1. Grow a beard, change your name, buy a flannel shirt and jeans, move to Eastern Maine and hide out in the woods for the rest of your life. Only use cash for everything and never use the internet again. Come in you can do this! LFG!

  2. That's not true anymore. They do thorough background checks these days and avoiding debt will get you disqualified from joining. Even monasteries do checks to make sure you aren't avoiding debt by becoming a monk.

  3. If a beautiful Woman comes up and goes “omg! Are you [insert name here]?” Just say no. It’s someone trying to serve you.

  4. This actually happened to me lol. Had a CC that I let go to collections about 4 years ago (I was in a bad spot financially and had been laid off etc). I didn’t answer the collectors, just ignored my phone and whatnot. One day as I was coming back inside from checking the mail, I was approached by a random woman in the parking lot. She made casual conversation for a minute then asked me if I was so and so. I was like “Yeah that’s me.” Boom, she served me w/ papers that I didn’t even realize she was holding.

  5. Yes it's like this for all debt. Paying is optional and purely an honour thing. Same as a credit card, a car purchase etc. No need to consider paying off that debt at all. Optional.

  6. True Story: after marrying my wife, I learned that she didn't understand how credit cards work. Thought she could just pay them back...eventually. Or not.

  7. You all jest and laugh but there is a kernel of truth in your sarcasm. Laws vary by state but there are statute of limitations on each different type of debt. If you have good credit, you can ring up as much as they give you and all you have to do is hide for 4 years in Cali and they can't do shit but pound your credit score into the ground.

  8. Don’t forget about bankruptcy. Just make sure you don’t own anything before hand. Also don’t want to own anything for a while…

  9. Pretty much if you got 7 years where you can hang out somewhere and you know you're not going to need a loan you can pull this off.

  10. Just last week I had to appear in court for unpaid child support. I simply told the judge “nah bruh”. He let me walk…into the county jail for 90 days. Much nicer than my current wife’s boyfriend’s garage.

  11. I knew a guy like that during the dot-com crash. Not only did he lose all his money, he lost all his fiancee's money, and all his future father-in-laws money. He owed his sleazy brokerage house $600K.

  12. I mean he deleted the app. That’s the equivalent of tearing up a contract into confetti right? He is essentially untouchable 😤

  13. Change address, and gender; and stop using your credit card and smartphone. They won’t find you. If they somehow do, deny it at all cost, « got the wrong gal pal » And you should be fine.

  14. Get triggered when they call you sir and insist that they address you as 'ma'am' if they wanna talk to you.. then remind them the person they are looking for is a male... See it's not you!! Have a good day ma'am

  15. thats right, they were fools to lend him money, who's the real victim here? If i give a toddler a credit card.. well ok if i give a drug addict a gun!.. no that.. well i don't have a good example but fuck them!

  16. Hard iron makes their iron hard or whatever they like to quote. So if you don’t bail on their loans every now and again, they’ll just go soft you know? Do it for them.

  17. It’s like the scene in “I think you should leave” where they play credit card roulette and the guy who gets picked is like “I’m not fucking paying it, it’s a stupid fucking game” and gets all indignant

  18. I stayed at a Marriott this past week for work. When I left for the day, I let the water run and turned the AC to its coldest setting.

  19. The bank and broker have your contact data already, home address, SIN#, even after you deleted your accounts. You could try to declared bankruptcy. Move to Canada change your name to Tim Hortons or to Mexico change your name to Jose.

  20. Sue them for giving margin to someone who they did not take the steps to vet properly. Margin and option trading should not be given out like candy to people. Only sophisticated traders who are well aware of the risks involved should be allowed to take on so much risk.

  21. Who ever comes knocking, just pretend the person they're looking for, has defrauded you as well. They wont come again.

  22. Best option if your single and have no family, take out a crazy loan. Sell all your assets, move to another country with your loan money and assets and start fresh.

  23. If Gabe taught me anything I think he’s supposed to open a NEW account and just trade with that from now on. A little whoopsie, do-over type of thing.

  24. who gives a poop. I bailed on like 280k worth of student loans. fucked off to europe and problem solved. it was either spend the rest of my life working just to make sallie mae minimum payments, suicide, or just leaving it all behind.

  25. I got out of paying $10k in medical debt just by ignoring their phone calls and throwing away the bills for 7 years. As long as you never admit the debt is yours (just never communicate with them), it drops off. Suckers

  26. If you contact them directly, rather than making them sue you, they might be amenable to some kind of payment plan. If you ignore them and make them sue, then the lawyers handle it, get a judgment, and take any assets you have and garnish your wages.

  27. No big deal. Double down then file for bankruptcy. In 7 years do it again and again until you eventually hit the jackpot.

  28. If he can figure out to get into the witness protection program, maybe become a snitch on the Mexican cartel, the government will give him a new identity and he can trade again.

  29. Kind of hilarious because with that username it's obviously a troll but everyone giving actual answers 🤣

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