1. No, if it was same or lower, Biden wouldn't need to address it the day before. Its increasing, just we don't know by how much. My guess is at least 9.0%

  2. It reminds me of adult swim. Seemingly for no reason whatsoever, all the kids out of the pool for 10 minutes. All the parents have to watch their kids. Single people with no kids aren't at that pool, they're at the YMCA or something where they can swim the whole time they're there and not 10 minutes per hour. The pool is empty. The ritual is stupid. Everyone just stares at the empty pool for 10 minutes.

  3. I'm expecting another rip your face off rally. After that, we probably take out 5-7 years of gains. Too many people are expecting a drop.

  4. i'm good with it. going down will be a wake up call to the fed and means more republican votes this fall. apparently it is going to have to get worst before it gets better. at least this the vibe i'm getting from the fed.

  5. Yea hes always late and always rambles what seem like off topic. I doubt his speech today was any indication of CPI tomorrow.

  6. Prediction is 8.1. I think it’s more likely 8.5-10. Prices are insane and businesses don’t have staff. And everyone is missing earnings lately so everything adds up to baddddd numbers. If Amazon costs got fucked by inflation imagine consumers where all that gets passed to

  7. Most banks and when I said most I mean all showed record profits Q1 in their trade desk. They were first selling and Will buy back pretty soon.

  8. If we are going to get a rally before opex it starts tomorrow. The high VIX will fuel the rally. Once puts start covering it blasts up

  9. nah tomorrow will be a huge bear market sending vix to near 40. After that I sell all my puts and inverse 3x leveraged positions and buy calls.

  10. Citing Biden being 30 minutes late has the same energy as “there’s lights on a citadel at night” DD

  11. You are a dumbass to keep anything with Bank of America. Have you not seen some of the issues surrounding unannounced bank closures and shit over this last year. They will probably be a dead bank soon.

  12. If I get $5k of credit card debt with BofA and they go bankrupt will they follow me for my money or can I just delete the app and pretend I don't speak english when the debt collectors call

  13. Do you not remember anything from the last 20 years? BofA is too big too fail. They know they get bailed out, why would they be a lawful bank?

  14. The fact this is true and being pointed out on this sub, means the algos account for that. It might trick some tards into buying some bags, but ultimately retail doesn't sway the market anywhere near institutions and the fed.

  15. This guy thinks he’s big brain but he also thinks CPI is strictly an inflation report and that’s the only thing the reported numbers are based on 🤣

  16. We’ll rip tomorrow. CPI might be 9 but core CPI will be down MOM and spy will go to 430 by Thursday

  17. To start off with, I've done better then anyone before with adding jobs, I drilled more for oil then Trump did. I wanna fix everything but putin and the Republicans are messing everything up and won't let me. Vote blue this election for more of my greatness.

  18. Hahha imagine locking down the country and when you let people go back to work calling it "job creation"

  19. Food prices are high because corn is up and in short supply. That's why my administration is allowing more corn to be turned into fuel. Cows and kids can fuck off. We've got vacation driving to cover.

  20. How about I had to stockpile baby formula for the last 4 months. As my 14 month old was getting off formula around 4 months ago I noticed less and less on the shelves.

  21. Yeah it’s going to be a shitshow tomorrow. Not worried for myself, I’m only 32. Sad that my dad who is 4 years away from retirement is taking a hit. He will be ok but it’s just a shame.

  22. The market disagrees. At the end of last week, a 75 bp raise in the June FOMC was priced in with a roughly 80% probability even though Powell came right out and said 75 bps were off the table for future raises; that has now switched to a roughly 90% probability for only 50 bps. Signs are pointing to inflation slowing now, so we probably won't get a "doom print" that a lot of you idiots are predicting.

  23. You guys act like this number isn't totally fucked cooked. Of course it's going to be lower tomorrow because otherwise raising the rates would be looked on as a huge mistake by this administration.

  24. I bet they lie and say inflation goes down- even though interest rates have not had enough effect yet and no reasoning. The market has to breathe before we take the 3 digit plunge

  25. I mean if you go to the store and pay attention you can easy see how much more stuff gone up , and is only on the early stages

  26. Gawd he said they don’t have control of all branches bc they don’t have complete control of the Senate 🤦‍♂️ I really feel bad for low income people even though most of them were duped into voting for him

  27. noob question here.. why is PTON actually moving up (after hrs)? There is like nothing positive coming out of that camp makes no sense.

