1. Lol, or remember when the "casually explained" cartoonist YouTuber was talking about next leg down back in 2020 and even made a video about it lol

  2. On a field trip a teacher bet my brother he couldn't eat 5 Arby's Beef and Cheddars. He was in like 5th grade. My brother won the bet. He is currently 390 lbs as an adult.

  3. Lmao, you sure that's a real story? I'm a teacher & I do everything I can so kids don't puke on the bus with me in it. Someone always does.

  4. So tempted to go all in on 0dte TSLA calls at open. The stock has been acting so weird this week tho... it could dump. Maybe buy a strangle?

  5. Hey guys I blew up my life all I have are these BBBY calls for a chance at some dopamine today. Wish me luck I'm in absolute hell.

  6. So 9 out of 10 people laugh at me and call me a bag holder for owning HDK at $215 right now. I’m ok with that and would prefer it that way vs 9 out of 10 people telling me I’m a genius.

  7. BBBY Aug-11-2022 DOJI (candlestick pattern) Holly Shit. We are all in for a ride. Indecision. Good luck with the calls boys

  8. Fucking woke up an hour ago and started sneezing. Now I'm congested and I can't sleep. Fucking allergies can eat my monkeypox-ridden asshole.

  9. You're not going to like this, but that's how the latest covid started for everyone in my household. Good news is, it really is just a cold now.

  10. BBBY up 5 percent premarket. There is simply no reason to not have a couple of shares of the stock, if only just to see some crazy bets happening.

  11. Bulls have Cramer and sleepy eye Tom Lee. Bears have Ray fucking Dalio and Michael fucks all your wives Burry

  12. And they’ll be worthless. The play was last week. Made 600% gains on Monday. The apes missed the boat again.

  13. I don’t understand ban bet, what do you get if you win? It’s like telling your friends you think the chiefs will cover -7

  14. It's honestly pretty goddamn impressive when you see someone who's like 23/24 or whatever. You gotta figure they've probably made some money too, plus it's just another way to gamble

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