1. anyone from the states wanting to travel to canada i strongly reccomend newfoundland first, so you can witness quite possibly one of the most difficult to understand accents on earth

  2. not once have i seen a polar bear in Newfoundland, and ive lived here for ~8 years, but goddamn do i love Newfoundland.

  3. This is a fair bit hypocritical, Alberta is using all their amazing natural environment to sell tourism, and that's fine, but then on the other hand the oilsands are quickly turning in to Canada's worst ecological nightmare.

  4. This. There's a fair bit of knee-jerk Alberta bashing in these comments (I have been guilty of the same) but this is what bugs me.

  5. How often do you vacation in extreme slow mo? Is it as fun as the video makes it seem? The best us Californians got is a snobby video with maria shriver's

  6. I'm from Seattle and I drove through Fort Nelson, BC to Alaska and holy shit was that place beautiful. Everyone should see that area in their lifetime.

  7. Canada is a very beautiful country. There are so few people here to enjoy it. Oh well I guess more of the outdoors for me! :)

  8. fuck the oilsands, but they by no means should define this fine province. the greed of oil is secondary to the beauty alberta provides.

  9. LOL I laugh because my friends went there and I was like WTF what the shit is in Fort McMurray and they were like.....uuuuuhhhh drunks!?!?

  10. Much more space between everything in Canada. Also you will find (in Alberta) that our cities look very very new, because both Edmonton and Calgary are some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in North America.

  11. I live in that province, and I can tell you that the amount of fun you can have in our province is pretty much never ending. The only sort of natural occurring thing we don't have is an ocean, but I would say the fact that you can go from the top of a mountain to the deepest valleys with dinosaur fossils and shit in less than two hours make up for it.

  12. Wow, that's a much better effort than Travel Alberta made a few years ago. They had print ads using a photo of British kids on a British beach. I guess this is their response to the backlash over that.

  13. i must be a misanthropist because every time i saw people's faces i was annoyed. get out of the way, there's beautiful shit behind you.

  14. All this stuff really happens.. I drive a Red Mustang, I fish, snowboarded lots and my gf's parents met at one of the festivals in the video!

  15. One thing they don't show you is the tar sands, and the fact that a good chunk of the population here makes it's living spreading toxic waste from lake to lake so they don't exceed their limit in any one body of water. Hooray.

  16. Not disagreeing that there is no ecological impact, but the oilsands are not consistent of "tar", nor do they produce "tar". Tarry areas are not good for reclamation of bitumen, used to make oil.

  17. Why would they show an industrial zone in a tourist video? Where are you from? I'm sure I could find some open pit mines and smoke stack where you live. Also, your use of "good chunk" makes me laugh, care to quantify that for me?

  18. And those working those long hard hours are what enable you to frag on Alberta on the internet. In BC, the primary occupation is receiving government support.

  19. It's funny how, due to the omission of the rest of AB, that Travel Alberta itself is implicitly admitting "The best part of our province is the part like BC. The rest of it kinda sucks."

  20. I happened to think Fallout 3 was beautiful in its own way. There's beauty in the priaries, the foothills and in the steep slopes of the rockies.

  21. See those aboriginals dancing? Yeah, we killed a fuckload of them back in the day, and still oppress the shit out of them. Go Alberta!

  22. Nova Scotia would give Alberta an absolute shit fucking in a jealousy-inspiring commercial of utiopan awesomeness contest. I'm sure one exists somewhere.

  23. Don't worry, our federal government government is insisting on ramming a shoddily built oil pipeline though all that beautiful pristine wilderness. We too have a disregard for nature!

  24. If we had a Tea Party its support base would be in Alberta. Wait, we actually do have that, and they have a majority government.

  25. Pretty private land also exists. Just because it's owned doesn't necessarily mean it's going to become a toxic dumping ground. Just because it's public doesn't necessarily mean it's going to not become a toxic dumping ground.

  26. canadian here. I have only been out of canada twice. Both times to shop in buffalo. But I have been coast to coast in this great country I live in. I could care less about vacationing in the hot sun, give me a tent and some remote location and I'm happier than a pig in shit.

  27. that is grim, I had no idea, I'm from Ireland and we always just heard the good stuff about Vancouver, is anything improving there?

  28. I live in Ottawa and have never been out West. I'm joining the military in the next year as an aircraft mechanic, which means I have to move, and Alberta is a possibility...here's hoping.

  29. In reality, not everyone up here is attractive. Also, if you want to come up and see some great scenery you should go to any province that's not Alberta and I think even most Albertans would agree.

  30. Thanks for this link. I didn't know about the watch_popup?v option until seeing this and it's the first (youtube) video that I've been able to watch full screen in a while. Now I can type it into any video I want.

  31. I love Alberta. Periodically the girlfriend and I talk about travel and I always mention how I want to do a Calgary to Japser road trip with her.

  32. Ontario is such a bummer compared to the awesome shit from Alberta and Newfoundland. Look at our crappy tourism commercial.

  33. This is inaccurate, we don't all own horses. The rest about it being an ecological paradise is pretty close.

  34. Being Canadian I can tell you that Canada is mostly uninteresting. Of course it's huge so there are some nice places, but if you go to Montreal or Toronto, don't expect to see some nice scenery, unless you're ready to take a 10 hours drive.

  35. I don't know what Montreal of Toronto you've been to, I live an hour north of Toronto and I've loved every visit.

  36. 3 hour drive north of toronto: algonquin national park 2 hour drive north of toronto: snowboarding, back country 2 hour drive south of toronto: niagara region ..... I could go on for hours about the things to see and how you are wrong. have you lived your entire canadian life in the cities of toronto and mtl? thats where you go wrong

  37. I live about 40 minutes above Toronto and it only takes a 3-4 hour drive to get to the Canadian Shield and back-country camping areas. Suburbia is lame as always, but it's really nice to have that contrast.

  38. Why is this getting down voted. This is legit! I'm sure you could a Government tourism ad for Utah and it would look the same. I live in Calgary, and I am from Vancouver, and believe me they are nice but this is across the continent.

  39. they were filming some of this in calgary in August. I was in the city where they were shooting shots of the red mustang driving through the streets - I guess it lays on the cutting room floor now

  40. That was just a small part of Alberta. The rest sucks, but not nearly as much as saskatchewan and Manitoba. Actually, Alberta is pretty nice. So is BC. So is NFLD NS and PEI.

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