1. If not a liar a dumb son of a bitch. Just send it to me. That’ll cover my daughters remaining college and my sons college plus pay off my mortgage

  2. That's not true either. Yes it's fashionable to have lost money this year but there ought to be some middle ground between YOLO 0 day puts on SPY/GME and dollar cost averaging long positions on S&P 500 mutual funds.

  3. 100k in SPY, 100k in SPYG, the rest in Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Home Depot, United Healthcare, Nvidia, Tesla, AMD, Morgan Stanley. Reinvest dividends. Check back in 10 years.

  4. You can launch a small custom car audio brand with that. Even half of it (invest the other half if you wish). The profit margins will net close to 100% return annually if the shipping times are reasonable

  5. Is this your first time on WSB? People usually ask for advice after they lost their $$ or how to turn their -80% position around with $20. The WSB style of trading is leverage to the balls, buying 1 week expiries - hope that this helps…

  6. Give it to a professional to invest and get off this gambling board. These nitwits here are financially retarded. They’ll have you yolo it on some failing company and HODL it until bankruptcy.

  7. Dividend stocks, look up reits. They are usually extremely stable with good dividends. But research each company still, and their histories going back to 2008 to see how they handled the housing crisis

  8. You will sure loose that 500k (if u have) if you take any one suggestions here. Here we play only 0DTE on SPY or GME deep OOM plays.😂

  9. Run a stock screen at your brokerage for companies for 4-5 stars from CFRA and Morningstar (or whoever you trust). Maybe add “Wide moat”.

  10. Honestly? GameStop. They’re doing a split dividend within the next two weeks, could see similar action to when Tesla did their split.

  11. Masimo is a good bet IMO. They own a ton of patents and are currently going after Apple for heart rate tech in their watch. If they win it would be ridiculous upside.

  12. How old are you/how many years until retirement? Basic idea is you want to invest more aggressively if you are young/plan to work for many years to come. If you are retiring soon or want to live off the investment you need to invest more conservatively.

  13. You have 500k just chilling? Bullshit. You can get 10k minimum a year guaranteed interest on that. Why even consider investing and risk losing it.

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