1. Jeez, things are still slow AF here... tellus a story or something. Hot girls spotted last hour? Excellent orgasm? Anybody fuck their stepsister? Or maybe some actual DD for tomorrow? WASSUP? Come ON people, it's gotten fucking BORING up in here!

  2. I was talking with my friend who is a analysis for fidelity and he said his cousins brothers sister said $BBBY is a buy and will moon….

  3. I'm a Doordash driver. You would not believe the shit people have delivered. Candy bars and they pay $15 for a 1 mile delivery with tip. We Americans must be the fattest , laziest people on the planet...puts on Medicare .. calls on diabetes.

  4. Reporter: "Mr. Biden, how much of this bill is about raising tax revenue and how much of it is actually about just punishing companies for having money?"

  5. got one of those ooni pizza ovens. shit is awesome. bought dough from the local pizzeria made pizzas with the fam and it all came out great. shit hits 900f in such a short amount of time. and it doesn't even get that hot underneath. kinda annoying though adding wood and charcoal to get it up to temp. but A+ would buy again. each pizza took like 2 min max to cook once at temp.

  6. Congress spends money -> more inflation -> fed doesn't pivot -> rates keep rising -> consumers reduce spending -> businesses make less money -> stonks go down -> manufacturing slows down

  7. Operating profits were actually better than estimates. Those losses are just unrealized stock losses. Weekend dow is basically flat.

  8. Thinking about moving to some rural ass bumfuck area to get a decent mortgage and a yard. I want a yard for a dog and growing veggies. I guess if we ever miss eating at nice restaurants we could do fly out for a weekend.

  9. Look, here's how to warm leftover pizza. Or Stromboli, Calzone, etc. Heat the oven to low (140-150 degrees). Brush the crust lightly with olive oil. This helps to keep it from getting too dry. Place your leftover semi Italian delight in oven for about 30 minutes. Maybe a bit less for pizza, MAYBE A BIT MORE FOR STROMBOLI OR CALZONI.

  10. Mortgage rates are going to get pressured up. Idk about anything else though. 90B a month is like 2% of of the current deficit. I’d imagine we wouldn’t see any new highs

  11. it happens bro. sometimes it's worth it if they have other interests u like. my girl loves like 1930s shit , i dont get it. but whatever

  12. I'm so sick of retail manipulation that hurts innocent hedgies. Most of them have multiple families and mistresses to support. They also have plenty of mortgages, car loans, and yachts that haven't been fully paid off yet 😞

  13. Was the situation in 2018 similar to today? Was Jpow between the sword and the wall at that time too? I remeber he pumped the market again with QE, he cannot do that again definitely

  14. Their lack of proper speaking makes you feel smarter and in more control. It’s your perceived power you’re attracted to

  15. I can’t wait to move back to the Pacific Northwest. The south’s heat, humidity, and bugs suck much worse that seasonal depression, rain, woke hipsters, and higher housing prices.

  16. AXIOS: Credit card debt surged by $46 billion last quarter — a 13% jump from the prior year that marks the Biggest Increase in over 20 years. What's the average interest rate on a credit card in 2022? 15-20% Lol, this is going to end very badly for a lot of poor people.

  17. If taxing corporations hurts stock values, how is the Inflation Reduction Act bullish for markets? Damn, I can’t figure out nothing lately…..

  18. Retard here. Trying to find out the difference between "book income" and cash flow to better understand the bill that just passed. Is there a difference?

  19. Book Income is pre-tax income. Cash flows looks at the flow of available cash in the company. So if a company spends cash on investments that have not generated any realized profit or loss, that will not affect the income statement but it will negatively decrease the cash flow by the size of that investment.

  20. The Manchest fleet washed, got cards/yanks game on in the shop, beer freshly cracked, and fuck all to do. Hope all you meme kings make your money and sour people's asses here. Really looking forward to watching from the sidelines.

  21. NVDA may have been a bad call. They make both lists this weekend. Top 10 corps affected by Taiwan and highest tax increase

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