation to break the shorts" when all the shorts do is manipulate the market.

  11. That's really the most obscure thing here. Is he accusing bbby to do it themselves? Or will her run the narrative that wsb is able to pull this off? Who else but these guys at Hedgefonds would have the ability to do such things?

  12. This to me should be most upvoted post on wsb. More people need to see this. Makes me want to buy. The bbby are taking Ryan cohens advise I’m sure. And I’ll bet that they don’t sell stock until it’s very high or not at all and look for other avenues. This move would be so classy I’m sure it would come back to help them long run.

  13. Use the money to build something people actually need and want in order to help create real wealth? What a great Idea!!

  14. So I’m gonna be honest… I had no idea who the fuck Jim Cramer really was until Monday. I was at work and my coworker and I start talking about stocks. Guy sounded like he knew his shit. Sounded like he did. Next thing I know I look over and he’s on the computer watching Jim Cramer and taking notes…

  15. Because the majority of his audience are middle class boomers who think Cramer is their buddy. It’s the “I’d have a beer with this guy” mentality

  16. "Hi. I'm Jim Cramer. You might remember me from such films as 'I'm so consistently wrong that inversing me is a legitimate strategy', 'I've been caught on tape bragging about manipulation tactics when I was a hedgie', and 'My boomer-tier investment advice hasn't been relevant in a decade'."

  17. I was honestly still a bit nervous before I saw this. Now my confidence level is so high, I could probably bag a super model. 🚀🚀🚀

  18. Oh yes Cramer, those poor shorts who tried to destroy a retail business and make 22k people loose their job for MORE money.

  19. Here's a guy with "bankruptcy any day"crowd, talk about hiding your head in the sand and being obtuse.

  20. I remember in the early days when GME started squeeze, Cramer made similar suggestions. He wanted GME management to issue shares to kill the short squeeze at a very low price.

  21. Cramer is a real piece of shit. Like we don’t know what the fuck he’s trying to do? Fucking bald headed, small cock motherfucker.

  22. Fauq you dick we apes will prevail in triumph!!! To the moon, ape buying more shares now. Lets short your ass out of a job!!!

  23. Definitely market manipulation to break the shorts, the naked shorting that allows this type of shit to happen is definitely not market manipulation.

  24. He’s trying really hard to dilute WSB to help out the shorts , little does he know we will buy all 20 million shares at 20$, 30$ 40$, 50$, fuck it we buying it all

  25. He's not wrong. It worked out pretty great for AMC. It would be ridiculous for BBBY not to do the same.

  26. He always confuse me. Everytime I read a post about, or see another commentary made by Cramer I end up buying more. I am out of fucking money. Stop giving me sound advice, you fucking cokehead.

  27. Why doesn’t someone just punch him in the face? Surely one of you degens has seen him on the streets.

  28. Cramer giving out advice is laughable. He rants cause he knows he fucked up with issuing a sell call. Just like all his advice always inverse Cramer

  29. its hilarious how these guys are always like "mind blown, how is this happening, its not worth this much!" when the reality is anyone can buy anything they want for whatever the fuck reason. you know they hiding some fuckery when they start acting like they care about the well-being of your money..

  30. Call Dave Ramsay. Tell him you bought your wife a 2002 Honda Civic without seatbelts, you’re $200,000 in student loans but had $90,000 liquid and YOLO it to BBBY. Omg the man would snap 😂😭

  31. Big corporations need to be took down these are the people that manipulate the market the Wall Street investors they don’t want the little people to make any money I’m glad that they are getting exactly what they deserve Wall Street bet rocks

  32. Lol I bet hedge funds would love that. I say squeeze the fuck outa them and start share offering after 100$ a share

  33. what is everyone thoughts on BBBY? I’m still holding and still profitable, but holding since I think we are going to see it run either tomorrow or next week. Anyone thinking differently?

  34. You've just been approved for something called options so you've sold naked $25 Jan 2023 puts on $BBBY...And used the money to buy $50 Leap calls for Next week. Does he think that's a good long term investment?

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