1. It’s not an all-in unless you took out the maximum amount of loans you can get, placed your wife and kids for collateral, and buy stocks with full margin utilization.

  2. Sold my wife and kids to sketchy Russians months ago and lost it all on options... Guess I'll have to start over.

  3. If you want some adrenaline, then by going all in, you need to do options. Yolo your entire six figures into 7/22 150 C on Monday morning on a dip. Anything below 130 and then just observe your emotions from elation to depression back to elation along the way. Take your profits though into strength, don't be an idiot. If we get above 150 and you have those calls, from that point on the return is gonna grow exponentially. But you gotta sell before expry

  4. Put 200k in. Sold a house. Refinanced another. Put another 250k in. Took cc loans and bought shares. Bought 450 shares today with fidelity on margin.

  5. Which DD seems real to you? During I've seen and read is conspiratorial numerology, unjustified assumptions, logical fallacies, and confirmation bias. For example, every time I ask for proof shorts didn't cover, I get one of two responses: "prove they did" or "do you really think they'd do x,y,z if they had?" Talk about being full of holes.

  6. I think you should be careful because of the stock split coming I think on the 22nd, double check that. Do shares if you want to hold during split. Options should be done after split because it is confusing. Good luck.

  7. Buy now - get the split dividend. Wait for the fomo/ or options cycle. Get 30% return in a few months. This won’t be a January 2021 type fomo which almost broke them but you’ll make dough. Maybe a Saudi prince will do the same and it will be lambo season. Who knows - either way go full retard

  8. If you’re gonna go all in, do the DRŚ thing through computershare. Cuz if the theories are right, that will help the process. And there’s only a few business days left to buy through CS

  9. 741. “JuSt AnOtHeR cOnSpIrAcY tHeOrY” they said. Until it wasn’t. Just think of all the other DD that has yet to come to fruition. That is why I hodl.

  10. Either you go all in and you lose or you go all in and you win. It’s one or the other, so statistically you have a 50/50 chance of winning.

  11. You’re asking a bunch of retarded, smooth brained apes if you should go all in? Shut the hell up, do it while the rest of us fling poo at you

  12. You would be better off buying a lottery ticket. $10000 a share. Do you know what the market cap would be if that was the case ?

  13. What actually led me to this sub in late 2020 was the dude that posted video of his deep OTM Jan'21 Tesla call he bought in early 2020, the bought for $500, then it mooned to a milly by year-end.

  14. People here dont care which stock just send your losses over the next few weeks/months. GME holder but not like those ones that bring it up at dinner and make the table silent. Good luck!

  15. Invest in what you believe in , not what is hyped. If you believe gme will make a great turnaround then yes. I invest In gme because I like the company and what they do. I also like the moon

  16. I prefer crypto. An e-commodity seems better than a terrible company. And even the mainstream talking heads on CNBC see upside to 🅱️itcoen.

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