1. The fact that all of this - Coinbase, Pinterest, and PayPal too - is happening at once has me side-eyeing. Something smells very shenanigan-y.

  2. ..lol giant slide... Same as always.. "please Buy anything other than BBBY" ....... Same as last time with GME. We fucking see you fucktards.

  3. Jesus, the copium. I mean, I've been in this for two fucking years and made a ton selling CCs and riding the waves with options, but this has only been possible with each new conspiracy. AMC still can't turn a profit with every single major blockbuster hitting at once. When are we going to get a fundamental catalyst, instead of a gold mine, a useless NFT, and now dilution with extra steps.

  4. I feel like AA just whipped his micro penis out and rubbed it across every "investors" forehead. Then made them thank him for it

  5. I‘m dumbfounded. How is the price of this APE share calculated at the start? If not 0 the would not logic dictate that a stock split occurred? But if 0 then only trading will show up a price?! But why should anyone trade this instead of commons?

  6. AMC board plan is to issue these dividends then use the 4.5 billion voting rights they can still issue to subdue the regular shares of AMC by letting 4.5 billion votes available to remove the legitamacy of the regular retail hodlers removing the hold on the board of directors preventing dilution then vote their shares into existence to 5 billion shares instead of just 500 million shares thus destroying retail.

  7. Whoever is short AMC will be popping champagne tonight. Fuck. I want to see some gain porn on puts this week. I’m kinda glad it’s not me, because I would risk a heart attack from laughter - Aaron is handing shorts his company on a platter and the apes are cheering. This is beyond retarded.

  8. This is the deal. For the umpteenth time, do what GME is doing, but in a shittier way that fucks over investors and retail, provides a shittier reality than GME is planning, and than say GME's plan will never work because this one didn't, even though it is objectively stupider.

  9. So let me get this straight, AA couldn’t get approval to issue more shares so he can dump more on bag holders .. I mean apes. So he found a loophole to basically issue more shares under the name “ape”. The company will hold around 4.5m share of apes. Guess what’s going to happen? Yes. You guessed it, shit on retail again

  10. Why do I feel that AMC is constantly prentending to be GME. But it’s almost like every move is being coordinated by old suits. It’s like, they don’t even try to be cool.

  11. I love this 3D chess play from Adam Aron to dilute the stock even more while the investors think it is a good think. Hats off to him.

  12. It’s shit like this that 100% confirms that there is no money to be made from AMC. As soon as they start trying to appeal to the MOASS cult type demographic, you know the whole thing is just a big scam. It’s just management rubbing their hands together, trying to find a way to get more money from investors. It’s basically “How do you do, fellow kids?”

  13. As a bag holder who cashed out in the initial pumps and I’m just playing with house money now… I don’t sub there to protect my minuscule remaining IQ but the second I read this shit I knew we were fucked. Tomorrow is gonna be fun 😵‍💫

  14. Adam Aaron once again playing 3D chess...on retail! LOL. Dude legitimately loves bagging these fools.

  15. Adam Aron has done nothing but shit on his shareholders since day 1 of "Apes." So I have 0 reason to believe this isn't completely nefarious. I also agree with AA that there aren't naked shorts on AMC. They diluted the float 5x, that run to 70 last year, that was AMC's squeeze.

  16. He’s raising capital, which is the only way to keep AMC from going bankrupt in hopes that everything returns to normal before the clock runs out. It seems like it’s absolutely necessary for the survival of the company.

  17. More cringe misunderstanding of what's happening. The company is about to dilute you guys hard, and without lube or consent. Since shareholders didn't vote for the original diluting, they're finding creative ways to really give the shareholders a nice round of cucking with a different ticker.

  18. AA literally tweeted that this is “3-D chess” move AND “the pounce” in his twitter thread 😂 i thought everyone saw his ties to the citadel network? and couldn’t those price-controlling market makers make their chart look totally different from gme’s if they wanted to? big yikes

  19. AMC was a dying company that took advantage of the GameStop craze and used it to grift the ever loving fuck out of retail investors to try to save their company from its inevitable doom

  20. They're trying to copy the GME share dividend, but they don't even have corporate authorization yet to increase the share count, so instead theyre giving people a placeholder security that is worth 1/100th of a share until they get a vote done to increase the share count. The fact theyre trying to split the stock before they even have authorization to do so shows how their just copying GME wherever posible, and without preparation.

  21. Nope. This is a purely dilution schemes. APE has the same voting rights. But costs only $0.01. Buying APE would give you so much more voting rights.

  22. There are 400k+ in the AMC sub right now cheering this, so… yes. That’s a fuck ton of absolute donkeys that will fall for this.

