1. I understand what you mean but, to say that ppl who use the sequencer are not using it as an instrument sound a bit pejorative.

  2. You can definitely play the sequencer on the Sample, too, removing and adding parts on the fly. You can also twist knobs to mangle the samples while the sequence plays. It’s definitely possible to get cool variations out of it even with a fairly straightforward sequence programmed.

  3. I had the original three at launch and they seemed toyish to me. I programmed the “On the Run” sequence, did some 808 style single measure beats, and growled a little bass then sold them. Many years later I got the Keys, Bass, Sample and FM with a Keystep Pro, and I feel like I completely missed the boat the first time.

  4. The keys is the best Volca to use the sequencer. But not as you think. I don't record notes. I record only motion automation of knobs, and leave the steps empty. I tap PLAY and I play it as an instrument while the empty sequencer is running, moving the parameters as I programmed. That means you have one additional LFO per knob, with any shape that you want.

  5. I only use it on my volca beats but everything else i treat as an analog keyboard! Its fun to be able to play the sounds as you go!

  6. I always make up sequences on the fly rather than saving them, but I still have the FM 1 which isn’t polyphonic enough for me to want to play on the keyboard most of the time. It does basslines or pads (with a reverb pedal) and I play non-volca synths for melodies and chords.

  7. I have controller hooked up to FM on keys and split pads section and set that up with Sample. I use CM Station cv or gate out to Modular (can't remember which one triggers) and the modulation sequencer to sequence it.

  8. I have a korg prophecy, I bought it in 1995. It is a virtual analog synth that was used by a lot of big names at the time but sounds a bit dated.

  9. Depends on what I’m writing, but most of the time I like to record them without sequencing. Throw a couple of guitar pedals in front of them and 🤌

  10. I really only use it on my volca beats. I come from the guitar world and just got tired of the same shitty YouTube backtracks so I use the volcas to make my own now. Every now and then I’ll use the sequencer on the keys to make a simple progression to shred over, but it’s usually just used as a stand alone synth to jam along to. I use a lot of external looping for my guitars and it’s nice to drop a little synth solo over the top of those loops

  11. That's pretty much where I'm coming from, but as a bassist. I'm still very much learning keyboard instruments, and I've been learning more than just the basic open guitar chords lately, but I've resigned myself to not being able to find local musicians to play the kind of stuff I'm interested in, so I'm going out on my own with synths, guitar, bass, and whatever other random instruments I can use to make the music I like.

  12. This is a super interesting discussion to me because what ISN'T being said by each different response is the fact that Volcas attract first-time-synthers, somewhat newbies getting their legs, serious veterans with workflows that have been elegantly fine-tuned over years- perhaps decades...(so of COURSE they wouldn't bother with the accessible-but-verymuch-box-centric sequencer on a Volca Keys!)

  13. Absolutely! It's my first synth, and just a few months after getting it, I can't stop watching videos of others trying to figure out what I want to get next (think I'm going for the Microfreak), and I definitely want a Keystep.

  14. These days I do the same - just patch a free running sound, clock it with an lfo or my delay module, and maybe just use Turing Machine or Popcorn to generate notes or modulation. But for the most part I stay away from my Beatstep Pro

  15. Yeah, sequence shmeequence. On the Bass or Kick cuz of the messing with it) - yeah! Otherwise- yeah. Just plying it. Or using a real sequencer. 16 bars is weak. No hate, but let's face it. Love all Mt golcas, have 5.

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