1. "12. I must tell you all. It is complicated, but it really is satisfying to play 3-D chess, especially if you know how to play it well. Today AMC Entertainment announced both vastly improved earnings and our game-changing new APE securities. #TodayWePounce"

  2. Adam Aaron has made it abundantly clear from day one he thinks apes are retarded and uses them for a bank account. How could anyone be surprised by this?

  3. I don’t hate him, I detest him. I detest him because he covers for criminal behavior that he should be calling out.

  4. How hard is it to just call Nancy Pelosi's husband and ask he what he bought so that he can tell us on air? Telling us to buy the top of everything is not fun

  5. TFW people think these ultra greedy capitalists are more likely to be denying themselves billions if not trillions of dollars than the apes being off the mark.

  6. Lol "send a kind word to Jim Cramer today"? Now we can confirm which side Adam Moron is on. I sure hope popcorn apes finally wake up and stop falling for his stupid lies. Cramer and Aron are clearly on the same side... and that side isn't retail for sure.

  7. At this point, Cramer should just embrace his role as a heel and get a job as a manager in the WWE. Then he can hit someone with a chair and say "Inverse that!"

  8. I‘m from Europe and currently on vacation in the US. For the first time in my life I saw Cramer live on TV. Omg, what happened to this country in the last 10 years. No sane person can watch that shit for more than 10 seconds…

  9. He is just trying to take further advantage of idiots holding amc and believing in him. No doubt he was getting sucked of by cramer after they both laughed at how stupid amc buyers are.

  10. Post your puts then. Just got burnt this morning when my options burnt up 10x. I was lucky to close my position for a few thousand.

  11. An old timer told me years ago…you never trust a man with 2 first names. He’s been spot on up to this point

  12. haha currently up 21.2% today alone. Lets see your puts! Isn't this whole place like "position or ban" or something?

  13. They feel AMC is holding them back from MOASS. It’s just greed, not some hero story about smashing hedgies or whatever. They just want their money and AMC is in their way in their eyes. That simple.

  14. Cramer started this whole mess. If anyone should be trying to make amends it’s him. He is the one calling retail dumb money.

  15. Well if he made us all rich we'd let him in the club, but he tries to sound to smart for us and I'd rather take tips from you animals than some dude on the tube.

  16. Most of us are retards well probably all of us but fuck Cramer. If he eats horse shit while it's coming out oh the horses ass live stream. I don't like to speak for others but maybe we should consider of does it. And we all want $4 wendy bags.

  17. Because his job is to keep easy retail money flowing into the market as much as possible and he performs it admirably

  18. A real CEO that took advantage of their situation and made something out of it. Unlike RC at GME. Did absolutely nothing. Let roaring kitty speak in front of congress for them. Everyone at GME failed to capitalize in their situation. This could have been GME and not AMC. And I don’t even care about GME. This is just how CEOS or heads played their strategy. AMC is a smarter deck of cards.

  19. Imagine using your windfall from retail pumping your stock to save your failing company instead of blowing it on dumb NFT schemes that generates less revenue than a hotdog stand.

  20. They only thing I heard Cramer say recently that wasn’t bullshit is when he said yesterday that this market chaos is fully the fault of the government, all branches. That’s an argument have trouble disputing

  21. Regardless of the content of the message, I’m just enjoying living in a world where the CEO of a major company is talking to “Apes”

  22. The problem with puts on AMC is that it’s part of the long leg in a swap against the real meme stock. Amc will continue to pump as long as Gme is still alive.

  23. I would say well Mr. Cramer you have an awesome platform to educate the world about our manipulated market. Be honest and help us fix Wall Street to be fair for all. I just bet that after you prove yourself we could be friends.

  24. I’m buying so many September puts it’s not even. Funny. It’s actually making me Feel sick inside that the apes are basically about to let every thing they did not want to happen to the stock happen all at once in asickening crescendo and the YouTubers are so bullish shorts are fucked. Nothing you can do but profit when it plummets.

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