  23. Have you seen the amc YouTubers view counts? 35% of the country got duped into voting for Trump so yes there are a shit ton of gullible people out there.

  24. Lol it literally says in the report that this is a workaround for further dilution since they voted against the last share offering proposal. This is so fucking dumb I actually feel badly for these people

  25. Lmaooo if yall check out the clowns in amcstock subreddit you'll see how happy they are for their shares to be even more diluted and think squeezes are still possible by DRSing.

  26. When nothing happens maybe the damn amc apes will quit buying this damn stock and sell it to buy gme. Would be a kill shot since the hedgies have the damn amc apes fooled.

  27. if amc doesnt pop within a year its over. With a monster movie season they still couldnt manage to turn a profit. Company is doomed

  28. This is not a stock split it’s a whole new security amc options will stay the same. Unfortunately this will change voting rights significantly.

  29. ITT: Retards fighting over which entertainment related memestock is better at taking their money. Turn back now.

  30. Why are people commenting that it will dilute shares? In theory yes, IF the shareholders vote to covert the token to stock. Which they won’t…. Essentially this is a move that has those technicals but the goal and motive is to reveal that there are way more synthetics than actual shares. Can someone explain where I’m wrong here?

  31. No bro. Technically it’s a split but a 1:1 with a new issuance, the price will be cut in half for the original shares and the new issuance will get the same price to start. The big problem is now AA and all those dickless C-suite now have 4.5B approved but unissued shares to dilute the “preferred equity” without the need for shareholder approval for more shares.

  32. It will DESTROY voting power of the true shareholders. They won’t be able to vote down further dilution anymore. Wall Street banks are now back in voting power. Apes are retarded

  33. I was under the impression that preferred holders get to choose whether or not to convert. If this is indeed convertible preferred stock, do common shareholders have any say--other than to vote against preferred issuance--on what preferred holders can do with their securities?

  34. Ape is tradable on the market at 0.01.with the same voting rights as AMC holders. 1 ape = 1 voting right. You’re right. Retail will vote “no” but institutions about to buy the fuck out of ape and out vote you all. You’re about to see AMC holders get fucked even harder in the future. GG AA.

  35. Seems pretty clear from the investors AMC release that these particular equity units ($APE) do have voting rights for AMC. Might want to recheck your sources.

  36. I'm feeling stupid, please help me out. If this is a non-tradeable class of stock, how does this constitute more dilution?

  37. With shareholder votes and approval, "Ape" can be converted into an AMC share. Who stands to benefit from that? Brokers who want more shares to short and Adam A., someone who can't sell/issue more common shares cause he needs permission from shareholders.

  38. Buddy, do you honestly think hedgies and brokers aren't going to manipulate the sheer amount of synthetic shares still out there to sway a vote? Wise up ori time, Brokers and Adam A. will have already have had converted their "APE" stock into AMC stock, voted in their favor, and diluted the float.

  39. You dont get it do you? Now it does not matter if you agree or not. Your right to vote has been 360 no scoped

  40. Hedgies don’t have to buy shit this was literally realized with the GME split lol. They always have a trick up their sleeves guys.

  41. There’s half a billion shares already outstanding. Don’t be confused, this is not a good thing. You guys are getting fucked again through dilution.

  42. Dumping the rest at the bell, picking up some GME. Luckily my cost basis is around 11 but I feel bad for those that bought higher, held and didn’t sell ANY along the way.

  43. I own both but got in late for my own retard reasons, as of today I’m up 60+% on gme and still down 25% amc probably 50% by market open. I actually read some shit here that made real good sense for once and immediately drs’d my shits. After this bs stunt I’ll be lucky if I ever break even on popcorn. I will absolutely be GME only when or if that day comes. Permission to come aboard?

  44. Reading some of the comments here, it seems like non AMC shareholders are more concerned over this than actual AMC shareholders. Wake me up after MOASS.

  45. Adam didn't say that this was his “pounce”. I see a lot of people here that just hate on AMC and the investors for no apparent reason. 🤡 behavior.

  46. I wish there was a "movement" for all amc investors to simultaneously buy puts and sell ALL their shares. AA has been fucking up the short squeeze since day 1 and apes should be revolting

  47. Gotta generate the cash to support a debt laden company. Investors wouldn’t support selling more stock so this is the next best thing I guess. I wonder when they will start selling the assets they have.

  48. Wallstreetbets is a bunch of retards and I'm serious a bunch of shills and bears to connect a thesis on... we are LONG you are SHORT get the picture retard.. yay or nay idgaf moon or bust....

  49. You can’t complain on the CEO at least, this guy is listening to the shareholders and keeping them happy. Can’t say that about many other companies.

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