1. As a recent dad, I can tell that Zuckerberg is 100% wearing Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on his face. Which would make sense if you were an alien as it is the most effective sunscreen if you don’t mind looking like a Kabuki Doll.

  2. If you look close you can still see that he is lizard. It’s just using the skin of human like that cockroach from men in black.

  3. The thing I hate about this photo is that Zuck is doing everything right. He's wearing reef-safe sunscreen and he has it applied correctly too. It just looks hilarious.

  4. He will mingle on his metaverse world. It’s the only place he can probably find friends that are designed by him.

  5. Zuck all the way, just look at that watermelon ass. I bet that dumper generates so much raw power in a fight, Musk wouldn't be able to move him that's for sure.

  6. Yeah but Musk is giving me Dr. Eggman/Gru vibes, I don't know how much more "evil villain" you can really squeeze out of someone

  7. He’s the final boss. Just hanging out waiting in the next stage near a burning barrel wearing cut off blue jeans and a cowboy hat.

  8. Was gonna say he’s a manlet so that negates a lot of his strength but then realized him and Zuck are the same height. Meanwhile elon claims to be 6’1 so he’s probably 6’ maybe 5’11” at worst. Definitely gives him an advantage.

  9. I bet Leon lifts a plump man breast, flicks his tongue on the nipple, sits on Bezos face and lets out a gagging fart. Bezos then barfs so hard that Musk flies off and lands on Bill Gates raging boner. Then the curtain lifts and they shout "Welcome to Davos 2023!"

  10. Elon has the weight advantage, but I'm fairly certain he hasn't skinned anyone's face off for pleasure. I'm not as confident about the Zuck. Maybe that was the original face book?

  11. My money is on Elon. But where did Zuck come in all cheeked up like two baby watermelons in his drawers tempting fate against hungry hungry sharks waiting to sink their teeth into the fattest billionaire booty

  12. He grew those cheeks in the metaverse, in a digital bakery designed to handle the amount of absolute cake that the Zuck is hauling around

  13. I too enjoy water gliding and must protect my vulnerable and human epidermis through the use of paste product.

  14. He actually looks pretty good in this photo. Other than water sunscreen that is. Way more athletic than I imagined.

  15. Let's be real, Musk doesn't care about rules. Zuck's showing up for a boxing match and getting shotgunned

  16. what’s the weight class difference here we’re talking about? I can think of some fighting subreddits that would like a word in this.

  17. It's definitely aikido, which means he's really good against fake knife scenarios. Aikido is the rich white man's obscure martial art

  18. And a dietitian and and chef. I eat like shit because I’m broke and don’t always have time to cook healthy meals. He has no excuse.

  19. Someone said it’s common to get hosed down before going back on the yacht to remove the salt water. So I’m assuming it’s a fixed hosing area lol

  20. The Zucc, for a year of his life, only ate meat he himself killed. Elon is clearly just very insecure and wants people to like him, whereas I don't think Zucc has felt anything, especially not remorse, in his entire life. I'm going with Zucc all day long. I will sit back and watch the blank, cold expression on his face while he destroys our enemies and then smokes their meat.

  21. Elon has a shorter temper due to insecurity and will be constantly, passively distracted by his need to fornicate with the nearest submissive and breedable entity. Although he can focus on Zucc, it will be difficult as he is easily distracted and prone to exposing himself. Also while he's not profiting off of child slave labor in his father's cobalt mines, he's constantly on a come down from last night's Coke binge.

  22. I mean I’m fuckin super white, but gaht damn E-boy is on another level. Looks like he hasn’t been in the sun since he promised FSD next year, the first time

  23. Zuck all day. Musk, my man, keep the bloody shirt on or do some basic bodyweight exercises because you look fuckin hilarious

  24. Elon looks out of breath. In a street fight, it's endurance that wins. So it's Zuck. Someone ought to tell these guys about spray tans. Snow blinding the general public isn't good for business.

  25. Guy on the left looks like he could be holding a weapon, so at least we know if we give him one he might not drop it. Guy on the right looks like he's surprised he isn't melting in the hose water after all the time he spent melting in the hoes.

  26. That Facebook guy looks like such a freaking dork 😂. Trying to picture that MFer getting a Cesar haircut because he has some sort of complex is really cracking me up for some reason.

  27. You know Zucc is wearing sun lotion here right? Like the good for the environment kind that doesn't dissolve in the water which is why he looks like a Japanese geisha.

  28. We all know Elon can’t fight. While I doubt he has the skill to do it Zuck would have some mean straight hand punches if he trained

  29. Zuck said he does a lot of extreme sports. I believe everything Zuck says. Zuck round one question mark kick KO.

  30. Come on now, titanium- or zinc-oxide sunscreen rated for the water would make a lot of people look that pale. That's what Zuckerberg looks like. It's a cherry picked photo.

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