1. I never got how a sudden injection of cash, without any change in political messaging, equals a 6-point lead. Who in Texas is thinking, "Oh, Beto just got another million! Let's finally vote to give up our guns!"

  2. I'm not a Texan, but this is getting fucking out of control. Our elections cannot be bought like this.

  3. Beto took $22 million in out of state money (-edit- for his Senate run). When I commented that on my hometown Austin subreddit I was permanently banned and muted from contacting the mods.

  4. Speaking as a Texan, BETO doesnt stand a chance. Most of his support comes from out of state (suprising absolutely no one) and unlike some states Texas isnt governed solely by the wants and wiles of cities pulling the reins, we have an exceptionally large population of rural voters that has just as much (if not more) pull in state elections as the cities.

  5. Speaking as a Texan, don’t get too comfortable or complacent. Get out and encourage others to vote conservative. It would be awful if Beto won because we wrote him off.

  6. As a Texas who does not like Abbot very much.... I shudder at the thought of BETO being close and will vote for the crusty republican. Aka this poll will make people on the fence actually vote.

  7. Which is why a Beto victory would definitively signal the end to free & fair elections in Texas. Soros injected a million dollars, and suddenly the gap closes by 6 points?

  8. As a Texan unfortunately living in another state, I beg of you and from what I understand it’s the lesser of two evils, please don’t vote for Robert Francis.

  9. As a Texan, and Houstonian, most people I talk to who are on the fence are completely fed up with democratic policies. This poll just seems like propaganda, I see “Wheels” winning in a landslide.

  10. While you have a good point, and from the folks I know in Texas, you reflect exactly what the vast of majority of Texans feel about both Abbot and Beto, you have to understand the motivations of the left. They have been convinced by MSM outlets, Social Media, and other inputs that what they're fighting is evil incarnate and that's a very strong motivator to defeat that evil by any means necessary, regardless of any legal/ethical/moral concerns.

  11. Amen. Absolutely true, we don’t even really hear about him here - do we? Like if it wasn’t for the media we would not even know he’s running- do you agree?

  12. That’s what everyone thought about John Ossoff in GA. I still can’t believe that little weasel won. Must have been the midnight votes.

  13. Abbot will lose a lot of moderates over the abortion thing, and we have had a huge influx of left leaning migrants moving here from other states. This will end up being closer than you think.

  14. 2022 will be the year, as a Texan, you will see your state Blue as they come. And Beto will take whatever he wants when he wants. Even better, your LEOs in Texas will comply and do exactly what they are told.

  15. If you had asked me 20 years if a man (with prior criminal issues) in the audience of a sitting governor started screaming/screeching as a ploy to get votes would have any chance of winning, I'd have laughed it off. These days, though...I just don't know.

  16. Don’t worry, it will never happen, like I said, he’s nonexistent here. If it wasn’t for the mainstream media you would not even know he was running

  17. Why I would never move to Texas, especially because it’s getting bluer. Move to a state like Idaho, Wyoming, Utah or Florida.

  18. Abbott frankly deserves to be dragged after trying to help the Uvalde cops cover up their cowardice. He doesn't deserve to win; it's unfortunate that Texas Republicans have to stick with him at this point.

  19. I am a Texan I’m not a huge Abbott fan, he’s not Conservative enough for me- I of course will vote for him any day over a Lib, but I don’t know what you’re talking about with the Uvalde police, I heard him cry and say it’s unforgivable that the police waited so long and didn’t take out the gunman, I’m not defending him- because again I’m not a huge fan, but I am curious as to what you’re talking about. Please explain it, then I will probably like Abbott even less than I do now, I will still vote for him though

  20. Yeah there's no fucking way. Beta Beto couldn't win a fucking spelling contest much less a governor election. Especially in fucking Texas of all places. He's the most blatantly anti-gun fuck to ever live in the most pro-gun state to exist on Earth. If he wins no one in Texas will accept that

  21. Come on dude be honest with yourself wtf are they going to steal. Texas is hard core red state with everyone in their government being Republican.

  22. Many Republicans stuck their fingers in their ears and didn’t want to hear about 2020 election fraud because a) it was too complicated to unravel and b) they were sort of happy to get rid of Trump. We tried to tell them that even if you don’t want to do anything for Trump, you better care about what went down and how it went down because it’ll happen to other Republicans when you let this slide. And here we are.

  23. Quinnipiac is not a great pollster , during the Florida Governor race they had Andrew Gillium winning over Ron DeSantis by +7 points, DeSantis ended up winning the state by .4 . In Texas for the presidency they had it even, Trump carried the state by over 5.5 points. Texas isn’t going blue even though Abbot sucks

  24. As a Texan, we are not gonna let Robert Francis O’Rourke become our governor. The man literally said “hell yes we’re gonna take your AR-15s”. He is a far leftist on every single issue. Fuck outta here Robert. Not gonna happen.