  28. Biden is shitting himself and painting the walls with it he has done nothing but shit on the people of this country. He needs to be removed but she would be worse. We have no hope we have fallen this far in two years imagine how far down we will be in two more.

  29. No, you idiots. There's now been a deflationary spiral. Prices of literally everything have dropped and GDP was negative in the first quarter. Inflation reading will be better tomorrow.

  30. Used car prices are down , housing prices peaked now stagnant and not moving at the speed of light , gas prices will decrease at the end of the week , China lock downs should end this month and production will ramp up . A lot of indicators out that inflation peaked and can only go down from this point .

  31. Went long today because retardless of the number, the market will rally for the next week or two (technicals playing out with the catalyst). Then switching to puts before GDP is released to remind everyone how fucked we all are.

  32. What was the cpi last April, just for the month? I think it was 0.6%, just remember this won't be included in tomorrow's number, so if the monthly increase is less than 0.6% the YoY number will look like its going down. Or maybe its last march... anyways... you get what I'm saying.

  33. IT contracting may be slowing down. Just talked to 2 guys in different parts of the state and their desktop support contracts were ending this month.

  34. If that's what his speech was about, he did the most piss poor job of easing fears and calming markets of any president in my lifetime and that includes Dubya. Biden came into this job talking about bipartisanship and working together, now he's all about politics as usual...throw mud at the opposing team and play the blame game. He keeps blaming Putin for fuel prices when one of his first moves in office was to put the kibosh on the Keystone pipeline. Sorry Joe, I'm not an ignoramus like you must think we all are. Your cute little "Putin's Price Hike" catchphrase just sounds idiotic to me.

  35. Is there some way for the people to throw Biden out of office for gross incompetence? Just put Elon there already and take us to the moon

  36. The current economy and inflation is very reminiscent of when Jimmy Carter was president. Inflation was crazy! Mortgage rates were crazy! Fuel rationing at the gas station. He was a one term president because of the "Misery Index". I don't think Biden will be elected again but, frankly, we need some younger leaders. Not Biden, not Trump, not Bernie, not anyone else ancient.

  37. Who’s to say the numbers themselves aren’t manipulated? Cmon guys, if I’m trying to stay in power, I’d sure as hell manipulate the actual CPI for example as being slightly less than it is in actuality. Why? Stock market relief (benefits my ultra-rich donors), belief that our monetary system works (hint: it doesn’t), and to keep the status-quo at all costs. Lets face it ladies and gents, information can be hidden in plain sight due to short attention spans. A well-educated public changes nothing; if an individual or conglomerate controls the narrative, they control the public. It’s a consolidation of power and nothing but brute force can stop it. You don’t take complete control in one fell swoop, you take it slowly, like a rapidly contagious but “harmless” virus until it mutates into an unstoppable force once it has reached enough hosts.

  38. If it prints higher tomorrow than last month, they’ll say “it’s the peak”. And then actively start working on revisions as to how it’s calculated like they did back in 1980, when shit got out of hand.

  39. CPI will actually be down mostly because April 2021 was much higher than March 2021. It's comparing the increase from last year more than the increase from month to month. Biden addresses it early to scare everyone though. Pump tomorrow wrecks everyone then bull trap dump wrecks everyone again. It's going to be a shit show.

  40. This is why I rarely use Reddit. They removed so many posts for absolutely no valid reason. Great idea but it's failing miserably with their censorship.

  41. Think its a coincidence that we give hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine and markets start to drop? HEY GUYS REMEBER WHEN CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUT THE STOCK MARKET WERE ACTUALLY JUST THEORIES?! Not with this guy as president. Government has been showing its hand on numerous occasions.

  42. What’s causes recessions are but recessions can be a good thing in the long run. They clear out bad companies and give other people the opportunity to buy at a discount. I really want tech to crash and burn like a mother fucker so my TECS will print hard!!!

  43. Thanks for the guess based off of someone who doesn’t know where he is half the time being late, dumbass.

  44. Lmao, their estimates are under 8.0 and not a single god damn thing has gotten cheaper. They’re LITERALLY faking numbers to prevent a huge sell off because they can’t have Sleepy Joe look bad since midterms are close.

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