1. Lmao…cause that’s true short term you gonna pay 40%+ in tax … long term capital gains you gonna pay 15-25% so ya a used 1st genTesla maybe:)

  2. And why thank this sub? The only recommendation from wsb since 2019 has been gme so basically he should be pissed because if hadnt listened to this sub he would be up another 10k lol.

  3. this is record levels of cucked. You invested all this and can still barely afford a tesla (idiot decision buying a expensive car anyway) and you are going to gift it all to your Wife? Not even yourself? Enjoy being back to square 1. I pray for you that the tesla doesnt decide to drive off a cliff or combust. Leaving you up to your ears in debt

  4. GME “chart of dreams” TA ascending pattern in tact. Keep holding OP and the GME position id be fr surprised if it doesn’t green

  5. Lurker like shit for a while. Just want to say evidently I have the worst luck in life. I have busted my ass all my life, with a father that just got out of prison 20+ years and a mother that tried to kill herself when I was 19-20 and fell on a oxi addiction. I've never had anything except what I could Afford which was never really much. Shit my shoes are falling apart, because bills come first and food. I have 3 kids one of which is special needs. I tried starting my own painting business before this stupid scamdemic took place, lost that because everyone freaking out and now trying to do things again are almost impossible. Scam contractors etc, and now I can't even afford rent this month. I hate that I've tied so hard and have nothing to show for it. Fuck

  6. Honestly just put all of that into Tesla shares while Elon is selling and keeping the stock around 1k. You'll make another 50% by the end of next year. Q4 is usually the best quarter too. You think the q3 pump was good wait til the delivery numbers are even better in q4.

  7. You can at least buy a broken down one for her boyfriend. Maybe he can get you to fix it up?

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