  25. Should we be surprised if California Dems organized a mass voting effort in Texas? California has millions to spare.

  26. I live in Tx, they said the same thing when Abbott ran against Wendy Davis(nicknamed Abortion Barbie) and when Ted Cruz and Beto ran against each other, but they didn’t win. They know Beto can’t win Tx- not with his gun grabs, this is the media and Libs trying to mess with peoples heads. There’s no way Beto will win Tx

  27. Soros/Establishment really wants Beto in. Incredible how they just keep on trying.. Same key, same key, same key. Wild!

  28. Ok, today I’ve seen that the Senate races are leaning Democrat and now Beto is competitive. What Mickey Mouse bs websites are y’all looking at???

  29. BETO is poised to get more votes than any Texas governor in history, but can’t draw more than a few hundred people to any public event. Sound familiar?

  30. An abortion was already hard to get in Tx. I’m staunchly prolife and proud of it, I don’t think it’s a huge hot button issue in Tx. I have met few people that care much one way or the other, it’s not like we went from having Liberal abortion laws to no abortion, it’s not a huge change. You know what people are passionate about in Tx? the government staying out of their business, their independence and GUNS! Seriously there is no way the abortion issue out weighs gun grabbing in Tx, I believe Texans would rebel, they would never give up their guns and they will not vote for someone who will try to make them give their guns up. It is not just about the guns, it’s about freedom and independence and those things are to important for Texans. God help the politicians (elected or not) that try to take Texans guns- it won’t be pretty

  31. If you're worried about fraud, I'd pay attention to the races involving people who have been at the forefront of the stolen election debate, like Liz Cheney.

  32. There was another Colorado election the same day, when voting machines suddenly flipped a 70-30 lead for the populist candidate to a 30-70 loss in the last hour.

  33. Remember the Trump/Hillary race? Didn’t most polls say she would win? Even she was surprised she lost, you can’t believe the polls.

  34. Been to Walmart lately? Lock up the complete idiot vote and the dead vote and anything can happen

  35. Ain’t no way shado Beto would win. So, if you pray get to praying. Also be proactive and monitor those voting stations.

  36. Texas cities have a very strong cheating system in place. It’s easy to gloss over, but in 2020, Trump only beat Biden in Texas by a measly 5 points. That’s a swing-state margin- not something you should see in a GOP stronghold, and definitely not against Biden.

  37. Remember when Texas was turning blue, but then Trump won handily, making big gains among Latinos in border counties?

  38. As a Texan I can confirm for multiple elections they have been saying to expect a blue wave or certain blue candidates had a chance. Each time I have been pleasantly surprised that it never happened

  39. Which polls though? CNN? Fox News? Reuters? I’m thinking their polls are the usual fake news bullshit polls.

  40. Oraurke winning would just solidify the theory that the elections can be and are rigged. That guy has literally no following. More people live in Antarctica then support him lol.

  41. Not surprising. People moved there once they were done turning Cali into a shit hole. Now it's time to do it in texas then rinse and repeat. Spreading like a...what's the word?

  42. As a Texan, why do we keep voting in weak republicans? I don’t like Abbott or Patrick and it took them forever to give us constitutional carry. Beto is definitely worse but I would really like the opportunity to vote for someone, instead of against someone.

  43. Beto looks like abbots younger brother that moved to California at 17 years old after his dad wouldn't accept his lifestyle.

  44. I actually know people pretty far on the right who are voting for Beto because they are sick of the Christian conservatives abortion stance. They’ve also expressed general discontent with the old guard republicans. I think it’s fair to say we should expect a lot of young conservatives protest-voting against abbot.

  45. Beto is such a fraud that there is no place in America that he should win an election. Nowhere! There are no limits to what he would say. It all depends on the venue and audience. He would call his own mother a whore if he thought it would get him elected.

  46. Poor-peoples-campain is a horrible website/name/idea. That's insulting idc if your liberal or conservative that's a bad name to campaign with.

  47. There was a post in the Ft Worth Nextdoor app from a Beto volunteer asking who would like their Beto for governor yard sign, only $7.50 each.

  48. If Beto thinks that he's going to win in Texas after vowing to disarm the most heavily armed state in the country, then he has fucking worms in his brain.

  49. Hopefully they make sure conservatives don’t cheat again like they did in 2020. TONS of conservatives were found voting twice, even Texas had to shell out money to a poll watcher in PA for blowing the whistle. We need to teach conservatives to only vote once!!

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